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When emotion takes over has moved in, with @lifelikevino . What a beautiful home 💙👌😘

I'm getting ready to give this flower mandala away check back at 4 pst for details. It symbolizes beauty emerging from the waste. Adorned in the center with fluorite it is made from leftover laser-cut scraps. Check back soon to win this.

Today's #instatidechallenge is sharing a passion from my personal life, rather than my "art life". Well, when your passion IS your life, this is a great thing! So I found this photo of me doing what I love, in a place I love! // I was fortunate to go as a guest to the famous @rancholapuerta in Tecate, Baja, earlier this year. Aside from all the magic, self-care, exercise, spa treatments and delicious food...I spent my early mornings creating a little series of "Baja inspired" works on paper. I gave one to each of my fave staff and have 8 more. // Tomorrow, I'll be giving away one of these pieces to YOU! Because these things make me HAPPY: travel, Mexico, creating & giving away art!! ❤️🎨🌄🎉

Carry the Light of Awareness wherever you go this weekend! http://bit.ly/toteLightofawareness

✧ @laurafrede_art
• 'Storm Echo' #detail
• Medium: acrylic on canvas
• Artist: Laura Fog Frede
• Instagram: @laurafrede_art 🎨


Work in Progress. Cute panda 🐼. "Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world, it lives through magic."
#lovemyhome #artistlife #paintlikeachild #mickiwilde #panda #intutiveart #intuitiveartists #intuitivepainter #magical #whimsyart #pandaart

Working on some backgrounds today. "I love being alive and art is evidence of that.."-Jim Carrey #lovemyhome #artistlife #paintlikeachild #jimcarrey #intutiveart #angletontx #brazoriacountyartist #artistsofbrazoriacounty #intuitivehealer #intuitivepainter #lovewhatyoudo

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