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I want one of these 😍

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The Beat Factory ⚡️
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In studio for my first PBS TV special! Check out live footage from the studio on our NutritionFacts.org youtube channel: http://bit.ly/2sjHG7n
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A couple of our Limited Edition colors - getting ready to wing their way to new homes and complete their transformation from minerals into paint, from paint into paintings.
We want to offer our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended this weekend's individual pan shop update, announced solely through our June email newsletter. It was amazing how quickly the paints disappeared from our shop. With every order we are humbled and honored.

I know that many of you came away from the update empty-handed, there just weren't quite enough of some colors to go around. Worry not - we already have fresh batches on the slab - the studio is raging. You'll have another chance at each of those colors again next month, once the fresh batches are dry, cured, and ready.
As always, we endlessly appreciate your patience, persistence, positivity, and humor. We make each color in small batches, slowly and carefully by hand, the traditional way. Ours is a slow, labor-intensive craft that we have spent years refining - we are as passionate about the work as we are about the research. We hope you enjoy painting with our colors as much as we enjoy making them for you ❤️.
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New Muse Ring model wondering when she will be crowned with a gemstone, and what type...🤔🔮💎✨#luxurywithaface #muse #musering #inthestudio #gemstones #freeformopal

"I love when people love me. When they don't, i don't give a fuck"
Produced by. @jsakathebest. The making of 2Pacalypse Now from the new project "The Rose That Grew From Concrete" available everywhere to buy/stream. Link in bio



Weavers often work in close family structures where ancient skills are passed from generation to generation and there is a great pride in the work, the fiber and the rich history surrounding even the most simple cotton fabric.
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s t u d i o || what's black + white + luxe all over? my @cosingerinabox business cards. #tietheknotwithcosinger 📷: @brittcosinger

Tip of the day ❗️Stutter Edit is an amazing plugin from iZotope! Stutter Edit is easy to use and a "must-have" tool for electronic musicians! 🔝

How is it Thursday already?! This baby is really kicking my bum in the exhaustion stakes right now, who knew it took so much energy to grow a tiny human... so hit me up with any suggestions for a boost?! Smoothie recipes, upbeat tunes or just shout at me loudly to GET GOING!... something's gotta work right?! #100dayproject #100daysofmyworkinprogress

A switch from colour to black and white. I love this de-saturated look on St Paul's 😊

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