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At terrence malick's tree of life film, we see many low angle camera shot, its soo beautifull that can describe perspective of someone character

Still with philae

With philae

Watch short film here "pembunuh berantai berdarah dingin" http://youtu.be/kExX2XApJno

My first short film at #batam indonesia, the tittle say it all. In english "the cold blood serial killer" make it only 2.5 days for the competition. The movie link will up soon

Ius - living in the street, always pretending as a policeman, if have money he will buy a bottle of beer. He lost his leg thumb because someone drop a heavy things to his leg. And the world is a happy place according to him.

"The holy man"

This is the reason why i love #sigma lens

Front profile of reihan.

This is reihan, always cry when bullied by kapten ajai when we shot. Short film Will coming soon "the glue"

"Skin" really short film coming soon

"We will dance" short film can watch now. Here the link https://vimeo.com/109976320

We will dance #colorgrading

"EARNED" watch it now Www.vimeo.com/108980385 and get inspiration from her to get fit

Watch her short movie here: https://vimeo.com/105845417

With kristina navratilova

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