Start the day as you mean to go on. Great session this morning with @the_empirical_trainer PT pushed me good. #pt #ironman #ironmantraining #ironman703 #ironman703training #ironmanstaffordshire703 #swimbikerun

Happy Wednesday from me and my new mane thanks to the lovely @hairbyfloria @3thirtysalon feeling like a fresh new woman on this #humpday!

Started my day with an @ironmantri session of heavy bike intervals mainting my FTP (functional threshold power). This is the max amount of power I can put through my legs for a given time. It burns, I curse a lot in my head throughout and the after pump in my legs is real but it's one of the sessions that I find the most valuable for building in that endurance.

Then for a day of teaching @f45_stratford with the @ais.strong.girls.squad @teamathleticlife @activeinstyle and @theactiveman event thrown in the mix later on! It's set to be the biggest one yet so I'm excited to see what @davidbirtwistle @f45shepherdsbush has in store!💪🏼

Feet issues ? Gait problems ? Plantar Fasciitis? Achilles ? Calf strain ? Jamie Tilley our registered HCPC Podiatrist is here every Wednesday morning with his state of the art equipment.Fed up of being on an NHS waiting list ?
To book call ‭01834 813975‬ or book him on line http://www.rotheryhealth.com/bookings/
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There are hundreds of things people use before workouts. I've become a huge fan of coffee. I came across Megaton Coffee a few weeks back and I've never looked back. Probably the best coffee I've ever tasted. And it's been a long time since coffee really got me pumped. If you haven't tried this coffee, you need to check them out now.


The struggles.
The behind the scenes.
The dedication.
The frustrations.
The failures.

The success.

My wounderful son Matheus count the days to #ironmankalmar2018 He talks about Ironkids daily so mom had to make him this calender. ”You and I will do #ironman daddy 😍”. .
#ironmankalmar #ironmantraining #ironkids #ironkidskalmar #triathlon #triathlete #tritraining #sonanddad

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