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holiday mode.. staying warm (and in shape) in @mpgsport || 📷 @liorsack #mpgsport #lifeinmotion #inthestudio #kathrynboren

Ask @remixraf any questions you have about his studio ✨
Comment below and @remixraf will answer your questions! ✍️

What an amazing last 11 days touring, culminating in a short but intense studio session. This trio is really special entity and I hope to be able to share the music that we captured today with you.
Special thanks to @big.orange.sheep studios, Mike Perez, Alex Haley, @vieffertje , and of course very special thanks to the members of the trio whom I’ve been so fortunate to share the bandstand with : @nitaihershkovits and @orbareket
Here I am teaching the guys a new song on the guitar.
#jazzdrums #inthestudio #newyorkjazz #checkoutthiskillingguitarchord
#Brooklynrecording #newrecord #drummer

MARBLE MACHINE by #MartinMolin aka #Wintergatan (@Wintergatan2000 | 2016, 2,000 Marbles, 3,000 Parts)

This engineering musical wonder is Marble Machine the First. Currently Martin and his newly founded team are working on an upgraded successor known as Marble Machine X. Follow the progression of its creation every Wednesday over at Wintergatan's YouTube page.


🎨BY @omario2d
"let's just... skip class?"⠀
Have you ever skipped class?⠀
If you have, what did you do instead?⠀⠀⠀⠀
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#Repost @jessicakenyonstudio
Recently, someone asked me how I define beauty. I’m not a philosopher or a writer. I tend to feel and create more than I verbally articulate. But, I felt his question was valuable for me to think about because I’m an artist.
I feel it’s important to start by making a distinction between beauty and glamour. Glamour, to me, is a pretty face in a magazine. Glamour may catch your eye, but it doesn’t offer much more. It’s fleeting, and in a year you won’t remember glamour because it had no impact whatsoever on your soul. Beauty, in contrast, is what we draw on for motivation and inspiration. When we are in pain, it’s what we focus on so that we can keep moving forward. It’s what we settle into on good days. Beauty is more thought provoking and it stays with you. It has a kind of soulful permanence and memory. And, for this reason it has lasting value because it impacts us on a deeper level. For many people you might equate beauty with more spiritual or philosophical pursuits. I’m still reflecting on this. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤔How do you guys define beauty?


Subtlety can go a long way in website design.

We’re pleased to announce that Evermore have been selected to showcase at ‘Bridal Next’ at the @mostcuriouswedfair, March 2018. Expect candle favours, custom designs, confetti, table candles and wedding scent services 🌸 🌹🌸🌹🌸🌹#mostcuriousweddingfair #modernbride #weddingfair #bridalinspiration #brides2018

Still rocking that wooden bowtie.

Good Morning! This video is why I will never ever ever ever again have a studio without a window! I was several months in Sarm with Dido last year and apart from working with a monumental artist. The studio was a windowless cave. I’m not Gollum! I’m an Artist! I need epic inspiration when playing epic parts in as this video demonstrates. Have a great day! www.ryanlouder.com
#studiolife #musicproducer #dido #newmusic #studio #inthestudio #lookingforsinger #artist

@glitchmachines offers final sale of the year happening now!
Save 40% now through Nov. 27
Code: GLTCH40
#electronicmusic #electronicmusician #electronicmusicproducer

Mother nature with a bit of help...💙(installation by Andy Goldsworthy).

Late night in the studio: Peeling and rolling triple layer green paint skin. Giant rolls are approx 3.75 to 4.5 gallons of paint each. Timelapse video includes me as is the custom wrestling with an 8’ long sheet of paint.
Current Score: Artist: 3👍
Sticky sheets of paint: 0 .👎
Yep this is the never ending factory mode when creating enough paint fabric to utilized in larger scale artwork takes weeks. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned. .

🎥 my friend: nicole
-------------------------------------------------sorry for the lack of posting this week! been busy finishing up school work and catching up with friends :) starting a new video project called the "my friend:___" series, which will basically just be video portraits of my friends. This is something just for fun, it would help me experiment more with premiere pro too! Link in bio☝️☝️ #premierepro #adobe #premiere #portrait #video #videoportrait #dive #edsheeran

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