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Bloom where you are planted. Find out what your life purpose is, and be intentional every single day. You are so important, that you have a job in this world. Reach people, be kind, help and allow yourself to be used to change lives wherever you are. You don’t need money, and it won’t cost you anything. Wherever it is that you are planted, change the environment you are in by simply loving and being kind especially when people are mean and rude and angry: that’s when they need you the most, because they are hurting. Your reward will be tremendous. You matter. πŸ’›
FloresΓ§a aonde vocΓͺ foi plantado. Descubra seu propΓ³sito e aja com intenção todos os dias. VocΓͺ Γ© importante e tem um trabalho a cumprir. Alcance vidas, seja bom, ajude e se deixe ser usado para mudar vidas. VocΓͺ nΓ£o precisa de dinheiro e nΓ£o custa nada. Aonde quer que vocΓͺ esteja plantado, mude o ambiente no qual vocΓͺ estΓ‘ simplesmente amando, especialmente quando as pessoas ao seu redor estΓ£o sendo ruins, rudes ou agressivas, Γ© quando elas precisam mais, pois estΓ£o machucadas. Sua recompensa serΓ‘ tremenda. VocΓͺ Γ© importante πŸ’›

I'm going to look back at this picture when they're too big for us to be doing this & cry lol I'm all about my bbs obvi! Mila & Jax all day everyday!!! #mumoftwounder2 #irishtwins

Meine Babies 😍 die lieben sich so sehr πŸ˜πŸ’– #siblings #siblinggoals #youtubemama #geschwister #irishtwins @traveltots.yt

I love my Lady Indians! πŸ’œπŸ’› @maci_turkoly @kenzie_turkoly #riseup #irishtwins

#irishtwins can't agree on which side is our best
#brooklyn #backinnyc #newyorklife #almostthanksgiving

Next Saturday!! Sean Kingston!!W.N.8.O! @seankingston Nov 25th!
Big things a brewing y'all! W.N.8.O!! Holla for tickets!
#Wn8o #Islandtings #barbadosjamaicalinkup
Link for Tickets!! #Brothers #Irishtwins #Rappers #Actors #Raptors #Vices #Dices #Hiphoptxl

Noah trying to hold his little sister but she isn’t having it!! #mylovebugs #myreality #irishtwins She is so picky like me it’s actually quite hilarious!

Happy birthday to my sister @dez_michelle 😍🎈celebrating 25 years of life in Vegas πŸŽ‚πŸ˜thankful that God has blessed me with a sister that's also my best friend #SisterSister #Irishtwins


Birthday party shenanigans for Jolie’s 15th birthday and Kaitlyn’s 16th birthday. First roller skating and arcade. Now sleepover. Currently eight teenage girls are residing in our basement. πŸ˜³πŸŽ‚πŸ€ͺπŸŽ‰ #birthday #birthdayparty #irishtwins

"Congratulations to Liz Murphy earning her first senior international cap today and Lena Tice who reaches the 50 cap milestone for @irewomenshockey. Final game vs Scotland today at 12:30 in Stormont
Via @hockey_ireland
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"Cobh ❀️ Follow @topparisresto πŸ˜‹ TOP Ireland πŸ“· by @dashleyworldtour β€’ Look at the featured gallery to share the LπŸ’šVE
Via @topirelandphoto
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"Cobh ❀️ Follow @topparisresto πŸ˜‹ TOP Ireland πŸ“· by @dashleyworldtour β€’ Look at the featured gallery to share the LπŸ’šVE
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Wash up, change & to kenduri we go! #theselamatentourage #irishtwins #identicaltwins

"Huge weekend in the EY Hockey League with 16 matches on around the country, fixtures link in bio
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My babies have had lots of sugar today! πŸŽ‚πŸ­ Cake and Candy. Corbin had a blast and Leila took the "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to literal". We had alot of fun. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by! The kids loved their gifts and we are all excited for our trip tomorrow! ❀ #irishtwins #two2yearolds #sameagefor2days #hewillbe3tomorrow #sheturned2yesterday #wastednotime lol #happybirthdaybabies #aliceinwonderland #cars #wo derland #lightningmcqueen #disney #corbinwyatt #leilamonette

Well it’s official the boys are now both 8 years old...for now December 13th my first born will turn nine πŸ˜žπŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’• #myboys #eightyearsold #irishtwins #11monthsapart #silly #myworld #momlife #disabledmom πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦

#irishtwins can't agree on which side is our best
#brooklyn #backinnyc #newyorklife #almostthanksgiving

@jaime__collins β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆ
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β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆ @instagram β”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆβ”ˆ
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