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Fut at the heights ==========================
Camera: iPhone 6
Lense: ------
Location: Barcelona (Spain)
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The latest exclusive AiPC interview is all about member Raghavendra Basrur, perhaps better known on Instagram as @_straight_flush. 📱

He's been serious about his iPhotography for barely two years, but it's clear he's already got an artist's eye when it comes to composition. 📱

Only members can access this interview, but it's easy to join if you're passionate about iPhotography. Just tap on the link in our bio for information. 📱

Thank you for your time, Raghavendra, and for helping to make the AiPC a better place! 👏

AiPC Theme of the Week: change 📱📱📱 (Check the link in the bio to participate!) 📱📱📱 The leaves are just starting to surrender to autumn's impending arrival in the hemisphere I find myself in. So it's tempting to suggest it as this week's theme.
However, the climate is soon to warm up again in the other hemisphere, and I don't want to alienate all of my friends over there!

So I thought we'd kind of turn the idea on its head and make this week's theme about anything to do with change. Colourful leaves are of course welcome, as are any other seasonal outdoor changes. If you have something outside of that box to share, go for it!

And if you don't have something to share yet that exemplifies change, please consider it your challenge for the week. (And if you have any ideas for a future Theme of the Week, be sure to send me a message.) Keep up the awesomeness, and I hope your week ahead is full of positive transformations.

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