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Polaroid’s 📷

Polaroid’s 📷

Let’s get lost in a world made of books, coffee and rainy days. 📚☕️🌧 @steamyard @nickpears_steamyard @intoapp 🌹 #2009 #intoapp

Wish someone did my hair like this everyday.
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What amazing clients over the last 2 days!
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Yeeey had so much fun at the into lounge today @intoapp @intoappldn
I got my nails done, got some braids and a facial. - can life get better? + I could try on some cool boots from @justfabeu #thebootstory
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Is your man’s skin affecting his confidence? Men are often guilty of neglecting their skin, which can catch up to their appearance when they hit their late 20’s and cause premature ageing. Sun spots, hyperpigmentation, redness, skin dryness and irritation are common skin concerns that can be easy prevented or treated with some TLC.

Here are 3 of our best #SkinTips for men:

1. Don't over-exfoliate - If you shave your face, you're taking a layer of dead skin cells off your face every day. These dead cells actually have a purpose: they protect the underneath skin & hold in moisture. If a beard isn't on the cards, then you can compensate for the shaving process by using a pre-shave oil or similar product to prevent stripping the skin

2. SPF (always!) - yep, the sun doesn't play favourites. UV rays are always present, even when the weather is gloomy, so don't skip the sunscreen.
3. Clean shaving tools - every time you use a beard trimmer or razor, you're picking up oil & dead skin, so if you don't clean it afterwards it can become rife with bacteria & can even cause infections.

Implementing a basic skincare routine with SPF, and a regular facial can make a world of difference to your man’s skin, so why not treat him to a pamper session so he can look & feel his very best!

PM us on Facebook or call (02) 9327 5033 to book.

How gorgeous are these boots from @justfabeu 😍 Thank you for a great time @intoapp #lfw influencer lounge ❤️ #thebootstory #justfab #intoapp #london

Needed that 🥃 thanks @corazon_uk 💗 @intoapp

Big up today at INTO’s lounge and the first facial of ma lyf. I’m so smooth rn 👀. Day 1 at the INTO Fashion Week Lounge is a wrap, bring on day 2 tomorrow. If you know you know @intoapp @thehospitalclub 🤘🏾 #lfw #intoapp #londonfashionweek

it was hard to choose ‘cause they are ALL amazing but here we are !

#intoapp #justfab #LFW #fashionweek

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