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Jessie Graff from ANW on Wipeout on Qualifier!
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He held her hand as they crept up the mountain peaks, making sure they had a good stance so that they don't fall. "Where are you taking me?", she laughed, as her head scarf blew in the wind. "You'll see", he said, still holding her hand as they climbed to the very top. Reaching to the top, he pulled her up, and held her in his arms. "You said you wanted to see the world", he smiled, pointing at the endless view of mountains. Her eyes began to tear, as she took in all of what God has created. "It's beautiful", she whispered. As she turned around, she saw him on one knee. "Catherine Watts", he said softly as he pulled out a ring, "I have seen the worlds beauty, and it doesn't compare to the person I see before me". As she said yes, their family began to appear from behind the abandoned church on top of the hill.


They stood facing each other at the end of the aisle, as she wore a white dress her mother had brought over. It was an impulsive wedding, but she wouldn't want it any other way. He slowly removed her scarf, to reveal her bald head. Her tears began to fall. "You are more beautiful now than when I first met you", he whispered. The night was filled with life. After the "I do's", the music followed, great food, and amazing company. It was perfect in every way. And as the day started with life, it also ended with one. For the day they got married was also her last, and they both wouldn't have wanted it to be spent in any other way. For she may have been gone, but their souls were married right before she left. And so she lives inside of him, forever. End scene.


Labor comes with reward. I am so glad I can maximize my iPhone in taking great images like this #iPhone #iphonography

Slow morning ☕️

Been getting a lot of questions recently. How does it feel to be done? What are you working on now? What's next?
Well, it feels amazing to be finished. Lots of bike rides, yoga, reading, time with friends. It feels incredible to have some headspace, allowing me to reflect and generate some new ideas and really meditate on everything I experienced this past year.
Right now I'm working on a few commercial edits, and also working on a short film about my year which I'm planning to screen for the first time on July 5th - stay tuned for more details soon on that.
As for what's next, I definitely want to see more of Canada. I was shocked by how many beautiful places I'd never seen in Nova Scotia and now I can't wait to explore the rest of this amazing country.
After that, I'm cooking up some plans to travel the world and make more movies, but those ideas are still percolating in their infancy.
In the meantime I'm still super down to shoot here in Halifax and Nova Scotia so hit me up if you think you've got a great idea to bring to life!
Shoutout to @dylanhebb for grabbing this shot while we set up for my final video and to @george__wade for hooking up the amazing Fireworks! 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Trees seen behind the train bridge near Voronenka village in Carpathian Mountains #seriesandstories #documentary #nature #wildlife #landscape #mountains #carpathianmountains #trainbridge #voronenka #ukraine #vscoua #iphonography

Perfect solitude is waiting at the train station at 10 pm without any soul around, just when it is about to get dark (still a bit of day light there). Life's transitions. #life #lessons #solitude #dusk #skycolors #hope #mobilephotography #iphonography #nature #naturegram #naturelovers #naturephotography #landscapephotography #landscape #denmark #train #station #journey #serene #peace

That face tho. 😂🍻

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