Tribute to #summersolctice with shots of the sunrise and sunset both taken in the Comox valley. #iphonephotos sunset 🌅 Happy summer! 😎

Ok Narcissism in Full Speed. 😂 Which one do you all like for my LinkedIn Profile? Please comment below or DM me as some of you do lol! Yes I look a bit intense! Duh I am intense. Actually I look kinda Possessed. By what? Nothing sinister don’t you worry. Just thinking of that chocolate caramel square I have sitting all by itself in my fridge. #Truth😆#LinkedInProfile #Photo

"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original." -Joseph Haydn

I used to fear loneliness. I actually struggled with it quite a bit here in Vegas—a 24 hour town where you can have a number of friends but little alignment in schedules. Not to mention our generation is kind of flaky AF. But lately, I’ve been spending a good ol’ heapin amount of quality time with myself. As much as I am able to thrive off the energy of others, it’s been both frightening and empowering to discover contentment with just me. #youareenough

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