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@thereallailaali has transformed from champion of the ring to mother, wife & TV personality.
#internationalwomensmonth #womensmonth #TransformationTuesday

Dialogue On The Passage Of The Affirmative Action Bill. #FES #FriedrichEbertStiftung #FIDA #InternationalWomensMonth

WISE NYC asked me to contribute to the org's WISE Words of Wisdom. This is what I had to say.

Thanks for having me @wisenycmetro.

#sportsbiz #agentlife #womeninsports #InternationalWomensMonth #wise

Happy to be on board with the @onmogul team and launch our hub at Stanford πŸ’— #ReadMyLips #Campaign #InternationalWomensMonth

The two women who's poetry have struck me the most #internationalwomensmonth

Celebrating a successful outing..

I'M A PROUD ASS FUCKIN MOM. Just in time for #internationalwomensmonth πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ cmonnnnn VOGUE *madonna voice*

Every Day Is Our Day! But let's celebrate today and all month! I wrote this book and this poem to empower you! I want you to know that women are not your competitors, women are your allies! Let's love and embrace each other! From my heart to yours, always!! #MMCM #letterstowomenlikeme #WomensDay #WomensMonth #internationalwomensmonth

What a wonderful month this is shaping up to be! A huge pleasure and honour to share the @guardianlifeng cover with these beautiful and talented power media women @peac_hy @bolinto @keturah_king. Do pick up a copy if you're in Nigeria. My first cover on a magazine and the first of many to come hopefully. I could hardly have imagined seven months ago the different turn my life would take when I packed up all my belongings and moved to Nigeria. God's plan and timing is always the best. @soniameggie these @funkynchunky necklaces are turning out to be some of my best buys! #powerwomen #media #internationalwomensmonth #goals #femaleempowerment


#FBF to #InternationalWomensMonth 2016 when @geekgirlstrong shared her recipe for Stew Beans with Peas, a traditional #Jamaican recipe.

Head to ComRom.co for more! #foodfriday

In celebrating #InternationalWomensMonth, here are the executive packages for women (outpatient only) under the wellness and health packages. Check-up now with one of our specialists!

We couldn't love @vdeliciouscake anymore than we already do. Not only did they sponsor our #WomenBoldInBusiness events in March, in aid of #internationalwomensmonth, but Kerry - the founder - is so lovely and the ethos behind the business is one of our favourites...it helps that the cakes are SO GOOD too. πŸ˜‹πŸ½οΈπŸ‘from this lovely friendship, we've decided to host future vegan friendly events, held at FountLondon, and as ever we'd love to 'ask the audience'. So please share your thoughts on the idea by completing a survey and letting us know whether this might be something you're interested in. Please click on the link in our bio to find out more!

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