Aaaand one for the family ☘️
To one of my most favourite festivals! Happy Dussehra to one and all 🖤

“Smile, there’s coffee”—Dedicated a good portion of our trip to exploring cafés and ordering the same “iced latte w/ oat milk” ☕️ | #traveldiaries #Kaffabar

N I S A N T A S I (Uber cool clothes boutiques, quirky cafes, vintage stores, high-end designer stores and endless restaurants - My kinda place!)

I am entering the world of #lightroommobile and #lightroommobilepresets and it’s like starting all over again learning how to edit pictures. It’s always funny learning a new thing. As we get older it seems to take a little longer to learn, and we have to push past that part where you feel like you’ll never get it and see it through so that you do learn. That may seem silly to be going through this thought process over something like photo editing, especially when I’m by no means a photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy the process of editing and coming to find what I like and what I don’t, how I like photos to be composed, what colors I like to draw out and what ones I like to pull back. It feels like making a work of art to me. I’m not a master at it, but I enjoy it and I’ve enjoyed learning more about it, but seriously Lightroom has been a bit of a learning curve. It’s had me thinking a lot about how we often tend to give up when things get hard. We start to believe we “can’t,” but really if you never stop you will get there. You might not get there fast, but you will get there. The only guaranteed way to fail is to stop trying. So I’m not going to give up. My photo editing and cohesiveness might be a little all over the map for a time but I’ll figure it out. In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the process. I love how this one turned out. Anyway, that’s all I got. Any other Lightroom mobile preset users out there? Got some tips for a newbie?! I’m all ears! 👂

Night skies

It breaks my heart to see so many of you tell me how lonely you feel. It breaks my heart to see your beautiful heart feeling it’s unloved and insignificant. I can imagine how many times you’ve been told that you’re not alone we’re with you we’re here for you, I can imagine how many faces have said that to you and then left.
That’s what bothers you. You’re tired of change, you’re tired of losing people.
My love, losing people isn’t a bad thing and you are truly not alone Allah is with you 💕
If someone leaves, always respect them and the time they shared with you, remember them in good words and wish the best for them. We’ve been told the opposite. We see so many people on social media flaunting their constant friendships and vibe-tribes. Have you ever wondered what it must’ve taken them to get those people? Ever wondered how much effort it takes? It takes understanding, time, dedication, letting go of your ego.
We all complain about being alone, unwanted, no one cares, no one talks to us. We will never think about putting in effort and trying to keep friendships alive. We don’t want to put in effort we want others to do that; how is that ok? It’s not. If your friends haven’t talked to you and you haven’t either, take the first step today. Reach out to them, drop them a message. Let them take their time, don’t be in a rush, don’t get disheartened. If they get back to you - great! If they don’t - you know where you stand. You’ll know what to do, trust me.
It’s ok to have a squad from the beginning, it’s ok to find one later in life. What’s important is that you feel happy and comfortable with them. Cherish your friends, appreciate them, treasure them! Thank Allah for friends who care about you, who never leave your side, who share your sorrow more than they share your happiness; there are people who cry and pray to have what you have.
- Sameen.S
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What is your favorite thing to do to treat yourself? 🍫💅🏻💆🏻‍♂️🧖‍♀️
Comment yours below using emojis!
See the fresh flowers over my shoulder? This summer, I started treating myself to fresh flowers every couple of weeks. 🌼🌹🌸
Why? Because they are a treat I can give myself that doesn’t break the bank and doesn’t set me back on my goals. I used to “treat” myself to unhealthy food but I would always overdue it and end up feeling worse about myself (see my previous post on my Binge Eating Disorder - I’ll post it in my story). And I would do it too often (sometimes daily) that it wouldn’t become a treat anymore.
I have always loved fresh flowers and now I go to Farmers Markets and make my own arrangements for myself. It’s delightful! 💐☺️
Now that it’s getting colder, I am going to switch over to massages. 😂

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