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Just getting back from Phoenix where I taught a wide variety of landscape stuff as well as some portrait and Studio shoots. Here is one of my favorite shots from my dramatic light studio session at the improve photography retreat. #monorchid #ipretreat #portrait #dramaticlight

Just a girl in the city. More urban portraiture taken while here in Phoenix. #urbanportrait #phoenixphotography #improvephotographyretreat #ipretreat

Gotta eat to make strong photo muscles. #ipretreat

Loved photographing this gorgeous couple at #ipretreat #desert #phoenix #desertwedding

Emergence @actorkatherinenovak Thanks @jimharmer for setting this up for us. Upping our game every hour. #ipretreat #improvephotography @improvephotography

@denslowphoto caught me in the midst of conducting a Portfolio Review at the Improve Photography Conference #phoenix #ipretreat #photorangers #ipretreat

"Once you stop learning, you start dying." - Albert Einstein These are definitely words to live by. I recently attended a photography retreat in Arizona , where I met a fabulous group of people and had the opportunity to work with professional models and learn from some of the best in the industry. So much fun. This model, Cal, had a great sense of humor and provided us all with fabulous photo opportunities. I can't wait to do it again.
#dmitzphoto #brainerdphotographer #brainerdphotography #ipretreat

So finally got the last #cactus out of my leg - luckily I have a lot of other memories with me home!

Som of the tips I took with me home from the #ipretreat by #improvephotography 1. Don't just look at the #destination see what you can find on the way there @photo_rangers
2. Get in tight, and then get even tighter @brianmcguckin
3. Put something interested in every 3rd of the picture and create layers @majeedbadizadegan
Not sure I succeed in all of these but the advise will sure be in my mind when I continue to grow my #landscape photo journey


@calionmaston was one the coolest people I've met. Had a great time shooting with him at #ipretreat

The look of love alarms because 'tis filled with fire ~ William Blake

This is the lovely Olga from the #ipretreat. The architecture in the studio we were at was awesome. I want this staircase!

When the sunset kisses the Arizona desert hills, romance sparks 💫

This was another shot with the talented Lux at the #ipretreat . I definitely want to do more of these gritty graffiti shots. If anyone knows any good public places with cool graffiti in the #dmv , let me know!

Olga was a terrific model at the Improve Photography Retreat. #olgaguse #ipretreat #improvephotography #improvephotographyretreat

#tbt to that sunset shoot in the desert with @luxtango. She really made this shot! Light styling by the incredible @connorhibbsphotography

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