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Winter training. Looking for improvements. #endlesspools #swimming #triathlon
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🏊‍♂️ 💀 🤮 When the swim session plan says “Aiming for dead arms” 🏊‍♂️ 💀 🤮#60x50meters #ironmanhamburg2018 #ironman #ironmantraining #arena #ironmanswim #swimming

If you are looking to drop time in your event. 100 freestyle, 200 fly, or the 2.4 mile swim of an Ironman, the recipe for success is the same.
1. Warmup: Get your body ready to go 🌡️
2. Drill: Get your stroke where you want it. 🏊
3. Get tired: get your heart rate up ♥️ ⬆️
4. Go fast: swim your goal times in practice ⏱️
These practices will obviously look different for different distances. The key is to have your goal time in mind.
Want to average 1:30/100 meters in your Ironman? You better nail 1:30's on 100 repeats in training.
Want to split 21/23 in your 100 free? Better be hitting 23's consistently from a push.
Do this consistently and you will be where you want to be at the end of a season. - ‼️Important Note! You will not show up the first day ready to go your goal time. It will take time to work your way up to the pace you want to achieve. -
🛫 Like an airplane taking off, gradually increase your speed and expectation week after week. -
Start off by getting an aerobic base and perfecting technique before expecting true goal times from your practices.
A always let me know how I can help! I would love to help you achieve your goals in 2018. 😘

Today would at least need a sleeveless wetsuit 😊
#ironman #ironmanswim #140.6 #ironmanlouisville

Great experience today at Triathlon World with a swim fitting. Thank you.
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Una gran experiencia hoy en @triatlonworld haciendo un swim fitting. Muchas gracias.
📷 @kekito_77
#powerbreather #swimfresh #ironman #triathlon #swimming #swim #swimmingpool #workout #training #healthylifestyle #triatlon #swimbikerun

Ironman training 👊💪
Early morning
1 mile swim 🏊‍♂️ with @helenabrooksfitness

Ok santa, I want a new wetsuit, swim goggles, swim cap, kick board, hand paddles.......actually I'll be happy with weather like this to go OWS during the Christmas break please 🎅🤶#triswimpics #swimming #wetsuit @arenawaterinstinct @sophie.bubb #openwaterswim #perthsummer #swimbikerunworld #swimbikerun #ironmanswim #perthweather #summerdays #hotday #triathlontraining

Verdammte Axt! Schwimmen ist schon ziemlich geil. Hätte nie gedacht, dass man das mal sagt. Kurz vor dem IM Hamburg hatte ich mir schon gedacht: "Hey, aufs Schwimmen freue ich mich am glaube ich am meisten!" (der Marathon war dann aberdoch der schönste Teil 😜) ⠀
Aber schon krass, wie sich die Einstellung zum Schwimmen und das Empfinden von Intensität und Länge so extrem verschoben hat. Und das Tempo wird auch langsam besser! 😉⠀
Holy shit, swimming is awesome! I had never thought that, I'd say this some point in time. Close before IM Hamburg it came on my mind: "Hey, maybe I'm looking most forward to the swim" (The marathon was the part of the day, love that running 😜) ⠀
But its incredible how my feeling about intensity and duration has changed sharply. And even the pace gets better! 😉⠀
#IMHamburg #IMHamburg2018 #IM703Kraichgau2018 #IM703Ruegen #IRONMANTraining #IRONMANTri #swimbikerun #swim #triathlete #triathlontraining #triathlicious #tri365 #reiseroute2018 #swimming #water #endurancetraining #beyourgoals #beatyesterday #swimwear #ironmanswim

A bit of bandwork for the swimmers out there.
With pools closing momentarily over Christmas this can be a great way to keep the 'feel' of the water.
Focusing on activating key upper body muscles groups this is also a great one to do on poolside pre-swim, especially for those of us who take while to warm up.
#strengthforendurance #swimwarmup #preswim #swimming #swimstrong #bandwork #christmastraining #offseason #triathletes #triathlon #openwater #strengthtraining #healthy #ironman #ironmanswim #poolside #swimsquad #strengthforendurancekit #swimbikerun #wymtm

Swimming is so individual. The best coach in the world could teach you the exact way they coached their gold medal swimmer... And it would not be the best thing FOR YOU. You have to be experiment to see what works for you. The pool is your lab!

Pull is where most swimmers get their propulsion from in freestyle. If you are a triathlete the pull is where you WANT most of your propulsion to come from in order to save your legs.
There are a few important things to keep in mind when you add the pull to your stroke. Experiment with these ideas to see how they can fit into your pull.

1: Energy should move forward and back not side to side:
Your arms/hands should always be moving forward or backward. Many people send their energy to the side of the pool by "crossing over" their body's midline. This causes you to over correct and push water out to the side instead of back when you initiate your pull. Think of your body moving down train tracks. Your arms should ride along those tracks the entire way down the water. Never touching.

2: fingers should always point down to the bottom (high elbow catch): You always want to have a high elbow catch all the way through your pull. Forcing your fingers to point down will automatically achieve this goal. Try it...... I'll wait...................... The #1 place most athletes don't do this is underneath their body and/or when they breathe. Swimming with a snorkel is a great way to keep an eye on your finger tips. Snorkel= no breathing necessary. You can literally look at your finger tips to make sure they are pointed the correct way.

3. Rotate into your catch:
You want to swim on "BIG MUSCLES". Muscles like your core, lats, traps and pecs. Rotating your body into your catch (when your hand enters the water) makes swimming on big muscles easier.
Be careful not to over rotate. You need to find the "sweet spot" for your rotation. Rotate too much and your body is out of streamline. Rotate too little and you won't be big muscles swimming.
The above topics are just general "rules" to think about when you're swimming. Every person will manifest these in their own way. Take the time, experiment and try to keep these in mind!

Jít plavat v 6 ráno, tak to chce opravdu sílu temné strany!!! @ironmantri @blackriflecoffee @starwars #ironmanswim #darksidepower

Paratriathlete Thomas “TiggerTom” Frühwirth swimming his new High Performance Endless Pool.
#endlesspool #swimtraining #swiminplace #swimfaster

When building any stroke you need to feel comfortable and balanced in the water. It's hard to swim 25 yards let alone 2500 yards if you don't want to put your head/face in the water!
Our wonderful model @brentzang is demonstrating an outstanding bodyline. Head down, shoulders and hips high, using his core to keep his feet at the surface.

To develop this body awareness and comfort you have to put your body in different positions and relax.1 exercise is great for this.
1. Octopus float: float face down and let your arms and legs sink down to the surface. Your lungs will remain relatively buoyant.... Their filled with air
2. Cannon ball float: take a breath and assume a face down cannonball position in the water. Let your lungs float you back to the top. The slowly move your limbs into a good streamline position. The slower the better! Feel balanced throughout the movement
3. Back float: the key to back float is to press your head and back to the bottom of the pool. You want your face "framed" by the water.

Once you are comfortable in the water it's time to balance. Balance is established by pushing down on the water with your body (mostly your chest) and tightening your core. If you don't balance with your body you will most likely establish balance with your arms (Like a bike kickstand). This will lead to a poor pull and possible shoulder issues.

1. Rotisserie chicken kick/ streamline kick: any board-less kick will help you develop balance in the water. Add a level of difficulty by slowly rotating your body (like a roasting chicken on a spit).
2. One arm drills: remembering to balance on your body, one arm freestyle will help develop a balanced stroke.
3. Power position glide drills: swim your normal stroke, and after 3- 5 strokes try to get into a "power" glide position. Ex. Free position is one hand up, one hand down, head down. Try to glide in the position as far and as long as you can.

The more comfortable you feel in the water the more fun swimming is. The more it is the more you will want to so it. The more you do it the better you become.

Have fun with these drills and please let me know if you have any questions! Coach Chad

Thrilled to receive another Most Improved award. Great way to end the season! #tower26 #swimming #triathlon #ironmanswim #mostimproved @tower_26

Today it’s no sport but readying bord of training weeks before the race 🏊🚴🏃 . Aujourd’hui c’était pas de sport mais la préparation du tableau d’entraînement par semaine jusqu’à la course 🏊🚴🏃. #board#training#swim#bike#biking#run#running#swiming#swimingtraining#biketraining#triathlon#triathlontraining#triathlonlife#triathlonworld#triathloncoaching#triathloncompetition#triathlonlove#ironman#ironmantri#ironmantraining#ironmanlife#ironmanswim#ironmanbike#ironmanrunner#ironmancompetition

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