This year our word here at the Farm is “Investment.” We are investing in our plant numbers - growing by the thousands. Investing in my education which very well might take me across the country to learn from Masters in their respective growing fields. However, the most exciting is how much we are investing in our infrastructure. This year alone we will be adding an equipment storage unit, which is already underway. A beautiful new garage for the power equipment, a massive high tunnel for our early spring blooms, and today’s project... refinishing the walls of my floral grow/design room. Not to mention the three buildings the boys will be tearing down that have needed to go for quite sometime or the decorative fencing being placed around the farm. Did I mention the show garden that is about to be underway next week?! We are busy to say the least, but by fall we will have a stunning flower farm that is up and running efficiently the way that I have always dreamed. A place where visitors are always welcome, and the conversations are never dull. #MacKBlooms #FlowerFarm #workingmylittleheartout #passionproject #investinyourfuture #investinwomen #100hourworkweeks #itsgonnabeworthitthough

Love these guys!! Christopher and Myumi, President's team. #toponepercentofthecompany #investinyourfuture #Herbalife

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Cullors, a Black Lives Matter cofounder, is putting her powerful voice to new use with her remarkable memoir, When They Call You a Terrorist. The social-justice force, who has made an indelible mark on the trajectory of American civil rights, opens up about going "beyond the gut-wrenching" in her writing and her activism.

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Utilizing time on the weekend to build your dreams is never time wasted. Especially when you're helping others do the same 🙌 Make the investment and watch your results accelerate 🚀

Do something today your future self will thank you for. Invest in yourself, health, and your future.

With a great teacher and a mentor on sales and marketing @iyoreogbuigwe thank you sir for the knowledge you imparted on us.#lifeofarealtor #realtor #realestate #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #investinrealestate #investinyourfuture

It’s been busy in the Real Estate Market! These six properties are now Under Contract! 🗝♠️ 😎
#closewithcarissa “The best investment is owning a piece of this earth" 🌎


RE/MAX At Barnegat Bay
Cell 609.276.3704📱
Carissaturner@remax.net 📧

Whether we are looking forward to buy a house , buy food , travel , pay for doctors fee, medications , shoes , clothing , school , make up etc, is all an investment. Money is an ilusión that is used for the exchange of services . Some people are not aware that our time is also an investment . And for me is the biggest investment and most valuable thing I possess. Based on my own and others experiences, I have learned how to live by the saying where there’s a will , there’s definitely a way . And that when we really have a desire of achieving goals we will figure out how to make it happen . Other wise we really don’t want it enough to invest our time and money .
We all have 24 per day , we all go though hard /painful situations , we all have situations to resolve and responsibilities/priorities to take care of . We are an expression of how we treat ourselves. If we sell ourselves short/low then that’s exactly what we will receive in abundance. Don’t be afraid to set higher standards for yourself because that’s exactly what you will receive and that’s exactly what will give you the opportunity to help those who are willing to help themselves.
Napoleon Hill who is one of my favorite mentors says ,there is no such thing as something for nothing. Value and invest in yourself because at the end of the day those who don’t agree with you are not the ones who are paying your bills ♥️💫. #timeisgold⌚️ #sethigherstandards #investinyourfuture #lifewithfreedom #moneyisanillusion #youareyourownresponsibility #wealthconsciousness #youareanexpressionoftheuniverse #helpingeachother #focusedonyourgoals #expressyourselffreely #wheretheresawilltheresaway

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