The One About Building & Filling A Sandbox [Short Film Vlog] [[Full Video On YouTube Channel - Link In Bio]]

I never imagined enjoying fatherhood so much more than my life before.. but, here I am.

My Son Jumped Me And The Girls Tried To Save Me @ari_a.team_ana

When the GoPro pays off ❤️

Happy Sunday, Girlfriends! 🙏🏼💕
On my channel today I shared a little (really a lot haha) about our Families very slowww transition to a more organic lifestyle. I have been fortunate enough to find organic options for almost all our favorite foods and snacks! ✨BONUS✨ they actually enjoy them! Use the link in my bio and check it out 💓🌸

A Moment In The Life Of Two Mixed Kids[Interracial Family Vlog]

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