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Happiest birthday to the love of my life. My best friend. And adulting partner 😂💕🥂 #IOE #x2 @animalbrandon

Last Weekend @ AMCA Europe International Meeting 2017 •1928JDH•. #harleydavidson #AMCA #JDH #1928 #vintage #IOE

We did it! Completing the last task today to complete or training came to an end and we captured he moment! #iamalaska #class20173 #IOE #Flight #inflighttraining

Shit Don't Stop Why Should I #SDSWSI #FuxkEmAllGang #IOE

Gold on World Cup I with the @asrnereus eight! 🥇#wc1 #rowing #belgrade #ioe

#Lockedupaboard #ioe 🔥🔥... it went down 🕺

🗣It's our DELTAversaryyyyyyyyy!!!❤🐘 One year down and a lifetime to go in this illustrious sisterhood with some of the most amazing young women I've ever met. Y'all drive me nuts sometimes but I wouldn't embark on this journey with any other group of ppl. I appreciate every one of you for your unique talents, gifts and wisdom that you bring to the bond. You're all very special to me and it's a privilege to be able to call you my sisters. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~OOP! #IOE


Intelligent Asthma Monitoring with ADAMM.The complete solution for monitoring your asthma.

ASTHMA is a chronic lung disease that affects 60 percent of world population.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in 14 people have asthma and it is the third leading cause of hospital stays in children. Monitoring and managing asthma is undoubtedly a challenge these days because of busy lifestyles, which make it difficult to track triggers that provoke the condition.

This intelligent asthma management device consists of an adhesive patch, web portal, and mobile app. The flexible patch with the rechargeable battery can be worn anywhere on the upper torso, front or back. The device is embedded with a sensor and facilitates symptom detection (cough rates, respiration rate, heart beat, and temperature), notifications on symptom deviation, inhaler detection, voice journaling and HIPAA compliant data storage.

Also embedded in this innovative wearable is a unique algorithm technology that processes data to provide valuable insights. ADAMM transmits data wirelessly to a mobile app, where it can remind the wearer to take medication, warn of possible asthma attacks and alert parents if the wearer is a child. The web portal is also available to access data anytime and anywhere.


Symptom Detection
Cough counting, respiration, wheeze and heart rate. Provides notifications, inhaler detection and voice journaling.

A patch-type, flexible wearable with a rechargeable battery that can be worn anywhere on the upper torso, front or back. Move it around from day to day as you choose.

Get in touch in order to know more about the device.

Meet Verna Brandford, Secondary PGCE Lecturer in Languages. Verna teaches, researches AND has studied in the field of language education at the IOE! Find out how she does it all via the link in our bio 👆
#UCL #IOE #languages #languagelearning #education #teachers

When you and your IOE instructor have a great relationship after two years! This girl is aweaome and I'm so glad I got to work my first trip ever with you! We're trying to find a trip we can work together soon! She always knows what to say, hence why she's a great instructor! #datass #ioe #reunion #2ndyear #falife #flightattendants #lifestyle

Shit Don't Stop Why Should I #SDSWSI #FuxkEmAllGang #IOE

#IOT representa la próxima evolución de Internet, que
será un enorme salto en su capacidad para reunir, analizar y distribuir datos que podemos
convertir en información, conocimiento y en última instancia, sabiduría. 👍💡💻📲 #AdeatelSA #InternetdelasCosas #Tecnología #IT #IOE

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