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How beautiful is this dainty bumblebee necklace from @lily_rose_london? We love her cute little designs, they add just a hint of sparkle to any outfit ✨

ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN... 🍓You can put all the hours you want into training hard, but it’s what you put in your mouth that counts the most when it comes down to your abs.. Here ☝🏽 are my protein cookies(well they’re kinda like if a cookie & a flapjack had a bubba) made with 2 cups of @strippd_uk protein porridge mix, 1 egg, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp baking powder, splash of almond milk, 40g dark chocolate chopped up & 2 tsp nut butter. Optional - honey or 1/2 mashed banana to make it a little sweeter(just don’t include the almond milk) 👉🏽 blend, roll into balls and squish into cookie shapes, bake at 175 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Drizzle in dark choc. Enjoy as an IDEAL post workout snack. The high GI carb content means they will restore glycogen stores(your energy) so you can go on & enjoy the rest of your day 🙌 #workoutwednesday #humpday #flowingfoodie

⚠️Destination reveal ⚠️: My next area of travel is....... BERLIN! Woo Germany here I come! 😍❤️ Also thanks to @ballieballerson for having me and my friends on our last night in London. It’s a must go to if you visit #ballpit 💞💗💓 @intoapp #london #england #germany #berlin #travels #travel #love #best #travelling #traveller #vlogs #vlogging #ballieballerson #toomuchfun #intoapp

55 mins under 70 degrees FAR Infrared Sweat Drainage is more than like running in a marathon! Weeeeeeeeewwwww 💦 thanks @shapehouse ☄️ burning calories easily while wrapped like a burrito in a comfy bed and having a ion h2o on the side with a series or movies you want to watch are awesomenessss ❤️ highly recommended 👌 . 👉check out my insta stories...
#healthylifestyle #modelslife #modelifestyle #modelperks

Positives about the cold weather? ❄️ Cute jackets from @fashionnova @fashionnovacurve and brunches with friends chatting away in cosy cafes! Thanks for having us @lepetitprincearmadale @intoapp 🍴☕️🍰

Starting my Tuesday with eggs, broccoli fritter, red cabbage kraut, hummus and rocket 👌 Anyone still feeling half asleep from the weekend?! Well I’m hoping this fuel will help 🙈 fritters are a GREAT sub for bread, they feel a little carby, but actually it’s just broccoli rice, ground almonds, coconut flour, egg and seasoning, so all the fats and nutrients needed to give me that spring in my step 💃🏻 HAPPY TUESDAY! #breakfast #flowingfoodie

Love the space of @thecartersydney 😍 Ironically I went to drink this wine and realised I didn’t want to be affected by alcohol as I was powering through some super important work; so instead just enjoyed the delicious food which was cauliflower tacos and whole baked fish 🤤 thanks for having me 💖 and thank you @intoapp for connecting us 💫 #intoapp #oliviaarezzolo #thecartersydney

GRATITUDE 🌙 Ending my Monday with a feeling of gratitude.. everyone always says ‘do what you love & you’ll never work a day in your life’ and in all honesty I always thought mmmmm yeah sure... but I think I’ve had that penny drop moment of gratitude from truly loving what I do & never really feeling like I work at all 🙈 if you take that jump of faith to follow your heart & embrace a job that makes you feel grateful for doing it, then you know you’ve got a job for life ❤️ #monday #flowingfoodie

Never stop in believing yourself 🙌🏻 #lastexit #intoapp #prisma🔼

SENSOR ALERT... It’s blurry because it’s too hot to handle, definitely not because I’m really bad with technical things & the camera wasn’t in focus 🤦🏽‍♀️ This morning wiggle was filmed before I pulled my hamstring last week & my body was feeling strong & flexible & EVERYTHING I WANTED! These wiggles aren’t happening quite so much right now whilst I’m trying to be sensible in recovery mode, but my classes are still as sassy! Happy Monday! #monday #flowingfoodie #feelingsassy

INTO does the Billboard Awards! #intoapp #bbmas

Bonjour NewYork ☀️ I’m loving my Tan 💜 Lets kickOff this SunDay 💋

🌱☕️ Wearing only curls, crops and coffee cups... @admiralchengho @intoapp @giant_mgmt #admiralchengho #intoapp #giantmgmt 🍏🍌🍒🍉🍑🍆🍐🍇🥑🍊🥦🍓🍋

Dreaming of warmer days 💭💦 In loooove with this one piece 👙 by @smugglettes @budgysmuggler @intoapp

Had a great night sharing some ribs and sweet potato fries with @suzie_stevens @danielarose930 ! I had the chicken lettuce wrap for my main at @ribsandburgers! So lucky to have these two gorgeous girls in my life ❤️❤️ Coat from @rebelwilsonxangels
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Dank der @intoapp muss ich nicht mehr einkaufen gehen🌸 all my love for ya❤️ #thanksforthefood #intoapp #sponsored #pokebowl #healthyfood #detoxing #support #downtoearth

Loved tonight’s Cardio Killer class @bloklondon 💪🏼👌🏼 •⠀⠀

•⠀⠀ #cardiokiller #cardio #bloklondon #blok #love #fitness #yoga #barre #intoapp #stretch #shoreditch #fitness #fitspo #ellesse #nike

MENTAL SWITCH 🐯 This transformation Tuesday I’m thinking a little more about the mental transformation I’ve made. As it’s #mentalhealthawareness week I wanted to help raise awareness of the just how goddamn common mental health issues are. Some people can put up amazing fronts to hide their feelings, make themselves appear the strongest of strong, when deep down they’re really struggling. I’ve tackled with depression in the past, I’m not ashamed of it, I was dealing with a lot of stress, change and uncertainty in my life which lead to depression. Now a few years have past without a relapse and it’s safe to say for me I know how to look after my mental health. A careful balance of a good diet(this is WAY more important than people think), regular exercise(and not just in a gym, actually getting out and having fresh air), doing things that make me happy(so whether thats hitting the mat for a wiggle, or heading out of London for some of that beautiful British seaside), surrounding myself with people that bring the best out of me, encourage me to do what I want to do, and love me for all my quirkiness and lastly, probably most importantly, making time for myself. If you’re someone who’s prone to depression, don’t be ashamed, reach out to others for help, and learn what works for you to be truly happy. It’s corny as hell, but we have one life, I want to live it the happiest way I can!! And yes this does include in leopard print leggings ❤️ #transformationtuesday #flowingfoodie #tigress

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