This time 2 weeks ago I was in a world of pain while Sarah was loving every moment of Ironman Wales which is known as the hardest Ironman in Europe consisting of a 2.4 mile sea swim / 112 miles biking in the welsh hills / 26.2 mile run ... tough tough day. #ironmancouple #ironmanwales

And that’s all she wrote folks!! My second #20milerun done within two weeks. As an athlete, there is NO greater feeling than when you know it’s ALL coming together, and all the time and miles start to pay off. To make my morning even sweeter, hobbled home to THIS from #mylove❤️. @waylor22 thank you for giving up so much of YOUR season so I can have this experience. We are such a terrific team and after October 13th...it’s your turn!! Love you!!! Two week #taper then I’m ready to take on the Big Island!!! #ironmancouple #triathletesinlove #roadtokona #womenfortri #whywetri #40yearsofdreams #raceformore #zoot @zootsports @womenfortri @ironmantri @therailyardtavern @retrofitnessparamus @thrivesportstherapynj @unleashyourhell @valerie_remaxtraditions @jackrabbitridgewood @ridgewoodcycle @waxingfranklinlakes #benjaminfranklinplumbing🚽🔧🚿🛁

DU & JAG 18-år sedan vi sa JA❤️ Du säger fortfarande JA även om jag kommer med idén att springa 30*800m i marathonfart runt kvarteret🤣När grannarna bara skakar på huvudet...Brunch & sen heldag på soffan, vår bröllopsdag💍
Hänga tillsammans och uppskatta samma saker det är kärlek❤️

En joggtur efter jobbet i skogen med vind, hagel, regn och sol kändes ljuvligt! Nu blir det en skön lördagskväll på soffan!
🇬🇧A soft run after work in the forest with wind, rain and sun felt great! Now it will be a nice saturday evening on the sofa!

Idag blev det inneträning! Gött! 🇬🇧Today we did the training in the gym. Nice!

Monday long swim.. . me and my husband have different training program every week event though we aim to the same race.. My coach @ryanagustyan will give program based on our target, skills and working schedule... Glad to have good coach like him #Rcoaching #triathlontraining #ironmancouple #ironmanyraining #ironmanfrankfurt2019 #ironmanlangkawi70.3

♡2 år♡ som herr & fru 💑 🍾At han deltar på #Ironman med meg kun fordi jeg ønsket det, tross at han ikke ville - DET kaller jeg kjærlighet 😍 Jeg er superheldig som har deg @str2706 💜U 2🌙🔙♾ #happyanniversary #bomullsbryllup #cottonman #ironmancouple

Here we go again! Med detta osäkra väder med vind och regn (blev visst inget regn idag) är det bättre att gå in och svettas på wattbike i ett par timmar! 😅🚴‍♂️👊
🇬🇧 With this "unsafe" weather with wind and rain (no rain today though) it's better to go inside and sweat on wattbike for a couple of hours!

Happy Friday! 🌿 fill your weekend with everything you love like good wine & ice cream & lots of it- just like this sporty couple! Message me to order your custom illustration for R800.🍦

Conceive. Believe. Achieve.
That’s exactly what NOW Ambassadors Jacqui (@jacquigiuliano) and Ryan (@speedygiuliano) accomplished at the Ironman Wisconsin when they both won and shared the top spot on the podium!
Jacqui calls it “the best race of my life (so far)”.
Congrats on an incredible accomplishment!! We’ll be cheering for you two in less than a month when you race @kona2018!

Recollection 1
IM World championship 70.3

3번의 도전 끝에 아슬아슬하게 획득했던 2016 호주 선샤인코스트 아이언맨 챔피언십 70.3 슬롯

가려던 막차버스 세워서 타고 간 느낌 어리버리한 초보아이언맨 커플

대회 전에는 선샤인코스트에서 매일 둘이서 바베큐파티, 자고, 먹고, 수영하고, 바베큐먹고, 달리기하고, 자고, 자전거타고,
대회 땐 완전 🐕 퍼지고
대회 다음 날, 물루루바 해변에서 태환이오빠가 뜬금없이 "이제 아이언맨 풀코스 챔피언십에 도전해보자 내년은 하와이다!" 라고 말했는데
그래 그렇게 시작 된 우리의 하와이 꿈 #ironmancouple
도전과 성취, 또 다른 도전의 선순환

매일 #인스타
매일 #달리기 만큼 힘듬
그래서 그냥 과거팔이
좋게 말해 #과거회상

이 시각 골드코스트에 계신 한국선수들 화이팅

Beyond Proud. This small package has enormous drive.

There are not many women multiple Ironman finishers yet in Indonesia. This one I am beyond proud to call as my wife. You are the cornerstone of our family and the strong machine that moves us.
Congratulations on your second Ironman finish. A strong one too. My IM Copenhagen and your IM Gurye both are perhaps among the best wedding anniversary gifts an Ironman couple could get.
Love you.
@foherco #fohette18

Ironman Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 2018 Well that’s me done I was ruined yesterday NEVER EVER AGAIN ! 2.4 mile swim 112 mile bike 26.2 mile run Sarah completed her first Ironman 14 hours 50 minutes 🥇
I did 14 hours 59 minutes
Yep she beat me..🥈 I cant explain the atmosphere in Tenby. I asked one of the IM officials and they said they think there was around 70 thousand spectators 👏👏👏 just unbelievable. The support you get from everyone is just unbelievable.

Anyway that’s me done 15 hours of pain yesterday... Sarah loved it 😬 🏊‍♂️ 🏊‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️🚴🏻‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♂️ #ironman #ironmanwales2018 #ironmancouple
Oh yeah... Sarah got stung in the face by a jelly fish as well 😬

@themrsrock - You. Are. A. BADASS.
Ironman Wisconsin ✅

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