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This is what it looks like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object 💀 haven't got to train together like we used to since the new year started but needless to say the iron dynamic duo is back 🙌🏽
#shredded #swolemates #physique #pump #ironbrothers

Una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, al lado de grandes atletas y personas que admiro, respeto y de las que me lleve recuerdos muy positivos ademas de muchisima motivación!! Este es un trocito del sueño que comparti con algunos de mis compañeros de la 🇪🇸 Selección Española 🇪🇸 en el campeonato del mundo IFBB 2017!!
Hermanos Espero veros muy pronto. Mis mejores deseos en vuestros proyectos de este año!!

Today was a mental breakthrough day. 500lbs 4x3 then 9 on 5thset. @donnie.ross.242 thanks for making me push. Still need to tighten up reps but proud of getting better. #5thset #ironbrothers #nhlifters #603 #squats. @mfswede finally broke 7 reps. Cardio workout

No, it’s probably not your birthday but you can save $2.00 on our Nitric Oxide Booster for the next week. Applying that coupon is pretty simple. Hit the link in the bio. 💯 #ironbrothers #supplements #nitricoxide #booster

Put the work in, see the results!

Thank you everyone for making my day more special #loveyouall #ironbrothers

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. #ironbrothers #gymmotivation #gymnasticsshoutouts #muscularpose #bigmuscles #stronger #frontdublebiceps

Someone just asked when the Relentless was coming back and sent me this pic. Almost made a grown man cry! 😓 Good thing it should be ready to roll by the end of the week. #ironbrothers #supplements #relentless #preworkout #powder

Lovely purple case there if you’re looking 🔥🔥🔥

1 o 2? Are you a black/white photo fan or a color photo fan? 🤔🔥

Hope everyone is starting the week how it should! F*ck negativity, embrace change and positivity. Go get it fam! 👊🏾💯... 📷 @rickofficial.pr

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