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Free admission for life, this tattoo means so much more than the music festival. I've met some of the sweetest people thru out this experience! #shakykneesfest #atl #ironpalmtattoos #tattoo

SHOUT OUT TO @mr_outlaw_art FOR MY TATTOOS... WE ARE ALMOST DONE #ironpalmtattoos #coveruptattoo #butterflies #lupus #getyouone

TRU to it.
@ironpalmtattoos βœ‹πŸΏ

249 trinity avenue
Pull up its lit #animeatlanta #artshow #ironpalmtattoos


Thanks my dude @marco_hathaway 🌹

Hiii power// one time for them die hard Kendrick fans// I rocked out today because of you, Thank you!!! #inwarbuckswetrust #houseofwarbucks #art #ironpalmtattoos #tattoos #ink #artsy #rapmusic #kendricklamar #hiiipower #bangers #inkwork #bodyart #fan #hippster #damn #atlanta #atlhoe

There's at least 6 takes of me trying to get that video right, and man, am I lit. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ So lit, I got distracted taking pictures of my dog sleeping I didn't even realize it was starting to get light! Holy shit! Well maybe not light, bit maybe by the time I'm finished writing this novel. Tee hee. (Oh yeah, stoned)
I always joke that as much as I smoke, I never really feel like I get that high. I honestly attribute most of that to ADHD. (now that I'm aware of how it makes my brain work). My thought process is so rapid, not in a bad way, in good ways. In motivated ways, or an excited ways. The wheels are always churning way. Which means, with everything else in my life, too, as soon as I put that J up to my lips, I forget I'm even smoking, exhale rapidly, and on to the next plan of action.. and because of that... rairly feel the medicinal benefits. It's the reason I've mostly traded glass for joints.. So I could physically see that I was not walking off forgetting what I was doing. It's been a really rough week. (I'm fine, but my friend's passing is really kicking my ass, and I'm a tough chick. πŸ˜‰) I'm stressing getting stuff together for the Stoll this Fri, even though I already know I have plenty of inventory and time to do more. But this is how my brain works. And on top of that.. I don't give myself breaks. Mental breaks rarely. I don't sit down. EVER. Usually until I get into bed. I've thought of this tattoo idea for a min, and I just needed a break from life, so I walked down to #ironpalmtattoos to see if they could help me with a fun, simple reminder to "Hold it in" when toking..yeah, it's a little rediculus... But I fucking love it... And it's already working. πŸ˜† . Disco Nap time. I got shit to do! And beauties to see! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š #cannabiscommunity #marijuana #weed #tofuckinghightothinkofhashtags boom they had one already made. Oh yeah one more. #insidetheeyeofadhd

S/o to da homie @ironpalm_outlaw for da piece last night. ...i kno i gave u a hard tyme bro lol #ironpalm #ironpalmtattoos #atlantatattooartist #24/7 #castleberryhill #downtownatlanta

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