به پَرپر پیراهنت
پری رویان
چه حسرتی خوردند
که بال می زد و
بال بال و
بال بال
و توی آسمانِ پر از ابر و باد و آه و غبار
فقط تو پرنده بودی
بلوغ آدم ناب؛
هم سرخ
و هم صدای خدا:
عباس! ..
پ.ن: به عشق تولد مولانا ابوفاضل و معشوق ابدی اش، آقایم، حضرت اباعبدالله علیه السلام، دل از غبار غربت شستم و سیاه از بر گرفتم. باشد که در دفترِ گویندگانِ مبارک بادش نام برده شوم ،و هر که در غمِ جانم علی، سیه پوش است به حرمت مولایمان، این کند، که عاشقانه تر است.
the Playing of Desire
oil on canvas
101.5×60.5 cm

My fish hold on you 🌊
#sketchbook #sketch #ghazaalbagheri

Letter writing to me, is not obsolete yet; in a way sometimes I write a letter even to an imaginary friend and post it. Knowing that these written letters will be received or not, or where exactly they go is not my point. Maybe I had written it to you along with a bunch of flowers which you’ve received them all dried.
I was about to write that the opportunity of receiving the all ever-unwritten letters in these days are taken from us actually, and I’m not looking for one. I don’t feel sad or disappointed over, cause I see there is no regret in a letter. They used to write it in passion. Writing a letter is like making dialogues of two people by one, created in the hidden fascinating side of them.
#hosseintamjid #homaartgallery #thranart # abstraction #flower #contemporary #irancontemporaryart #middleeastart

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