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St. Charles Bridge from a trip to Prague about 3 years ago. The bridge was said to be constructed on July 9th 1357 at 5:31 AM. This creates a numerical palindrome that is on the East end of the Old Town Bridge Tower, because Medieval beliefs linked odd numbers to a magical power and thus arraigned them in such a way to show this pyramidal pattern of power. •135797531 • #prague #czechrepublic #intrestingfacts

New series started today!
#IntrestingFacts .
Hope , you will like this series. This will be very interesting and knowledgeable for you. comment your views below.

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Some interesting borders around the world 💟💟

А вы знали, что кошки любят, чтобы в доме были открыты все двери, поскольку не выносят замкнутое пространство?)
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🌍 Земля делает 1 оборот вокруг своей
оси за одни звездные сутки (т.е. 24часа ) 🌏
А Марина делает 24 оборота вокруг этого зеркала возле входа за 1 час 😂
Немного полезной информации о вращении Земли и Марины 😂😂
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Always find a way to solve nt an excuse #truefact #truesaying #quotes #intrestingfacts #epicwords


The remnants of a 2400 year old Bong that was discovered in Russia. Note the cone pieces! Scientific testing verified cannabis residue... Interesting huh?

#verovaliiline u proseku jedna krava dnevno popije količinu vode dovoljnu da se napuni kada za kupanje 🛀 To je u proseku  40-80 litara vode, a može biti i preko 100 litara u periodu najveće mlečnosti. 🐮🐮
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