Mensaje de una de las grandes líderes que admiro y respeto mucho! Gracias por tu reconocimiento amiga tqm 😍😘 #IsaFamily #IsaLife #IsaWorld

Cena en el Camp, hoy tampoco tocó malteada 😉 en mi plato carne asada, nopales, espárragos, guacamole y 1 quesadilla. #QuemaGrasaMientrasComes #BodyForLife.#FitCamp #Training #Isagenix #IsaWorld #IsaGirl #IsaFamily #Blessed #Thankful #Abundance #Freedom 💰💴💵💶💷💸

La tercera del día en el FitCamp , pesado, arroz ensalada y papas...#FitCamp #Training #Isagenix #IsaWorld #IsaGirl #IsaFamily #Blessed #Thankful #Abundance #Freedom 💰💴💵💶💷💸

Be aggressive, be be aggressive! This #throwback has us like WHOA what happened?? The trigger that started our journey AS A COUPLE to level up our health was when we had a very serious sit down conversation. Ladies I know it can be hard to get your spouse on the same page with you when it comes to things like eating healthier or even stepping foot at the gym. This was us not to long ago. 🤝 I knew I had to sit Bryan down and bring up topics that are not fun to talk about. This is how serious this talk needed to be. We talked about how we saw our life being 20-40-60 years from now. What kind of parents did we want to be for Alexander, what healthy of a spouse did we want to be for each other. What family health issues do we each come from. What type of lifestyle did we want for each other as we grow old. We laid it out on the table. 🙈CONFESSION- I used to be an enabler wife 🙋🏻‍♀️ guilty right here! But things have changed, now we enable each other towards a lifestyle that keep us LIVING, living longer and healthier together.
Being active is one thing, but being healthy from the inside out is something else. At first it was hard to break old habits that kept us glued to the couch, but it gets easier, it get FUNNER, it gets EXCITING and it has helped our marriage be more united. Alexander sees that, and we love that understands it. 🎉The day that we decided to level up our lifestyle through healthier alternatives OUR MARRIAGE GOT AN UPGRADE! Our faith, love, and communication got stronger. 💘 Bryan and I each have a different journey to tell, but the one we’ve created together is by far my favorite.

Having @la_megan13 onsite was the perfect reason to go exploring Salthill in the 🌞
ISA onsite staff Kayte & Aileen, or "Kayleen" 😉

#isa #isagalway #studiesabroad #isaabroad #isaireland #ireland #galway #study #travel #learn #explore #wanderlust #isaexperience #theworldawaits #discoverit #irish #wildatlanticway #isafamily #onsitestaff

I couldn't have asked for a better team I love all you guys so much and I'm happy I met all you guys and I'm glad to call you all my family #isafamily

Dinner time at the camp. Tostadas de pollo y guacamole.#FitCamp #Training #Isagenix #IsaWorld #IsaGirl #IsaFamily #Blessed #Thankful #Abundance #Freedom 💰💴💵💶💷💸

Lunch time! Lasaña de verduras!. #FitCamp #Training #Isagenix #IsaWorld #IsaGirl #IsaFamily #Blessed #Thankful #Abundance #Freedom 💰💴💵💶💷💸

They say a picture says 1000 words💚It doesn't say how amazing we are feeling💚💚Change happened when we made it happen💚💚 #fitat40ish #feelamazing #doingittogether #isaliving #makechangehappen #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #isafamily #nutritionalcleansing #livinglifelovinglife #yournowyourfuture #mummytome

Paisley is ready to make her debut on our team call tonight! 💘
She will share how mommy’s nutrition helped her grow healthy and strong for 9 months before coming into the world! Now that she is 5 days old how mommy’s nutrition has already helped her get back to her birth weight!! 🌺

Join us at 7:30 CT via: https://zoom.us/j/7338348333
#IsaBaby #IsaFamily #LimitlessLife

E mais um ano se passou cheio de muitas peripécias, alegrias e chatices, tudo do que a vida tem para oferecer, 21 anos disto xD 🙄.
Uma aniversário cheio de diversão com algumas das melhores pessoas que conheci, vocês são todos fantástico para lá do imaginável e agradeço vos do fundo do coração por tudo, agradeço vos pelo bolo magnífico que me compraram (cough *apesar de não gostar de chocolate 😂 cough*), pela vossa companhia e amizade. São sem dúvida o melhor que o ISA me deu, quase que uma segunda familia, e por isso, obrigado ☺. #ISAfamily #21caralho #birthday #p****evinhoverde #bolo #sushis #estouvelho8 #ISAsquad #squadgoals

If you like pina colada...🎼🎼🎼
Available now! 24g protein, nothing artificial, perfect summertime meal! #isafamily #teamurevick

4 years! That’s how long I’ve been working for this awesome company. They treat their employees so well, including the great maternity leave benefit that I took full advantage of! I have also met SO many amazing people working here, too many to name! (Pic from Aug 2017, with the Coovers, founders of Isagenix) #weareisagenix #isafamily #workiversary

Holy Moly !! I am not sure how on earth I have not found this profession before !! I mean really--everything about my personality and So many things I love to do all wrapped into this way of living !!! I get to travel to fun places ---Yeah !!!!!----
I get to meet the most amazing people from all over the world--- I get to be part of something that radically changes lives

And I get to have the Freedom I crave so much !! I was sitting here in Dallas, Tx. this weekend wondering why in the heck has it taken me this long to find such a perfect fit !!!! Timing is Everything !!!! Nashville next, then Riveria Maya and Croatia --then who knows where !!! Let the adventure continue .... #liveintentionally #rockyourlife

WHAT IF.....
You could have Piña Coladas as a FULL meal replacement?!?! 🍍🥥🍍🥥🍍🥥 Well tomorrow YOU CAN!!! This shake was my first seasonal in 2016 and it is making a COMEBACK!! It’s been my favorite shake and I’m sooo happy to get my hands back on this for the summer!! This Piña Colada will have... 🥥 No unnatural products 🍍24 grams of undenatured protein
🥥 240 calories
🍍 7 active enzymes for easy digestion
🥥242 nutrients and ALL ORGANIC 🍍 NO SOY 🥥 GLUTEN FREE 🍍 No GMO’S 🥥 NO SUCRALOSE 🍍 NO GMO MALTODEXTRIN (tapioca organic) 🥥 FULL macro nutrient meal
Has ALL 90 building blocks your body needs!!! 🙌🏼 Message me ASAP to get in line to place your order tomorrow. I ONLY give my 25% discount on days like tomorrow when these AMAZING seasonal flavors come out! And if you’ve been waiting to sign up. There couldn’t be a better time!! This is ONLY available to those who have a wholesale health account!!

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