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Prints of these oils pieces are now live in my shop (link in bio) ⚡️⚡️ANNOUNCEMENT: HOLY SHIT I REACHED 1000 SALES!!! EVERYTHING IN MY SHOP IS 20% OFF!!!! NO COUPON NEEDED!! Thank you all so much for your unending support, you've helped me to grow and thrive as an artist. I never saw myself mailing so many pieces to so many people all over the world, your support really intensely appreciated, and I look forward to bringing you more weird shit. THANK YOU ALL!!! 🖤🖤🖤 (link in bio, sale ends in October)

Ghupjang #intestines

Malem2 pengen nasduk da best on planet earth 😵
Tau kan maksudnya? klo gtw cekidot postingan saya sebelumnya 😜
Nasi uduk yang pulen dan gurih plus lauk yg bisa kalian pilih sesuka hati dari ayam, cumi, kerang, paru, usus, telur muda dan banyak lagi.. ampe ngiler mbayanginnya 🤤
Yg dah pada cobain Nasduk Kota Intan, ceritain donk pengalaman kalian 😁
📸 Lauk
📍Nasi Uduk Kota Intan
Jl KH Samanhudi (depan gereja)
Jakarta Pusat
#nasi #nasiuduk #nasiudukjakarta #savory #kulinerjakarta #nasiudukkotaintan #telor #telormuda #paru #usus #ususayam #intestines #ayam #chicken #ayamgoreng #ampela #enak #fujifilmxt20 #terfujilah #nomnom #delicious #yummy

Chicken herats (intestines) with curcuma, tomato paste, Salt & Pepper 👌
دل مرغ با پیاز،زردچوبه، رب، نمک و فلفل. ما بهش میگیم "دو پیازه ی دل". با کته خوشمزه هست 😊🐔🐓💙💙
#chicken #hearts #intestines

Intestine lover 🙋🏻 finally found this gem after walking around in circles. #육대곱 #intestines #korea #홍대맛집

I challenge you to watch this with a straight face while eating spaghetti! 🍝
Here we see the removal of intestinal worms and parasites from a bodybuilder's colon!
Parasitic intestinal infection can lead to significant morbidity and mortality if not recognized and treated appropriately. Although it's most common in developing countries, increasing worldwide travel will increase the numbers of cases diagnosed within the United States.
Ascariasis is the most common helminthic infection worldwide. Ascaris lumbricoides is the largest of the roundworms that infect humans, growing as long as 35 cm, and it may live for up to 2 years in the small intestine!
Every day, a female worm will produce about 200,000 eggs, which are fertilized by nearby male worms. Fertilized eggs may then cause infection through ingestion and hatching in the small intestine. Second-stage larvae pass through the intestinal wall and migrate through the portal system to the liver and lungs. Larvae may be expectorated and then swallowed into the digestive tract, where they mature into adults. Adults worms will feed on digestive products, which can lead to protein, calorie, or vitamin A deficiency in children at risk for malnutrition.
Although most infected individuals are asymptomatic, patients may develop growth retardation, pneumonitis, pneumonia, eosinophilia, intestinal or pancreatic obstruction, and hepatobiliary injury. Anthelminthic medications (drugs that fight off the parasitic worms) are the drugs of choice for treatment of Ascaris infections. Infections are generally treated for 1-3 days. Preventative measures include: Wash, peel, or cook all raw vegetables and fruits before eating, particularly those that have been grown in soil that has been fertilized with manure.
If you or a loved one feel like they may be experiencing these symptoms please ask us and contact your primary healthcare physician to prevent further complications. Stay healthy and stay thirsty my friends! 🤓

Diverticulosis is a condition that develops when pouches (diverticula) form in the wall of the colon. These pouches are usually very small (5 to 10 millimeters) in diameter but can be larger.

In diverticulosis, the pouches in the colon wall usually do not cause symptoms. Diverticulosis may not be discovered unless symptoms occur, such as in painful diverticular disease or in diverticulitis. As many as 80 out of 100 people who have diverticulosis never get diverticulitis. In many cases, diverticulosis is discovered only when tests are done to find the cause of a different medical problem or during a screening exam.

Have never been this scared at a trade show before. #ess2017 #bluelight #fx #emergencyservices #intestines

"Shred" been years since I touched a can....so why not now in LA ❤🎨 #pink #intestines #graffiti @chapiess #girlskater


Isaw - a street food in the Philippines made from barbecued chicken intestines.🍭
#cRAEvings #isaw #barbecue #chicken #intestines #chickenintestine #tiendesitas #aysee #filipinofood #pinoyfood #filipino #philippines #streetfood


There Will Be Intestines Made of Clay.

Here's a #tbt of a wendigo drawing a did a long time ago. I'm excited for Halloween, it's just around the corner.
#art #drawing #sketch #sketchbook #pencil #pencildrawing #paint #acrylicpaint #pen #ink #wendigo #cryptid #skull #deerskull #blood #intestines #antlers #scary #gore #halloween #acrylicdonkey

A close-up work in progress shot on a graffiti piece from earlier today. Came very close to finishing it but was 3 cans too short 😑

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