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Ahhhh when did my #cottonpuff turn into such a babe 😍 #manegoals #maneandtail

Happy Superbowl Sunday Everyone!
It's cold in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota where the Superbowl is taking place! Glad I am keeping toasty warm in Southern California today....
Here is an adorable look at 2016 Colt Renegade with his mama Autumn taken this past spring. Renegade is by Stallion Cocoa and is such a beautiful mix of both his Sire and Dam. Enjoy, keep warm and may the team you are rooting for be the Superbowl Champs! Make it a great day everyone!

This was a great day spent this past October 10th as Tiffany and I had been out hiking all day and saw lots of different Bands of horses. This was the end of the day when we decided to take a run out to the east side of the park to see if we could find Stallion Arrowhead who was now holding the majority of Blaze's mares. When we got there, we saw them up on the rim as they were just about to disappear out of site and into the bottom of the buttes when all of a sudden, they saw us and instead of running away from us, they turned and ran right towards and around us to get down wind to smell us. What a rush that is when that happens! Never did we expect we would even get to them this day as the sun was close to setting and the day almost over. We just stood still and let them get to where they were comfortable and then were able to get a look at all of them close enough to see they were all in great condition. Never a dull moment! Each and every encounter with these horses is indeed a privilege that we never take for granted! Hope you all enjoy seeing how happy and content this particular Band is, especially after losing their dear Stallion Blaze. Thanks everyone!

These two cuties will turn a year old soon and could possibly be available for adoption later this year. They are the fillies out of Mares River and Bella of Sidekick’s band. They were born days apart last March and almost immediately you could see the difference in their personalities. When I first saw Bella’s filly, she was three days old and stuck close to her mother’s side. When I first came across River’s filly, she was one day old and was running down the road to say hello to Thunder with River chasing after her! She has always been the more outgoing of the two fillies. Above are photos of the girls now and days old. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
With this post, I need to ask a small favor of you all as well. I would like to ask all who can to tag a friend in the comments who either owns a horse, would like to own a horse someday, or even just loves horses. The more people we share these horses with the better chance we have at finding someone who would be interested in adopting. The person you tag may not want a horse at this time but may know a potential adopter who does. If we reach even one person who would be interested in adopting this year than that is one more possible forever home for the horses we all love. Enjoy this look at these two darlings and please continue to help us in spreading the word about the upcoming adoptions. Thanks everyone!

Bachelor Boys Remington and Gunner #wildhorses

Ollie Jr keeping the ‘east side bachelors’ in line #wildhorses

The photo below is so representative of the beauty that walks these Badlands and calls it home! It is Mare Skipper and her 2017 Colt by Stallion Brutus. The Park is planning to remove around 50 horses this coming year and it is very possible this young Colt will be one of them and he will need the best home imaginable! Are you that person for him? If not, can you donate to the cause to help out someone who can? You might notice we have a donate button up on the page but I never solicit for donations. It might be time to do so as these 50 horses are going to need support on so many levels. I ask each of you to take a moment and really reflect on how you can help? It is my hope we can find enough homes and enough support to rise to that occasion and make sure each horse gets a great home and a soft landing! If you are interested in adding one of these horses to your family, send me a PM to this page or our Facebook page and we can talk about it. I will keep you posted in the days and weeks a head of what the Park intends and what we all can do to help.
Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued interest and support. Together we can move mountains so let's do all we can to find wonderful homes for these very deserving horses. Stay tuned for more to come! Thanks everyone!

Ein Pferd kann dir deine Knochen brechen, aber niemals dein Herz💞 (Nein bin nicht runtergefallen😅) #besthorse #riding #together #lovemyhorse #horseofinsta #intsahorse #horselover #love #shz #quarterhorse #tinker #natur #horse #horses #wiese #feld

Happy Monday! Today I want to talk about the importance of the Bachelor Band in a wild herd. Typically, the Stallion will ask a young Colt to leave around the age of two so there is no competition with another male. I've seen some leave younger than two as well as some leave older than two. Eventually, all young Colts will become Bachelors so they can go on to challenge to become Band Stallions themselves. The Bachelor Band is vital in a herd as when the young Colts, whom I like to call Baby Bachelors, are finally kicked out of their natal Bands, it is the older Bachelor Boys that will come along and pick up these youngsters, providing them security and teaching them along the way. Back in 2009, the Park removed all but about 6 of the Bachelors who were a little older and well established in different territories. Young yearling Colt Bandit, of Cocoa's Band, was obviously showing more interest in the ladies than Cocoa liked, so as a young yearling, he was asked to leave. Because the Bachelor Band had been greatly reduced, Bandit had a heck of a time as he just couldn't find a Bachelor to claim him. I often saw him trying to join up with other Bands just so he didn't have to be alone. He finally came across Coal, who was an older Bachelor at the time, and was able to be guided and schooled by the much more seasoned Stallion. This photo is of 2013 Colt Ranger and 2015 Colt Grady who managed to find one another and have been walking as best buddies since this past summer. It is reassuring knowing they have one another for now but we will celebrate the day one or both of them become Band Stallions themselves!

Hello everyone! Back in November I spent a quiet afternoon with Thunder and his band. The two young fillies in his band are still very close. You will often see them tagging along with colt Xander, out of Cowgirl, or off together exploring.
I remember the first time I saw both of these darling girls. The day Taylor’s filly was born, I was driving the loop road about to start my way out of the park. I happened to look to my left and at that very moment, Taylor and her new born mini me came up over a hill in the distance. I hit the brakes and literally yelled in my car, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I could not believe how adorable she was! I watched as Taylor and the band then came down to the wash near the road. They stayed for a short time giving us all a close up look at her beautiful little girl. The first time I saw Strawberry’s filly, who we call Copper’s Legacy, she was running down a hill next to Strawberry. Suddenly she starts kicking and flying all over the place. She was kicking so much I thought at one point she might fall over. She and Strawberry moved closer to the road and stood for a moment. I sat there laughing at her enthusiasm when all of the sudden, she turns and double barrel kicks Strawberry in the side. Strawberry didn't even flinch.
Both girls have their own little personalities and are a joy to watch. I added photos of the first time I saw these sweet girls for you all to see how they have changed. We have seen them close to the park boundary a lot this winter and they both are doing well. Thanks everyone!

2002 Band Stallion Copper #wildhorses

My 1,000th IG post and the honor goes to the newest TRNP resident - the new filly out of Mare Punkin. #wildhorses

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
I love when I finally have a chance to review all my photos from my most recent trip to the park. This is the time of year I make my I.D. books so am in my files every day. I ran across this photo and it just cracks me up that I actually caught Mare Chubby trotting...! It's a rare occasion as it seems she is very efficient at not burning calories. But...here is proof she is capable of actually moving out! Lol! Enjoy this where ever it is this post finds you. Thanks everyone!

Band Stallion Red Face and his lead Mare Frosty - a matching pair #wildhorses

Sometimes Daddy takes the lead!
We always hear that the lead Mare will usually take the lead in a Band while the Stallion takes up the rear. In most cases, it usually does go that way...but not always as seen in this photo. Here Stallion Brutus takes the lead with his Matriarch Mare Maddie tailing right behind him. There was no threat to them this particular day and daddy seemed to have his mind set on where he wanted his family to go. He and Maddie have been together for years so she doesn't question him, nor he her. This particular day, the two of them led the family to the water hole and the rest of the family fell in line and followed dutifully behind their leaders. Hope you are all having a great day where ever it is this post finds you! Enjoy!

2000 Band Stallion Cocoa - spending his 18th year wild and free #wildhorses

Mother and daughter fast asleep - Mare Autumn and her filly #wildhorses

The dynamics in this herd are always changing and one could lose their mind sometimes trying to keep up with it all! This picture isn't spectacular in any way other than it shows that one October 4th afternoon, Mare Tanker was found away from her Band of Half Moon and was now hanging out with Stallion Wildrye! I had to snap this photo quick as it was a 'now you see her, now you don't' kind of moment. It might not matter to any of you, but this is what I do out in this park... I record the ever changing dynamics. I am not out there in the capacity of a photographer but instead always watching what is going on in this herd first and foremost. I'm thrilled that every once in a while I manage to get a great shot that you all enjoy, but that is never my initial motivation. So, I found this rather boring shot rather interesting to see this strong Mare out of place and making her way to yet another Band. She is now back with Half Moon but what adventures this 17 year old Mare must have and half the time, we don't even know about it! I told her her secret was safe with me! Lol! By the way, she is the Grandma to the foal that I shared the other day as Punkin is her daughter. I hope she is looking after that little one now and keeping her wandering to a minimum! Hope you enjoyed this little diddy of information as much as I did!

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