Oh boy you’re in for a treat & I dare you to try not licking the spoon 😍
If you missed it lastnight go check out my sweet friend Hillary Lamay on her YouTube channel for a quick & easy demo of these yummy in your tummy breakfast blender muffins.
These whip up in no time at all and are flourless, eggless & dairy free.
The secret ingredient to ramp up your protein & fibre = beans 💨
And of course she added some doTERRA essential oils (on guard & cinnamon bark) because we’re fancy like that & know that we’re adding an immunity boost 🤷‍♀️
A little dab of IQ omega 3 raises the bar but completely optional if you prefer to keep things vegan.

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Did you know that our brains are 80% fat? Your baby's brain doubles in size the first year. The cerebellum, an area at the back of the brain that controls coordination and balance, TRIPLES in size! Early brain development in the first THREE years of life is an especially critical period.
Omega essential fatty acids are just that – essential to your body. Your body cannot make them, yet they are essential for many key functions in the human body including cell growth, muscle activity, immune function, joint health, and more. And probably THE most important function is brain development!
Enter dōTERRA IQ Mega! This deodorized Omega-3 Fish Oil contains Wild Orange essential oil. It literally tastes like fresh wild oranges! I use it daily in my smoothies. I LOVE it, because I am always trying to provide myself with good stuff to maintain optimal health - I want the best. dōTERRA does too, which is why their IQ Mega™ is moleculary filtered, tested, and certified to be free of toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. I also love it because it provides the right ratio of DHA to EPA.
The littlest ones can take it right off a spoon, but for older children you can easily mix it with a bit of applesauce, a shot of OJ, or in a smoothie.
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All natural children’s Supplements 🌱💧😁👌.
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Some times it’s so hard to eat right but dōTERRA has made it easy with their supplements to be able to get the support you need without much effort. Each day my family takes their vitamins and probiotics from DŌTERRA My husband is allergic to fruit and vegetables 🌽 so this is one way we can help him have the energy he needs and help his immune system. -The PB ASSIST JR is seriously like a pixie stick without the sugar. When my kids have tummy aches or flu they actually want to take these. You could add the powder to water in a cup and make it a drink too😷 we rely on these little gems 💎. -IQ Mega helps my little guy focus so much more when he can’t. If we stay up on 1 tsp everyday his attention disorder stays under control and he doesn’t fight us on school and he gets what he needs.
Don’t let another day pass by with out using these tips!!!! #doterraessentialoils #richoils #dailyuseofoils #vitamins #IQomega #probiotics #pbassist #pbassiastJR #LLV #eatright want to order and don’t have a membership? Get one here or make an order 👉🏻my.doterra.com/richoils 👈🏻

💞🔬 Scientific Sunday 🔬💞
Kids need natural support just like adults and our A2Z Chewables and IQ Mega help support your child's overall health and wellness.
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IQ Mega elimina el sabor del aceite de pescado y añade el fresco sabor del aceite esencial de Naranja Silvestre.
IQ Mega es un suplemento de ácidos omega-3, fácil de tomar y con el fresco sabor del aceite esencial puro de Naranja Silvestre de doTERRA. Aporta 1000 mg de ácidos grasos omega-3 concentrados por cada dosis.

IQ Mega contiene los nutrientes esenciales EPA (ácido eicosapentanoico) y DHA (ácido docosahexaneoico) son dos ácidos grasos esenciales poliinsaturados de la serie omega-3 provenientes del ácido alfa linolénico (ALA). A pesar de ser necesarios para la vida nuestro organismo no es capaz de sintetizarlos y precisa una fuente exterior.

El EPA y el DHA nos ayudan a mantener la salud cerebral, cardiovascular, inmunológica y de las articulaciones. #doterramadrid
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Bottoms up!! My kids race to@be first in line for their IQ omegas. That wild orange flavor makes it tasty to easily down.
Why fish oil?? 📚Studies link low intake of omega-3 fatty acids to a higher prevalence of health issues. - Studies also have shown that increasing omega-3 fatty acid consumption has a positive effect on cardiovascular health and brain function, and helps support a normal immune response.* -Increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has also been shown to have a positive impact on joint health, mobility, and skin health.*
-The Omega-3 nutrient DHA is essential to support nerve cell communication throughout the brain, eyes, and nervous system.* 🧠 As a determinant of brain growth and performance, DHA promotes normal memory, concentration, attention control, alertness, and positive mood. 🙏🏻 💧 Just a reminder if you’re using essential oils to help with the areas I just mentioned above, make sure you’re supplementing with pure omegas and you won’t have to use as much EO! 🙌🏼
🌟I’ll sure more info on the adult omegas tonight!
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#oilsarelife but oils aren't everything! #lifelongvitality are amazing vitamins! #mito2max is for energy, natural energy! Our Dalton loves the #A2Z vitamins omega for kids! #iqomega free #breathe oil for #respiratorysupport #onguardconcentratedcleaner I live by this stuff! I lasted a year and a half before we bought our second bottle. :)

Happy Good Friday! For Christians around the world, today marks the day where Jesus was crucified. His body was anointed with the oil of Myrrh. Traditionally, many people choose not to eat red meat on this day, preferring fish. There are plenty of ways to use oils when preparing fish- dill, lime, lemongrass and coriander are just the beginning.
For everyday health, doTERRA IQ Mega takes the fishy taste out of fish oil replacing it with the fresh orange flavor of Wild Orange essential oil. Each teaspoon delivers 1,000 mg of concentrated, omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy brain, cardiovascular, immune, and joint function.
If you struggle to take your oil straight, try using it as a salad dressing!
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Every morning Layla wakes up and gets so excited to do two things: eat a big breakfast and take her "o-yalls." I am so thankful that we have these healthy natural ways to support our growing girl! (She also loves the way it tastes 🍊) -----------------------------------------------dōTERRA's IQ Omega contains the essential nutrients (EPA and DHA) to support healthy brain, cardiovascular, immune, and joint function. While some fatty acids can be produced inside the body, essential fatty acids cannot be produced by our bodies; we have to rely on the food we eat to get those nutrients. Best of all, the fish oils dōTERRA uses in the IQ Omega are pure marine lipids that have been molecularly filtered, tested, and certified to be free of toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. 🎉
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Our little guy LOVES his fruits...his veggies...not so much 😩. Thank goodness doTERRA has made it easy to ensure our little one gets all the nutrients and support he needs. We blend together a smoothie of strawberries, bananas and apple juice...add in some terragreens and IQmega and its the perfect smoothie 🍹 #momwin #dailyfruitsANDveggiesinacup #fishoilstoo #doterra #terragreens #iqomega

My 3 year old LOVES “skoothies” but what he doesn’t know is how good they are for him! 😉🤗#momwin #hope #healthyliving #essentialoils #probiotics #iqomega #terragreens #a2zvitamins

This happy little face and his sister (avoiding the photo!) gets soo excited about having their IQ Omega 😂 They eagerly get it out of the fridge every morning, anyone would think it is a lollie!!

Starting off the year with some of dōTERRAs amazing Supplements and oils. .
• Deep Blue Complex for everyday aches/pains and to help support an active lifestyle.
• xEO Mega: Providing Omega fatty acids to help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, as well as healthy immune function.
• Micro Plex VMz provides us with vitamins and minerals that are typically deficient in modern diets. Includes a balanced blend of essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E, and an energy complex of B vitamins.
• a2z chewable and IQ Mega provide Vitamin and omega 3’s for kids and adults who have trouble swallowing pills! .
• Elevation: Joyful blend .
• Oregano: Antioxidant properties that help support a healthy immune system.
• Wild Orange: Energizing and uplifting, great to use as a cleanser for the body and household cleaner. .
• Serenity Restful Complex: helps promote a restful nights sleep.
• Veggie Caps: Perfect for taking oils internally. .
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Breakfast Smoothie is super easy
All you need is a blender and digital scales help.
($10 from Kmart or inbuilt in your Thermomix)
50 grams of Oats
1 scoop of protein (chocolate or vanilla are good)
10ml of IQ Mega oil (or coconut or MCT oil will work)
250-300ml of water (coconut water if having post training or post workout)
*If you need more add 1/2 cup of blueberries for flavour 🥥🍒🍳
**I use OnGuard, cinnamon, or smart and sassy essential oil as optional flavour boosters too. #cookingwithoils #essentialoils #naturalorderwellness #yummy #foodie #nutrition #flavourmatters #foodielife #foodies #breakfast #healthyfoodthattastesamazing #flavorbomb #naturalflavours #breakfastshake #lemon #glucogen #oats #protein #cinnamon #mctoil #peppermintoil #spearmint #posttrainingmeal #foodstagram #somanyfoodieoils #nutrition #nutritionmatters #iqomega #brainfood #postworkout @preview.app

I didn't realize how thrilled this little guy would be over these vitamins! Please NO one tell him he just drank a cap full of fish oil 🐠🐟 #thankyouDōTERRA 💕 #livewell #growbetter #vitamins #kids #Iqomega

🎋🎅It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! 🎅Getting ready to have a Holly🎋 Jolly Christmas by diffusing 🌌 dōTERRA's🍃Holiday Joy, Holiday Peace, Siberian Fir and Lemongrass!🍃 This boy also had his PB Assist Jr. along with his A2Z💊 Chewable Vitamins and IQ omega all by dōTERRA!
Get yours at: my.doterra.com/alexandrabodmer
Follow me at: essential_gifts_of_the_earth
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If you have been following my instastories➡️Ace ain’t been 👍🏻👍🏻
Ace’s tonsils were huge! Like red swollen...👎🏻👎🏻
He ran a low grade temp from Thursday-Sunday.
I had been alternating bw the immune bomb and a custom roller I made for Ace based on my @itoviscanner
Alternated peppermint and lavender for fever and still not fully kicking it!
Ace was acting completely 💯on Saturday but still had the low grade fever.... on Sunday I said ok @essentiallyobsessed hook a girl up!
I wanted to✌🏻out the inflammation!
Check out my instastory!
This throat spray is legit!
7 drops OnGuard
5 drops Lemon
3 drops Copaiba
Fill with IQ Mega (yea the kids stuff 😂 and takes the spicy from the OnGuard out)
Keep your glass spray bottle in the fridge 😉 shake and spray!
I also rubbed Copaiba on his throat ➡️ inflammation killa😉😎🏆
#onguard #lemon #copaipa #iqomega #throat #sick #kid

Remember the other day when I bragged on our Lifelong Vitality Pack of vitamins?! Well today we're going to chat about the vitamins and probiotics my kids take. 🙌 Every. Single. Day. Every morning at breakfast my kids each get their A to Z multivitamins that support their little bodies in the most phenomenal way - plus they taste like watermelon. They also take IQ Omega to support their brain development and so much more. The kids like that their IQ Omega tastes like oranges - and that's because there's Wild Orange in this beautiful blend. All 3 of my kids also take PB Assist Jr. This is a probiotic that tastes like strawberries (yum!) and has 5 Billion live cells in it. Supporting our children's bodies from the inside out is so important and as a mom I am so thankful doTERRA gets me. 🙏
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This is what my kids are using now! A new try for us this week:) DōTERRA sells the a2z and IQ omega together in a pack for just under $40! (as a wholesale member). They have been using the PB assist probiotics for over a month now and they (& I;) love them! Easy to take, tastes great...& 6 billion probiotics. I’m a happy mom with that ❤️
a2z tastes great! Similar watermelon flavor to the PB assist!
The IQ omega taste honestly didn’t go over well with my kids but with a little research learned that it’s easily hidden in a pb & j sandwich!!!! My kids can detect anything and they never noticed!!!!! 😃
Easy way to hide because these omegas are so important for digestive, skin, heart health :) Just make your peanut butter & jam sandwich and pour 1 tsp in while you spread the jam around. DONE 👊🏻
#pbassist #a2z #iqomega #doterra #supplements #kids #essentialoils #wholesale #membership #teachthemyoung #healthyliving

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