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Yesterday I roamed into @owlandcompany bookshop with @ak_jacobson and found myself a beautiful book about Iran. I was so excited for my find, as I am wanting to dig deep through the roots of my ancestry. I open the book and lo and behold there is this beautiful paper with Farsi written on it! I ooh and aw until I realize that this may be the receipt for the book purchased in Iran! A little treasure! Now tell me, what does it say?? What is the stamp on it? *
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Photograph taken at an unidentified leftist, anti-imperialist demonstration in New York City, mid 1970s. One banner condemns U.S. and British involvement in Oman, another is printed by the Iranian Student Association, and another is by tje Union of Democratic Filipinos. The Iranian Students Association was made up of leftist Iranian students living in the U.S. and played an important role in the revolutionary movement against the Shah. The Union of Democratic Filipinos was a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist organization active in the Filipino American community in the 1970s and 1980s, particularly in labor and community organizing. They published Kalayaan newspaper.
It's one of many personal photographs of the 1970s radical Left in my collection. Thanks to all my comrades and mentors who share their lives and old stuff with me. I take good care of it all.
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The virtue of sitting next to family, watching TV, dipping sweet things in tea. I enjoy these things. It's strange even writing in English while everyone around me Persians. It's strange that English is the language with which I speak to myself. #ripgrandpa #family #iranianamerican

Happy 2nd Anniversary #SohoDanceLA @sohodance_la @raulsohodancela
Being introduced to SoHo Dance L.A. late last year was one of the main highlights of my personal life; being able to escape the daily madness in life to be immersed in an environment that brings out the best of our physical and mental balance, while surrounded by great energy.
Felicidades Raul 💃🏻❤️🖤🕺🏽#ballroomdance #salsa #latinhustle #bachata #dancelife

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Such a treat interviewing @alexandramonir for her upcoming book ‘The Final Six’
Stay tuned for the video interview.
Endless gratitude to @shahinshafaei & Denis Opalchenski for their expertise
And @bobakkalhor for the use of the beautiful @apexphotostudios
#apex #photostudio #alexandramonir #thefinalsix #timeless #sciencefiction #videointerview #bestsellingauthor #iranianamerican

Mastaneh Moghadam, LCSW is the co-founder and executive director of the non-profit organization, Cross-Cultural Expressions, in Encino, CA; where she overseas the development and implementation of multiple grants as well as the organizations Community Counseling Center, which specifically caters to the immigrant population.

From 2000 to 2015, Mastaneh worked as the Iranian Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at the Los Angeles based non-profit, Jewish Family Service (JFS); where she was responsible for the development, coordination and implementation of multiple grants (including a Violence Against Women’s Act grant, a California Community Foundation grant, and a Department of Mental Health Contract) that expanded mental health and social services for the Iranian-American community.

Mastaneh is active in facilitating various trainings, presentations, and workshops on a variety of subjects related to multicultural counseling (i.e. Therapy with the Middle Eastern Population, Domestic Violence and the Iranian Community, Parenting in a Dual Cultural Setting, etc); for organizations such as Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills Police Department, Ayeneh Foundation, Pars Equality Center, etc; as well as on Iranian television and radio.
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Getting introduced to #ballroom #latindance and making it a part of my lifestyle, which in turn has made me a healthier person, both physically and mentally, is about the BEST thing that happened to me in 2017! Here with Yesenia Serratos @gitana09 - 2016 World Hustle Champion - aka my Latin Hustle: Level 1 teacher @sohodance_la
Level 2 follows every Mon night with @raulsohodancela
Join us! #SohoDanceLA 💃🏼❤️🖤🕺🏽

Two of my favorites Yara Shahidi & Azin Valy have come together to do an amazing thing for #iranearthquake
#Repost @yarashahidi
Salam 👋🏽 We must look out for one another and not let borders define who we care for✨ @cityzenbyazin has designed and dedicated a scarf of #Kermanshah with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the organization #ReliefInternational to support earthquake recovery in #Iran 🇮🇷 (link to purchase cityzenbyazin.com/scarves/krm-scarf-mcs) ✨#grownish #blackish

Roxanne Varza: Iranian/American entrepreneur, listed by Business Insider as "1 of the top 30 women under 30 in Tech."#iranianamerican #WomensMovement #HeForShe #GenderEquality Via @ninaansary , @inspiringiranians

On #mlk day I thought it fitting & relevant to post these recent thoughts.
Last week I went to a memorial service, for the brother of a loved friend, which was held at the IMAN Cultural Center, LA. An Iranian-American Mosque and cultural center.
- My first thoughts are these words written above the doors to the center (which speak for themselves). “Anyone who comes to this house, give him food and do not ask about his faith, because, as he merits a life next to the exulted God, no doubt he deserves a meal on my table.” How many of us hold these words in our minds and hearts when we meet a new person for the first time?
- Secondly, most of the service was in Farsi. A language I do not speak or understand. But strangely, as many friends and family spoke in the this foreign language, I was able to understand exactly what they were saying. Somehow the words of grief and love transcended language. .
These things affected me and had me thinking about humanity and the things we have in common. Many of us focus so much on what makes us different. Skin color. Language. Religion. Ethnicity. Gender etc.. that we never truly think about our commonalities. And one of our commonalities totally transcend all differences in my opinion. Human emotions. And specifically, Grief & Love. (Aside from those medically unable to feel emotion) We ALL feel these emotions. We all love & we all grieve over the loss of love & loved ones. The most important part is that we ALL feel these emotions in the same way. We make different choices in how to act upon them, but we all FEEL them the same.
It’s these types of commonalities that we must focus on & it gives me great hope!! Especially at these times when many want you to focus on fear of differences between us. .
- We all LOVE.
- We all GRIEVE.
- We are all HUMAN.
(FYI: I was raised Roman Catholic but no longer practicing. I consider myself spiritual & try to live by the teachings & actions of JC.)
#mlk #martinlutherking #mlkday #humanity #love #grief #together #nohate #iman #iran #america #iranianamerican #martinlutherkingjr #religiousfreedom #godisgood #farsi #english #latin #alllanguages #languages #wordsofwisdom #wordsoflove

Sheida Soleimani ((@sheidajanam)) is an Iranian-American artist and college lecturer at Rhode Island School of Design and Brandeis University.
The daughter of political refugees who were persecuted by the Iranian government in the early 1980s, Soleimani makes work that melds sculpture, collage and photography and highlights her own critical perspective on historical and contemporary socio-political occurrences in Iran. She focuses on media trends and the dissemination of societal occurrences in the news, adapting images from popular press and social media leaks to exist within alternate scenarios. Her work has been recognized internationally in both exhibitions and publications such as Artforum, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Interview, VICE Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.
Soleimani’s research and work critically references the Eurocentrism that pervades the study of art and art history. She is specifically interested in the intersections of art and activism, as well as how social media has shaped the landscape in current socio-political affairs and uprisings.
Sheida was raised in Cincinnati and lives in Providence.
She holds a BFA from University of Cincinnati and a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.
Bio from: risd.edu
photo by Joseph Aaron Segal for Harpers Bazaar
For more info visit: sheidasoleimani.com
#sheidasoleimani #iranianamerican #iranianartist #iamanimmigrant #humanrights #genderequality #empoweingwomen #heforshe #harpersbazaar #huffingtonpost #rsid #brandeis #activist

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