Equinox 🍂 Today the sun crosses the equator and everywhere on earth night and day are equal. May we all use this time to create more balance and harmony within--as the saying goes as within so without, as above so below--and equality for all beings on this beautiful planet. So grateful for this change of seasons, happy fall everyone!

Adelé purse 🕶

Ten days of inner and outer silence. Networks are totally out of reach, cellphone has got no connection at all. Miles and miles you go and meet nobody on your way, no people nor cars...
So I've spent my time simply hanging out there, hiking by the sandy and mossy forest trails across the river, the woods, the lakes and the swamps. And, hell yeah, I was running there in the evenings, mostly everyday. What a pleasure to run here alone across the lakeside among the pines by these soft sandy trails with no single bit of damned asphalt under your feet, not worrying about what is going on behind your back, to breath that fresh wet air scented with swamp ledum, pine resin, lake's water... God knows, I hate to boast with the running activities here, cause who gives a shit on this, but as Walt Whitman said: if you done it, ain't braggin... Well then, I ran 85 km in 9 days and also got my second half-marathon distance here. I'd rather say: In the pines, in the pines where the sun has always shone I was running the whole week through...
I wouldn't do that without a warm hospitality of one lovely family, who care for me so much. Without their help and care of me I'd fall off my feet just like hunted horse.
Yes I get by with a little help from my friends!
#pines #inthepines #lake #lakemirror #sunset #run #running #intothewoods #intothewild #runwild #forestrun #withmyhomies

Knolls lake Arizona up on the mogollon rim. #campingarizona #fishingarizona #trout #inthepines

Mogollon rim Arizona. Rough road lost a #Bronco emblem somewhere down that dirt road. Had a muffler clamp break. No big deal. No phone calls, No text messages, No fakebook, just the dog, me and the bears. #1966 #ford #bronco #U13 #roadster #campingarizona #knolllake #inthepines #mogollonrim

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