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📆 21/11/17
📍Place 🌍 Hillegersberg, Zuid - Holland - Netherlands 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
👉Photo by @petra_s_photos
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My occasional office view!🌴🌅 #business #blessed #moellergroup

صبحكم الله بالخير جميعاً 😊✋🏻
شروق أمس كان شي خيالي ❤️
وبالستوري راح تلاقون القبل وبعد👆🏻
وان شاء الله تعجبكم 🌹
Good morning everyone ✋🏻😊
Yesterday sunrise was exceptional ❤️
And you will find the before & after
in my story 👆🏻
I hope that you like it 🌹

Camera : Sony A7r mark II
Lens : Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L USM
Shutter speed : 1.0 Sec.
Aperture : F/13
Focal Length : 26mm
ISO : 50
Filter : 🚫
Location : Kuwait city
Edited with : PS CC 2017

#thisphotosays You always knew you had that special dream in your heart. Don't forget it. Also remember that whichever path you choose, you have the power to make it a happy one. So that's the choice; it's not so much about which path you'll take. Pull anchor and set sail. These waters are not as formidable as you might have imagined. At all costs, you must stay positive now. Release those fears like the moorings that tie you down. Let the currents take you where they may; sadness, hope, loss, joy, regret, love, pain, whatever it is, feel it all and let it be the force that carries you to the next wind. Don't resist it, please I'm begging you. But remember that you alone hold the key to break free of your chains. You have to want it.
Hello, my dear Instagram friends. I'm finally home, it's been a long but wonderful journey. I'm a little delirious from the jet lag and countless hours literally circumnavigating the globe. Lauryn Hill is loud on my sound system and I'm feeling a little nostalgic and introspective, as she often inspires me to be. "If I lack love, then I have nothing at all." I just wanted to say, I have grown to love this little community we've built here. Yes, we're the ones who built it, not the inventors of the code that powers it. They just gave us a latticework upon which we have spread our lives, hearts, and souls. It's us, it's you and me, and we must never underestimate that this is something quite significant. Grateful for so many of you; some I've had the honor of meeting, others, just as meaningful in our connection through art and emotion that we experience together sharing as artists to artists. Whatever the case may be, if you're reading this, I'm grateful for you. "You gave me the kiss of life." Thank you.


감사와 감사의 😂말을하지 마십시오. 왜냐하면 우리는이😆 세상에서 얼마나 더 긴 삶을 결코 알 수 없기 때문입니다😊. 🌄 #sky #sun #sunset @top.tags #toptags #sunshine #sol #red #nature #twilightscapes #sky #clouds #sunset_pics #sunsetsniper #ig_sunsetshots #all_sunsets #sunsetporn #orange #instasunsets #sunset_lovee #sunrays #color #sunsetlovers #isea_sunsets #scenicsunset #sunsethunter #irox_skyline #skyporn #cloudporn #nature #clouds

Only black and white!

Consulta en nuestra web los horarios para subir al mirador ( #linkinbio👆🏻) 🔶 Recordamos que la taquilla cierra media hora antes del cierre
📷 @kathsphotoarch
Para aparecer en nuestra galería, etiquétanos 👉🏻 #SetasdeSevilla 👈🏻

"Ho visto persone innamorarsi del sole in procinto di tramontare."

Ph. @francesco_spingola_videomaker
#sunset #heart #silouette

El arte de dibujar sonrisas no lo tiene cualquiera

[Abajo versión en Español] Traveling to Switzerland is going back to my roots 😃. It has been an amazing journey through the Alps and getting to see so much of the country 🇨🇭·
📷 Iphone 7·
Viajar a Suiza es volver a mis raíces 😃. Ha sido un viaje increíble a través de los Alpes y poder llegar a ver gran parte del país 🇨🇭.

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