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Anyone would think @harryjudd has been up doing the night shift!
Having said that I should say that Harry is actually a domestic god and has been cleaning, cooking and doing all the washing since we came home from hospital..... Let alone being an awesome dadda to Lola & Kit! 🌟I love that we're a team, would be lost without him 🙌 (day 5 and the emotions are flooding in) #inthistogether #wingingit #teamjudd

Dedicating my semi final tomorrow to all the families and people affected by cancer.... Keep fighting! ❤

#CancerAwareness #Fighters #Survivors #Families #KeepFighting #BeStrong #WeAreOne #InThisTogether #EarlyDetection #BreastCancer #ColonCancer #RaiseAwareness #Cancer

Beautiful morning here in downtown Santa Barbara. Thank you to every single person fighting this fire, especially these guys from Healdsburg. We are so grateful. ✋🏼🤚🏼#thomasfire #healdsburgsfinest #california #inthistogether

💥After my 7 game changing steps to boost confidence, here are my new tips on ... need I say the topic out loud 💁🏻‍♀️😎?? Head to my Youtube channel. Subscribe to see why everyone is watching this channel.
Also tell me what has been your biggest struggle with confidence. You have to give me more ideas for videos. 🙌Happy Thursday peeps💋📸 keep blushing! #youtubers #beyourownboss #inthistogether #selfimprovement #confidence #videoedits

I'm really beginning to love hand-building. I have always been more comfortable on the wheel and typically frustrated by slab work. But since Ryan has come on board it has forced me to improve on other techniques in the studio. 👫
#stillsomuchtolearn #lifelongjourney #inthistogether #softslab #handbuilt #mugshot #canadianceramics #shed2017

Last night was such a beautiful evening of much laughter, food, games, mayhem and celebration with our incredible team. Several years ago I felt to change the staff party to involve the whole family. With our VIPs being each team members kids. With the main hall converted to a play zone with bouncy castles, movies, indoor games, treasure hunts and presents. I wanted to let them know how much we value how they as a family serve Gods family. I had the best conversations at the end of the night with kids from the ages of 4 to 14 who expressed how much fun they had in church and how they loved their parents being on staff. Serving for sure costs, it costs time, energy, commitment and investment but when we serve Gods house I believe he doubly wants to bless our own homes. So thankful for a team who work hard and play hard. For the way friends become family and colleagues have become such a beautiful community. This year has been an incredibly busy one and I can’t express enough how grateful we are for their huge hearts and crazy talent that the team have surrendered daily to get the job done. I have a feeling 2018 is going to be quite the adventure but for now we pray over the Christmas break rest and refreshing on the team who really are a complete dream. #gratefulpastor #inthistogether #bestteam #party4👊🏻

Devastation doesn’t discriminate by age! When Anthony lost his mother unexpectedly in his early twenties, he didn’t know how to handle it and resorted to painkillers. He spent over two years of his life in a dark place. Eventually, Anthony found his way through the Red Doors of the Mission, and this year, he has renewed hope for the holiday season – and his future!
“Thanks to your compassion, I have been delivered from my addiction,” Anthony says. “I don’t have a desire to be in that dark place, and I’m looking forward to celebrating the holidays and giving back to the community.”
We’re so grateful that your generosity was there to give Anthony a new beginning and clear path toward his very bright future. Thank you!
#TransformationTuesday #InThisTogether #MyBowery


My Pistons finally got back into the winning spirit with me in the stands! #inthistogether #detroitbasketball #hardlyhomebutalwaysreppin #nba #goodvibesonly

Babes I get it, comparison is real and it can be so hard not to get sucked into the “what’s she doing that I’m not doing!?” when you see someone killing it. 🖤👯‍♀️
Rather than putting shitty vibes out to another female, which doesn’t do either of you any good, put out vibes that lift you both up. It’s ok the reflect and even ask her advice but not ok to take her success as a slap in the face. And really, ask yourself if you’re working as hard as she is - chances are she’s killing it because she’s fucking working for it. Guess what - you can too🖤👯‍♀️
We’ve been brought up in a society that tries to devalue females or make us less than - “yeah she’s hot but she’s a slut” or “who cares that she’s beautiful, she’s stupid” kind of bull shit. :::
Stop that female shaming and embrace her as a human, a female, and a babe. Let’s see what the ripple effect is like. 🖤🤘🏽👯‍♀️🙋🏽😘
#embraceher #inthistogether #female #fem #femsociety #boss #babe #bizbabe #girlboss #kc #kansascity #entrpreneur

Fast fact: since we have been together, at least one of us has been in a full time masters while we were both working full time. We have never just worked and come home. To be honest, I don’t know that we ever will. We both have the need to serve the world deep inside our souls.
For now though, this dude gets to take weekend off. After 4.5 years of working every weekend and late weeknights, he has freedom. Freedom to work on passion projects. Freedom to travel, to binge watch a series on Netflix. We have dreamed about what this next chapter would look like, and I can’t believe it’s beginning. .
I have some big goals for ways I want to serve you with all the free content and help grow your village. This guy, my behind the scenes dude, now has the freedom to help me reach those goals. Stay tuned for big announcements coming in the New Year. We are only getting started. Double tap and tag your behind the scenes person who keeps you chasing the next goal!

"Big part of how I feel each day is people see me at my worst. Everyone deserves to have people see them at their best.” - Guest of The Bowery Mission
Thank you to our #NewYorkNeighbors @harrys and @go.deed for recently providing free haircuts and shaves to some of our guests and clients at the Mission!
#InThisTogether #FlashbackFriday

The 1319 Slim Vertical Bar Necklace (as pictured) was my pinnacle first release for my MS inspired brand!!! I wanted something simple and versatile that could be worn every day! This stunning piece, as well as ALL Thirteen Nineteen pieces, truly compliment ANY look and style! 🧡 Go take a peek at my Etsy shop! Thirteennineteen.etsy.com (link is in my insta bio) ☺️ #thirteennineteen #1319 #msgirls #msgirl #inthistogether #spooniesunite #spooniemom #multiplesclerosiswarrior

Please check out this great organization spreading positivity and love through random acts of kindness!! @_1aweek

Always shed your light, you never know how much someone takes from it. #bekindalways#inthistogether

The mountain view from our new neighborhood!! Hawaii has such rich culture and so much history. The Ohana spirit is strong here and I couldn’t be happier. The move from the east coast of the U.S. to the far west has been stressful but we have conquered each hurdle together, as an Ohana! I have so much gratitude and appreciation for God, who had His hand in every single step of our journey. He walked beside us just as He promised He always would. It’s scary taking that first big step but you and I are not alone. He is always with us and always for us. Do you find yourself hesitating to take that first step? What’s holding you back? How can I help you to take that leap of faith? #inthistogether #havefaith #god #hawaii

#TeamDestiny is growing🙌. Special thanks are in order to my Newest Loyal Customer! I am SO ecstatic to start the Detox Challenge together😘. Can't wait to hear about and/or see your progress. Glad I am able to be apart of your fitness journey.
#MyLoyals #WaistAway #DetoxChallenge #Detoxify #Alkalize #Energize #GutHealth #LoveYourGut #Digestion #NewYearNewYou #HealthyDigestion #AllNatural #Midsection #Snatched #IssaSnack #Snack #SLAY #Snapback #Weightlossjourney #Weightloss #InThisTogether #Waistline #WaistGang

Seriously, WE JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!! Last night we talked about the 5 gifts our kids actually “need” from us this Christmas on Facebook Live. It was a hilarious, hopeful and delightful conversation. You are such WONDERFUL people to do life with. Thanks for letting us into a bit of your lives - the messy and lovely of marriage and raising kids.
We’re celebrating the end of Season 2 of the #INTHISTOGETHER podcast! We’ll be taking a break for a bit, so you can catch up on Seasons 1 & 2 before Season 3 begins in 2018. (And get excited for the new changes coming in Season 3 😍)
And just thanks for being you. The world can feel heavy, life can feel hard, but Y’ALL are the bright and lovely. ❤️ Keep being BRIGHT & LOVELY. #inthistogetherpodcast #226parenting @226parenting

*reposted because I want to be as transparent as possible, all angles lol* Both are me, the woman on the left was my body just 2 months back, I was tired of hating my myself, tired of being at the gym for 1 to 2 hours to see little to no improvement and I was tired of loosing hope but the woman on the right ( that photo taken this morning) well she has found that hope. How? With a support team, with 30 to an hour at home workouts and the tools to succeed. I no longer hate my body. These are my honest results after just 2 challanges with my team* If your ready to see your body change, it can. I'm enrolling for 2 new challanges now. Let's do this together! It's as simple as a DM or comment to start
*I started my program, much after the photo was taken... I wish my hair grew that fast lol* #newyearnewme #heathandwellness #healthcoach #sanjose #caligirl #baylife #womenempowerment #yougotthis #healing #whoruntheworld #depression #survivor#womensupportwomen #happyandhealthy #youcandothis #inthistogether #challengeyourself #jlobooty #fitnessgroup #jointhetribe #2018 #nomoreexcuses #408 #wellnessjourney #realnotperfect #startnow #believeinyouself #fitnessjourney #firststep#notalone

This is why our mindset makes our reality . This is why we receive what we think about . We attract who we are . We receive what we put out . Why others affect our mood . Why we feel people’s energy . Why we know there’s something bigger than us . It’s all connected . We’re all made of the same stuff from the same creator . We need each other and this is why we have such a huge influence on others .
Whatever you want to see in the universe , do it for yourself first and the rest will automatically happen . Love yourself and become your highest - self and that’s how we can change the world . -
That’s why I always say , love yourself first to love others .

#pasaypups is a #charity that is so close to my heart.
The absolute hero that runs it travels to a poverty stricken area in Manila every weekend before sunrise to provide seriously needed medical care, food, water, exercise, shelter and love to the animals that have been either dumped or are ‘owned’ by residents there. Ive personally seen this woman pull 100’s of ticks, 1 by 1 off puppies that are so covered in them you can barely see their eyes, carry dogs to the hospital that are so stricken with mange that their skin is literally falling off, follow animals that have been dumped and are terrified, running into main roads until she catches them. I could go on and on but with everything Ive seen her do I could write a novel, and i was only there for 2 months!
She leads by example and makes sure that the local community learn about their animals and how best to coexist.
Every #christmas she hosts an event focused on the children of Pasay. The families that live behind Pasay bus station reside in self made shacks and rummage through rubbish daily. There are more impoverished kids that live in the grave yard that lies even further into this forgotten corner. They use dug out graves for shelter and run around with serious wounds and barely any clothing. Ashley fundraises every year to hold a Christmas party and give each child a pack including •basic medical supplies •food •bedding •school supplies •clothing •toys
The residents of Pasay are devout catholics and Ashley’s efforts to make Christmas just that much more special for them is truly appreciated in a place that would otherwise have nothing. Ashleys weekly runs and events are solely reliant on donations.
It’s once in a lifetime that you meet someone that inspires you beyond words because of her (boardering on insane) determination to make this world a better place. She is the most whole heartedly selfless person I will ever meet. If it seems like I am creepily in love with her. I am. #sorrynotsorry
The oppitimy of #humangoals
It is so easy to make another beings life just a little bit easier. To donate see link in the comments ⬇️
#howtohuman #inthistogether #oneworld #smallcharities #everylifematters

Check out our latest blog post at fitb studio.com/blog titled “How To Make The Most Out of The Photography Equipment You Own“
Gear Acquirement Syndrome is real, and can cripple your business. So don't get caught up in debt or with a piece of equipment that’s cool but will collect dust. Go to our blog instead and get inspired on how to make the most out of what you have!

It’s...about...to go...DOWN!! Oh yes!! 🎉🎉🎉 Yesterday a brand new program was released and 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 are just a few results from the test group... 👀👀👀 So you know why that’s SOOO exciting for ME?!? Cuz it’s time to get prepped for the next chapter...80 days of continuing my shift from the inside out!
Heres the the deal...I’ve NEVER committed to FINISHING a program longer than 60 days so I’m looking for some more accountability partners that wanna get some UHhhhmazing results and make this shift WITH me! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Don’t worry, the official START date will be AFTER the holidays so lose that excuse NOW and let’s plan this! Invest in YOU and commit to living a happier healthier lifestyle!! 🤗🤗 So...who’s IN?! 🙋🏽🙋🏽🙋🏽 And bonus...I have some goodies to send to the first 3 new peeps that join me! 🎁🎁🎁 LETS DO THIS!
#timetogetobsessed #nextchapter #watchorjoin #yourchoice #healthychoices #fitmom #nofinishline #bootygainscomingsoon #buttsandguts #youcan #noexcuses #inthistogether #getexcited

When you think you are alone... and an outsider... @ladygaga asks you to hold up your light if you feel that way, and you are reminded you are not alone, you're not an outsider.
#edgeofglory #ladygaga #inthistogether #notalone #utah #JoanneWorldTourSLC #twinklinglights🌟 #yourenotalone #alloutsiders #littlemonsters

Better late than never, here is PD's quote from his message on Wed. as he closed out the series "The Year Ain't Over Yet" #kraveym #inthistogether #iKRAVE #attitudeiseverything

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