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When you stumble across gorgeous used bookstores nestled in tiny little towns! 😍 I wish I'd had more time to spend here browsing the shelves, but we were a bit short of time. I'll definitely be back though! •

Do you have a favourite used bookstore? You can find some amazing bargains tucked away on the shelves. I've found so many great books at my local store. •

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This past Monday evening I had the pleasure of hanging out with the people of @putnambooks on their #talesandcocktails tour. I spent a couple hours hanging with booksellers talking about books and blogging in the middle of a lovely cocktail party before the floor was turned over to Courtney Maum (@cbmaum), Bianca Marais (@biancamarais_author) and Jill Santopolo (@jillsantopolo). .
It’s always my favorite thing to learn about the stories or moments that inspired a novel. When these three authors took the floor to briefly talk about their work, I listened with a ear to line these books up in order of interest, and to see if I would be interested in taking an ARC home with me. (reading time is precious, people, and this year I’m pickier than ever) .
Unfortunately for my TBR pile, the stories behind these novels and then hearing the synopsis’s made it difficult to even know which one I wanted to read first. Jill spoke about that first REAL love you have in your life, Courtney spoke about disconnecting more from technology and being more present in our real, offline lives, and Bianca shared her personal life story that inspired the relationship between two main characters in her book. Each of their stories really touched an emotional part of me, and I’m really looking forward to these reads. .
Does anyone else like hearing the stories that inspire their favorite books? .
Thank you to @putnambooks for inviting me and for letting me swipe these three intriguing ARCs.

#currentlyreading : Wintersong (FINALLY) .
I have been hearing amazing things about Wintersong since it came out last month, and I’m finally starting it! Its been patiently waiting on my nightstand this month while I read at a snails pace with everything I have going on! .
What are you reading today?

After a week of gorgeous weather the rain is back and this boy found a puddle...shocking. #daddylife #thehousleys #iphonephotography #nofilter


Smoking is bad , switch to vaping it's so much healthier and it smells amazing😉
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Sikunir hill is one of destination that you can visit while you are on Dieng, Wonosobo. It has idyllic scenery called golden sunrise. Some people who stayed or finished their journey in Yogyakarta they prefer going to Dieng, it only takes 3 hour by car.
Tips :

1. Come here on weekdays to avoid the crowded
2. Start your trip from Yogyakarta at 10/11 Pm
3. Using car is better than motorcycle to avoid wet condition and you can take a rest in your car to save your money
4. Start your hiking at 04.00 or 04.30 am to take the best places. It only takes 30 minutes to the peak.
5. Try to dance and enjoy traditional instrument with local or foreign after you finished your sunrise. It's free and seriously, I really enjoy it lol.
6. Last, try to enjoy idyllic scenery with hot Dieng Coffee and fritters in local street vendor when you're going down.
Cost :
- Rp.10.000 for the first gate in Dieng
- Rp.10.000 for car parking near Sikunir Hill
- Rp.10.000/person for entrance to Sikunir Hill
- Rp.3.000 for Dieng coffee
- Rp.1.000 for each fritters

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Looking forward to a very special wedding in this beautiful venue in July

Life's Back on Track. Swipe Right.
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