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One of my favourite spots.... Test your nerves #rockhopping. They have done this before, but today the water was a lot higher. They have become brave πŸ‘

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Our chicken dramas continue - this little one has slowly continued to go down hill. I was told by the previous owner that she had wormed and de-liced her. I decided to wash her yesterday (something I thought I would never say nor do - wash a chook) and you would not believe this little one was covered in white dandruff - lice! We wormed her tonight and she has decided I am mama hen... Wants/needs a mama snuggle! She hasn't stopped peeping... #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearning #ChickensWows #ThisLittleOneNeedsToLive

Yesterday was my birthday! I received some lovely birthday presents and although it's not about the presents I really love these two gifts. Mum and dad replaced my broken tea flask and the girls gave me this Lottie Doll. The doll is one of theirs (that they no longer played with because it's got a gammy leg). It's perfect! My hip often hurts, especially when I've been in the garden all day, so it is a mini me. They bought new clothes for it, which just happens to be gardening clothes. She comes with no socks, just like my kids! Hair pulled back for some serious work... πŸ’“πŸ˜˜. My partner, kids, and mum and dad spent the day with me outside enjoying this beautiful winter weather - just perfectπŸ€— (Lottie clothes from @lightuplearning)

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Dt it's that time of the year, for our new vision boards to be created. This year, i would like for you to add a gratitude section to your vision post. Your gratitude could be, who are you grateful for, what are you grateful for... Collect your big posters in your next class. See it, receive it, believe it #investigateexplorediscover #chookas ❀

C's latest obsession - identifying local frogs 🐸

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Well, this is how they sorted their problem out - sit and eat lunch all loaded up with their babies while I push them πŸ€”

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Today was huge for us. Having kids with sensitivies (and quirks) our family has never gone hiking and with my feet the way they were 12 months ago I would never have dreamed that we would be doing this today. It was only a short hike, but we did it!πŸ™‹ #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearning #HomeEducatedKids #HikingAdventures #AustralianSummer

Some people may think Natural Learning is a home educating family, but she doesn't take many photo's of her kids. The reason for this is because my kids play all.day.long!

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I have babies! Can you guess what they are? It's a yummy summer fruit...... πŸ˜‹

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New Blog Post ~ Can't See The Forest For The Trees. "Homeschooling segments on TV, negativity shown towards homeschooling (especially unschooling) by the wider community, legislative changes, staff changes within government departments that handle homeschooling applications, and procedure changes are all things that are happening around Australia at the moment in regard to home education. It is so easy to get caught up in the flurry of panic that is starting to rise among us. But before panic sets in, let’s look at a few things."
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More seeds to add to our collection. Our seeds from @theseedcollection turned up today πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘. Time to get busy in the garden.... #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearningAustralia #PermacultureBug #SpringPlanting #GardeningWithKids #HomeEd #Unschooling #MyKidsFollowMeAllDayEveryDayInTheGarden πŸ’“ #AndTheyAreLearningLots!

I had two fruit trees I didn't want to plant into the ground, because they are full sized trees (we've only been planting dwarf varieties) and they'd get too big. The solution = planter bags from Planter Bags Supplies Australia. These two bags are a massive 150 litre. Apparently, they'll withstand the harsh weather conditions. Fingers crossed.

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This year, all the hard work in the garden, has resulted in us having a really big growing space for our spring planting. I'm in the planning stage of what to plant and where to plant it. All of this equals.....I don't like making decisions! I've made the first decision - where to buy seeds from βœ” (yes I will be adding to this stash). I've also decided what seeds to buy βœ”. And I know roughly where we're going to plant things βœ”

#InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearningAustralia #PermacultureBug #SpringPlanting #GardeningWithKids #HomeEd #Unschooling #MyKidsFollowMeAllDayEveryDayInTheGarden πŸ’“

It's about finding things that work and being ready to pounce. If I said to the girls "let's do spelling", both would have a fit. However, I absolutely love Scrabble and because it was wet on the weekend, my partner and I played a game or two πŸ˜‰. The girls were drawn in. I saw my chance, and I jumped. I pulled out of the cupboard, Scrabble Junior (I've had it sitting in the cupboard for years). I was C's team mate, Dadda was R's. Both girls are learning how to spell, and we all worked together by helping each other make words...... They πŸ’“ it πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŒŒπŸ˜„πŸ‘βœ”πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearning #HomeEd #ThisIsHowWeRoll #ScrabbleJunior #SpellingAtItsBest

A guest blog post, by my beautiful friend

A poem for all the homeschoolers out there, written after a week of frustrating administration and negative media. .
By Kylie McMillan 2017
For those that home educate your kids, get the tissues, sit back (maybe eat some chocolate) and read these wonderful words.
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I'm calling it peeps - SPRING IS ON ITS WAY! The fruit trees are looking brilliant. Our lovely ladies (see picture two, to see two of our lovely a ladies) love scratching around the fruit trees. It can become annoying when they scatter all your hard work. Never fear! The girls and I made tree guards X 18 (picture 3) to protect the trunks from getting collar rot. Also, we have been busy applying around the base of our fruit trees our home made compost mixed with manure then spreading pea straw over the top. We used pea straw, because when the peas sprout it will add nitrogen back into the soil = this is good for fruit trees πŸ˜‰βœ” #InvestigateExploreDiscover

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Natural learning at its best. Lately the girls and I have been buying potting mix for our massive grow bags we bought. This is where I introduced the concept of multiplication. We've talked about multiplication in the past, but the concept seemed to go over their heads. But they've now got it and I know this because in their play space they have bags of potting mix for $3 a bag. I heard one say to the other "if I buy four bags of potting mix, how much will that be?" I then heard a scurry to the times table poster and the answer of $12 given.
They have become obsessed with the times table poster and the 100's board. Multiplication facts, and patterns are being understood! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ It really does happen when they are ready and when it happens, it happens fast. #ExposureIsTheKey

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We've been getting some really cold nights here lately. The girls now fill containers of water to leave out and freeze so that their animals can play in ice of a morning πŸ˜„. Swipe through to see Jack at his best 😘

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Next project - move all the rocks they said. It'll be fun they said. We'll help they said. So, I listened to my two girls. We started out strong. As a team. They lasted maybe an hour. I've been going at it on and off for a week. I am over moving rocks. Now I hear you asking - um, why are you moving rocks? Because I have no holes to dig! πŸ˜‚. Joking, I wanted to pull the weed mat up, move plants and put a raised garden bed around the olive trees.... I'm not going crazy πŸ˜‰


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Look at this happy face.... R just finished her first chapter book πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Both girls accepted the challenge I gave them (to read a chapter book by Christmas). R started on Sunday and finished today. I think we have turned a corner 😘. (I might have offered to buy them a present if they read the book by Christmas. I knew they could both do it. I had to create an incentive to motivate them. It worked πŸ˜€. Both kids now say they love reading and can't wait to read more books πŸ™‹) #InvestigateExploreDiscover

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What a long journey this has been. At age two she had a massive meltdown because she couldn't read. From that day she refused for three years to let anyone read to her. Then while at school she watched as other kids in her class began to read. When we started our homeschooling path she flat out refused to look at letters and words. We changed our approach and backed right off. This year we started using #SnapWords. She started gaining confidence. I then set her a challenge - if you read a chapter book by Christmas I will buy you a present. I gave this challenge to her over a month ago. Yesterday she picked up her chosen book. With help from me and her dad, she finished her book today πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I asked her how does she feel? She answered with... I am proud of myself. I am glad I didn't give up. I now love reading πŸ’“. Her next challenge has been set - to read the other books that are part of this series and once she has done that, I will buy the books that we are missing from this set πŸ™‹πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰. (This is why we homeschool. Look at the pure joy on her face. She doesn't need to worry about being teased for not being at level. This is stress free learning)......
You can purchase SnapWords from www.child1st.com.au and www.lightuplearning.com.au

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Ok peeps the girls and I have finished our project - "pond upgrade". We've had the existing pond for about two years. I've wanted to include a natural filtration system since building the pond and I'm hoping it keeps the water clear. Design one failed. It was actually a good experience for all three of us. When I did the pond liner, I didn't take it up under the big rock. And as you can't control the flow of water, the water decided to travel back up the rock, the pond was losing water. R said to me "mistakes are good mum, that's how we learn!" Yes, so very true little wise one..... I didn't get angry or upset, just continued doing what we were doing. We dug the filtration system up and started again. The second time we got our levels right so that the water rises evenly (yes, I am a perfectionist) in the filtration pond and this was a huge learning curve for the girls and myself! Also we put a new pond liner in and made sure it went up under the big rock. It works exactly how I imagined πŸ™‹. If there is no sun for the solar panel, the pump stops, the filtration pond drains to a point, and the main pond fills. To stop the main pond draining back into the filtration system, we installed an overflow pipe. We gave the bridge and wishing well a lick of paint and this is the finish product. We πŸ’“ it.

PS - having a child who "often" struggles with their short term memory really is a test when you explain why we can't walk on the pond liner and you turn around for a second and turn back to see them walking on the pond liner, this almost sent me bonkers. Painting the bridge with them was an experience as well πŸ˜‰. We got over our challenges, worked as a team and got the job done!
PSS - We are so proud of ourselves 😘

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Our chicken dramas continue - this little one has slowly continued to go down hill. I was told by the previous owner that she had wormed and de-liced her. I decided to wash her yesterday (something I thought I would never say nor do - wash a chook) and you would not believe this little one was covered in white dandruff - lice! We wormed her tonight and she has decided I am mama hen... Wants/needs a mama snuggle! She hasn't stopped peeping... #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearning #ChickensWows #ThisLittleOneNeedsToLive

This little Muppet is very sick. I got new chickens a few weeks back. I am such a fool and take people on their word.... She did the dodgy I'll meet you half way and when I got home with the new chickens one was sick. I was told this was "sales sickness". A few days later she came and picked up the sick hen. The other three seem fine she said. As I really don't know a lot about chickens and diseases to do with them and because my silkies were spending lots of time next to the quarantined hens pen I decided to let the new chickens out. Then one buy one, the new hens started to get sick. Anyway, the new hens have now infected our pet Silkies. This little one was hit hard. Hopefully she will improve tonight.....
What I have learnt is that people who buy eggs from your local corner shop and think you're getting free range, healthy eggs you might not be. Knowing what I know now, I would only buy my eggs from someone I know, or the supermarket.
What this breeder does:
She sells eggs, fertile eggs, chicks, and hens. Her flock has been infected with a respiratory illness that is contagious and once a hen has had it, they are a carrier of the disease. Hens can transmit the disease through to fertile eggs (which she sells). She treats her flock with antibiotics. I am not sure if she puts the affected laying hen in quarantine for 21 days. You are not supposed to eat eggs from a hen that has been treated with antibiotics. She also has chicks crumble and grower pellets in with laying hens, which they have got access to eat it. Again, you are not supposed to eat the eggs of hens that have eaten chick food. Can you see the problem here? It is recommended that if you buy and sell chickens (and eggs) that if your flock has had a respiratory illness that you cull your flock. If they are pets only, it is ok to treat them, but this is contentious.

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Who wants to see a sneak peek of what the girls and I have been working on? πŸ™‹. We've put in a natural pond filtration system. Design 1 failed as I didn't have the pond liner under the big rock at the back, the water dripped underneath the edge of the rock and manage to escape the pond liner (water can travel up a hill πŸ€”). Design 2 is a winner πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I lifted the rock (ok, I asked for help from my partner and we lifted the rock) and put the pond liner under it. The pump is solar powered and it pumps the water from the main pond up over the rock at the back of the filtration pond. More photo's to come once we've finished painting the bridge. πŸ˜€. #ThisWasAHugeLearningCurveForAllOfUs

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This is how we roll - fire pit = lunch cooked by the girls βœ” Baked Potato, avocado, home made relish and cheese.πŸ˜‹ #InvestigateExploreDiscover #NaturalLearning #HomeEd #Unschooled #OurHomeschooledDay #LearningAsWeGo #FireSafety #HowToCookLunch

The girls and I are painting our little bridge and as I know nothing about painting I went to Bunnings to ask for help. I'm thinking I got sent to the ladies section when buying our paint brushes πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
#YouCanDoIt #BunningsYouRock
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