Lets see, people say we're all human so we should stick together and be one, well according to nature we're the only species who thinks that makes any fukkn sense, why do penguins, eagles, falcons, owls, blue birds, ravens, etc all stay with their own kind and don't be all together even though their all BIRDS, because unlike us in some departments animals have more common sense, they know their different and aren't the same, there will never be complete unison amongst humans because we're all different and its only coon ass brothers and sisters and american brainwashed whites who think that we should come together, whites aka Edom will never be 100% for every race their sneaky sly bastards.... They might have a dabble of genuinely good ones here and there but primarily fukk em, u not gone jump in a box full of snakes jus cuz 3 of em gonna protect you so shut the hell up, Whites are a colonizing barbaric oppurtunistic race of people who will b put in their place once this earth is replenished and the elect 144k and 1/3 are in the kingdom and the 1000k yr earthly reign of The Most High, father of the real children of Israel, the NEGROS AND NEGROS ONLY, is established....... repent of your sins and come back to the laws .. ..
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First wedding of the season comes like a rushing wind 💨 #marriedbyrevroxy
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