Thank you @theendocrowd!! So happy that you love our heat/ice pack. 💛
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Speaking of heat packs, I have to share with you, my favorite by far. I absolutely adore (both of) mine from @cosmiclotus.co! One night, while using my subpar plug-in heat pad, I was looking up Endometriosis awareness products and brands. I found this company, and their heat packs and decided to give it a shot. I'm a huge supporter of small business, 10% of sales goes into research of Endometriosis, and I admired their goal and commitment to doing what they could to raise awareness of Endo. I ordered this on a Friday night, (they're in California, I'm in Georgia) I had it Monday! I've carried it with me every day since and it has literally been the only thing to help me make it through some work days. Not long ago I ordered another along with this sticker and pin combo because I couldn't wait to have a back up! (Legit using it at this moment) and they also have really cute shirts that will definitely be a part of my next order! Check them out at www.cosmiclotusco.com! They ship international!!

Diary entry No. 712
We’re not as cute as Otters or penguins when they’re in love...
But when you think about it?
When humans show love, appreciation and happiness.
It can be really rather beautiful.
Lots of love, BorderlinePersonalityGirl x
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Looking for my motivation cause I lost that shit months ago. 🤷🏼‍♀️

HANG ON! Life with a chronic illness may not be rosey, but you are still pinkish, warm, breathing and a absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

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‪It was really great to meet the @mobiloouk team last week at the @kidzexhibitions in Manchester. Hopefully we can work with Mobiloo & Changing Places in the future, to continue making the UK more accessible for everyone. Nobody should have to stay home just because there isn’t a suitable bathroom close by. Or even worse, be forced to lay on a dirty toilet floor! ‬Do you know of any Changing Places Toilets near you? ♿️🚽🚛 ‬
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I need to share this after wake up to yet another morning of a very sick husband. My husband has a severe chemical allergy. Severe enough that when one of our Airbnb guests uses their Bath and Body Works soap from ACROSS THE HOUSE, he can’t breathe, is sick to his stomach, and has the worst headaches.
Please be aware of what you are putting on your bodies. Your skin is your largest organ, and although it does act as a protective barrier, many of these lotions and hair products are designed to be absorbed through the skin and carry the nasty products with them. Please also consider the effects your perfumes might have on others. Chemical sensitivities are real! .
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Early start this morning due to not bing able to sleep because i have a really heavy cold then an afternoon of swimming with the kids has got me absolutely knackered and ready for bed. Amazing how simple things can be exhausting when you have a chronic illness and mental health issues #knackered #tired #busy #chronicillness #chronicillnessawareness #autoimmunedisease #addisonsdisease #adrenalinsufficiency #health #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #invisibleillness #beard #beardsofinstagram #beardlife

🧠💖 Taking a wee moment to appreciate another happy time I’ve had recently. A really kind neighbour from next to my old flat popped round for a chat recently and brought me this beautiful orchid 😍🌷 I love having friends round for a chat as other environments are very challenging. The colours go so well in the flat too and I’ve managed to keep it alive so lots to be happy for. What’s making you happy today?

“...some days are like that. Even in Australia.” I kept repeating this to myself this morning, a throwback to the last lines of one of my favorite children’s books by #judithviorst — “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Weariness upon weariness, even as I did my morning yoga routine, I felt out of the normal flow. Everything feels slow, and like my squirrel friend, even slower than a slug. But fortunately, no one is laughing at me! I forgive myself (or try to!) on days like this, scrap plans that require energy, and just let the flow be slow. Because some days are like this. Even in Australia.

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Same Hoodie , Different Woman 💯 It’s so crazy to me when I look back and see how far I’ve come , But what’s crazier is that I swear I had more confidence at 380 then I do at 280 ...... Obesity plays not only a role on your body but a huge transformation factor of the brain aswell. Transitions are hard ; it’s literally the opening up of your inner you . A lot of healing and forgiveness has to go into the process of change and transformation. The journey inward is always the hardest . I’ve been learning to embrace me , who I am now . And stop putting doubt or an overinflated opinions on what or where I think I should be . I’m learning to live in the moment and try to see the journey for what it truly is ... Growth. I’m still battling fibromyalgia and beating my obesity and yes ITS FUCKING HARD !!! But I was chosen for this journey, to learn , live an grow and then share what was successful for me and my journey in this roller coaster of reality with others whom are where I was when I first started . Do I find myself comparing my story to others ? Um yes , I also get jealous of woman on accounts I follow 💯 I’m no different from anyone else ; we all have these weird insecurities from time to time . I’m just finally at a phase of complete and utter honesty with myself and my journey. We are only human after all 💯 But like you ,that feeling is temporary and then I get back to what ( my journey) has in store for me . And that all of our stories may share similar issues or elements. But They’re uniquely our own and will only grow when watered by action, purpose an promise to self ; that we are worth the fight no matter the time it takes . And that we will fall and make mistakes along the way . Those are the learning bricks to the bridge back to the true person we’re meant to be . I’m still learning to embrace this crazy , messy unpredictable journey of mine . And in my heart I know I will come out a better me because of it . #embraceyourself

Mine biggest parenting fear is protecting my kids too much. What is yours?

This is what’s been really aiding my Endometriosis lately. 🌿 Spoonie friends, tell me more of your remedies.


It may be an 'invisible Illness', but that does not diminish the depth of pain or the frequency and strength of the other symptoms that people living with CRPS experience. Nor does it make the myriad of complications simply cease to exist. The disorder and the lived experience of CRPS are VERY real. .

We do not want a 'pity party'. All that we ask is that others take the time to listen, learn and accept that what we are going through IS real, even if they cannot see it or truly understand it. .
Please support CRPS awareness month as #CRPSawareness really does matter. .
#CRPSawarenessMatters #CRPSawarenessMonth #InvisibleIllness #CRPSnetworkAus #GETLOUDaboutCRPS

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