Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈💦☀️

Today is a sad day. Today we put track pants on for the first time since May. Better get use to it ❄️☂️

NEW VLOG @gypsyswithamortgage link to full video in bio above ✌🏼

Check out our latest vlog to see some of the highlights from our days off here in Eğirdir ❤️ LINK TO FULL VIDEO IN BIO!
We’re almost ready to leave our workaway and go back to being gypsy backpackers. Next we will spend a few more weeks travelling through Turkey then Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and lots more!

Travel buds 👫❤️👊🏼 our next video is uploading now!! Keep your eyes peeled 😶

Travels buds 👫❤️👊🏼

We travelled to Kyoto in January and although it was cold the days were beautiful and clear. We’d love to go back and see this beauty covered in snow!!
📍 Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Japan

blue night sky a simple fulfilment of one’s wishes #skyglow #beachlife #whereinnegrosoccidental

Few things we’ve learnt about ourselves while travelling:
@kirstyfarrell - I laugh at the most inappropriate times like when Adam falls off his bike or vomits on himself. Basically just when things turn to shit... I can’t help it!!!
@adamhibbert - I’ve learnt to sit at the front of the bus 🤢 and the minimalist life is the best life.

Turkey sunsets 🧡 we’ve met so many people here in Eğirdir and gathered lots of insider tips for the rest of our Turkey travels. We’re starting to think 2 months here might not be long enough!!

Yazili Canyon, Turkey. Untouched beauty. Our next stop in Turkey is Cappadocia! Recommendations for where to stay?! It’s Kirsty’s birthday while we are there so we’re happy to splurge (abit haha)

Vietnam! Our first holiday together back in ‘13. On our first date we talked about 2 bucket list countries. Those, at the time, were Vietnam & Japan. Fast forward to today and we’ve travelled to both... plus a few more 😝

You don’t mind a 4 hour hike when you know this is at the bottom 😍 the most beautiful natural swimming hole.

One of our most treasured memories. Road trips to Lauterbrunnen, sleeping in the van, waterfalls & red wine. The minimalist life is definitely for us we had some cool yarns and lots of laughs on this road trip ❤️

Homesickness got me good today 😢 #homesick #5monthsaway #catchtwentytwo #downsidetotravel

Our youngest fan 😂😭 One of the main reasons we started vlogging - so we can send it home and share our travels with our family ❤️ If you missed it go and check out our latest vlog!! Link in our bio.

OUR FIRST VLOG!! Direct link to the full video in our bio. A quick intro, why we created this page and what you can expect on a weekly basis 😝 BE KIND, as you can tell we’re new to this 😂

Our next vlog is live!! 2 DAYS IN ISTANBUL! Check out what we got up to 😂
Direct link in our bio

OUR NEXT VLOG IS LIVE! Link to full video in bio: Volunteering abroad. Check out what we get up to, abit of a “day in a life”. We also bought a GoPro and Adam had a great time figuring out voice control 😂😂😂

PAMUKKALE VLOG IS LIVE! Link to full video in our bio. Check it out and give us some love 👍🏼 Also, GoPro gurus - what are we doing wrong with voice control 😂😂😂

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