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Looking for the reason, why it had to happen to me,
I was already happy in life, why did God put me through this pain, I just canโ€™t see.
Canโ€™t find an answer, am still wondering why,
When, Why, How I am not sure,
It just happened in a fly.

Had no idea what lay ahead,
A beautiful feeling was waiting at the corner,
Had no idea the same road I go daily,

Would lead me to someone to bond forever.

I met him just for cure and never had a thing,
Sessions went by and he talked, on matters that he wished.
I never talked much, just responded to his talks,
I was just concerned about my health,
Never ever stared at his wall clock.

Over time the relation got easy,
I too got out of my timid shell,
Liked him as a doc and as a person

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