Your gut will never LIE to you. It’s your magical power. Listen hard and listen close 💯 #Learn #Grow #FindThePositive #IntuitionKnowsBest

One major change for us this year was moving into a travel trailer. Six months into living in our “little home” I can honestly say this was the best choice we’ve made in years. Anthony and I labeled this year as a year of getting back to our roots. In other words we needed and wanted a year to reset and focus on what truly makes us feel alive and fulfilled. Living in our trailer has given us financial freedom to pursue the dreams we had left behind. Also, living out on land where we have room to roam makes us both feel so free. Especially giving that to our dogs was a huge deal for us! For the last three or so years we’ve struggled mentally as individuals and as a couple. Looking back we now realize why we ended up in the state of mind that we were in. We felt so stuck in every way possible. But I kept having an intuitive pull towards tiny home living. When we decided that living in a trailer was an option for us we weren’t totally sure about it because this isn’t what people normally do. I’ve only seen people do this while they build a home. We worried what would people think? Do we look lazy for not buying our own home? You know all the concerns that really don’t matter at the end of the day. Anthony’s parents were also extremely generous to give us an acre of land across from their home to put our little home on! But we also worried about how this would look to people. So we went back and forth on it. Then one day we happened to see on Craigslist the EXACT trailer we had imagined living in when we first came up with the idea. To me that’s a sign! Its RARE to find this kind of trailer used for sale. So we did save money buying it one year old compared to off the lot which was another sign to me that it was the right choice. And the people before us took amazing care of it. I just feel so lucky and so much gratitude for what has been given to us this year. Anthony and I say everyday how happy we are living here! I really wanted to remind anyone else out there worried about judgment to not let that stop you from doing what feels right to you. No matter what it is. We all have different paths for a reason. & when I say listen to your intuition I REALLY MEAN IT

Found an old throwback pic off of my brothers IG . My year of self-indulgence ...2018, this pic was taken somewhere @ 6 or 7 years ago at a Day family favorite ‘ Champa Thais’ in Kailua - blink of an eye that times flies by.... In honor of the selfie 🎥 #NeverDoubtYourself #IntuitionKnowsBest #AllThereIsToDoNowIsLove

For real. It is. Question is... are you brave enough to follow?? #jaimiemarie #newagebosslady #intuitionknowsbest

It’s Saturday & these are my plans! What about you, what do you have planned for this beautiful spring day? Whatever it is just make sure you stay hydrated, spend some time alone, love yourself & mind your business☺️💋💙

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No joke, folks.

I ain’t acting funny .. im just returning the same #vibes I’m receiving 🙏⭐️😊 #umatteruno #youmatteryouknow #trustyourvibe #intuitionknowsbest #spiritualgrowth #spiritualattitude #yourvibeiseverything #yourproblemnotmine

Follow your intuition. It never steers you wrong. 💖
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Your body knows best. Stop and listen. #truth #myfertilityjourney #shesgothope #intuitionknowsbest #builtingps

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