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This boy takes time to pray at a Government reception centre in Italy that doubles as a lodging station for unaccompanied children. He left his home in Gambia and is now making the dangerous journey across Europe alone. As the refugee crisis continues, one of the biggest challenges is reaching ”invisible” refugee and migrant children, who are taking dangerous illegal routes and facing heightened risks of abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Photo: Unicef 2016 Gilbertson VII #refugee #refugeeswelcome #invisiblechildren

@kshmr celebrating his new years in India!! 🇮🇳#arena #festival #invisiblechildren #music

Quand tu trouve dans ta bibliothèque le sample d'un des titres le plus joué en ce moment #invisiblechildren #indianvocals #abletonlive9 #abletonpush2

Whiskey slaps. @kennyjamez and Johan's reactions are priceless...basically you take a shot and get slapped then retaliate...frat boy shit. What an end to tour. Love you Kenny. @realtheverybest @juttytaylor @jedidiahjenkins #whiskeyslaps #theverybest #invisiblechildren #silverlake


What's wrong with this picture? As Bree and I climb out of the comfort of our cozy bed, thousands of children everywhere are waking up from the floor or worse off the ground outside. Something I never thought of until I met the street kids living in the slum of Kisenyi. Now I can't stop thinking about it. You can read about these kids in my latest blog and see how you can help gets kids off the ground and into a bed. Link is in the bio. .
#feelinglucky #invisiblechildren #streetkids #kisenyi #kampala #changelives #makeadifference #giveback #givethanks #helpothers #childrenfirst #sadtruth #starttheweekright

Happy Monday! As we climb out of the comfort of our cozy beds, thousands of children everywhere are waking up from the floor or worse off the ground outside. Something we never thought of until we met the street kids living in the slum of Kisenyi. You can read about these kids in our latest blog. Link is in the bio. .
#Happymonday #feelinglucky #invisiblechildren #streetkids #kisenyi #kampala #changelives #makeadifference #giveback #givethanks #donate #helpothers #educationfirst #dogood #socialimpact #socialgood #childrenfirst #starttheweekright #nonprofit #nonforprofit #bekind

There really are four people in this picture, but two of them are invisible. #invisiblechildren #waitthatmeanssomethingelse #enigmahq #escapegame #sandiego #vacationmode

Featuring photographer Rania Matar! @raniamatar (Pls go to her page)
Rania creates stunning, evocative, piercing portraits. Here are photos from various projects; Syrian Refugee children and from her series, "Becoming& #34; , photos of young girls transitioning to young women. A vulnerable, crucial time in young girl's life.
This week at The Photography Show, NYC (AIPAD, 3/30-4/2) some of Rania's work will be exhibited, Pier 94, Booth 531, Pictura Gallery.
#AnicaSundayArtSelection is a visual work of art I select and share, created by known and unknown artists - work that moves me and/or inspires me. An artist I admire, an image that makes me smile, cry or fuels a deep passion. .

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Good times + Crazy times = Amazing Memories#invisiblechildren #seniors #68dayscountdown

All this nonsense in the White House, but no one is talking about the ungodly amount of children (not only girls) missing every single year in this country alone. The #MissingDcGirls is one part of a much larger problem in #humantrafficking and #sexslavery not to mention the complete lack of media coverage in the wake of these findings. Wake up. We are being thrown into a frenzy of political memes and outrageous happenings but not enough people are paying attention to the whirlwind happening underneath the radar. There are shocking amounts of children missing, with waves of increased reports during very specific times of the year. This isn't a coincidence. Do your own research. The statistics are terrifying. And unless we pay attention, these children will go forever unseen. #bringthemback #invisiblechildren #silentvictims

In front of the ring of three 20-foot high fences separating Morocco from Spain - Africa from Europe - Bambino and hundreds of thousands like him from safety

- ¡Andrés! Prepárate la de 'zombie nation' y lanzamos confetti 🎉
+ 😂😂😂😂 no. Ésta vez no.. 😈🔥
🙌 Que bien suena @kshmr en @kubikvitoria 🙌

Let’s begin with a modern example of Western absurdity: Kony 2012 *audible sigh* I literally do not even know where to start with this mess. The sheer number of ridiculous Facebook profile pictures during this obsession made me want to scream into a pillow. Conversations became “Kony is bad man. Africa likes child soldiers. America must save Africa.” .
Kony did hurt children. He hurt communities. Many men did. Many men in many countries do. It’s also true that child soldiers exist. It is a problem worth examining for anyone especially because the people affected have found amazing ways to heal (A Long Way Gone is the best known example of this healing). .
And yet he was no longer in Uganda and was rumored to be dead. In fact, Ugandans were throwing rocks at the screen during the showing because the Invisible Children ignored President Musevini’s own instances of violence, kidnappings, brainwashing, and election tampering. They ignored the crimes of a dictator as the West hailed him as a “new” “better” kind of “African leader.” 🙄
Clear cut corruption abounded but somehow this black African warlord became THE symbol of evil. Somehow he reached the level of Hitler and the holocaust in our rhetoric. The same inspired Facebook “social activists” somehow forgave and forgot the internment camps, concentration camps, colonialism, nuclear bombs, and genocide created by the Western World finding that one man’s crimes fit their image of evil and then obsessing over him with what I can only describe as a rabid fervor.
I propose: It’s because of the image. I mean that video?! The image of a dark black Ugandan “guerrilla” ordering the kidnapping, rape, torture, and forced addiction of black children. Strapped with the stereotypical AK-47, his henchmen hunched over in the bushes with machetes. These are the scenes that drew people. He was more menacing than any human trafficker with a white face.
In fact, we barely talk about sex trafficking and child slavery even though the numbers of child soldiers don’t even rival this “industry.”
Because his story was perfect for Americans. A modern day Mau Mau boogieman #kony2012 #westernbias #blackness #childsoldier

When any child on any day goes missing, my heart aches and I pray. It's way past time to get a conversation going on the large numbers missing in DC and across the states. Just because the numbers may be historically similar does not mean the number is not a problem that needs to be dealt with post haste. Find our girls. Bring back our girls. End the cycle of missing children! #WHM17 #womenshistorymonth #InvisibleChildren #FightContinues #Activism #DoBetter

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