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Love & Light ✌🏽#Repost @loveperfection
Closing out the day with women who I love working with, that inspire me daily & push me to do legendary shit! #INTERNATIONALWOMANSDAY

Thinking about the #internationalwomansday march #daywithoutawoman

I'm a strong woman cause a strong woman raised me & don't you ever get it fucked up 💪🏼💅🏻 #internationalwomansday

Una mujer es la historia de sus actos y pensamientos, de sus células y neuronas, de sus heridas y entusiasmos, de sus amores y desamores. Una mujer es inevitablemente la historia de su vientre, de las semillas que en él fecundaron, o no lo hicieron, o dejaron de hacerlo, y del momento aquel, el único, en que se es diosa. Una mujer es la historia de lo pequeño, lo trivial, lo cotidiano, la suma de lo callado. Una mujer es siempre la historia de muchos hombres. Una mujer es la historia de su pueblo y de su raza. Y es la historia de sus raíces y de su origen, de cada mujer que fue alimentada por la anterior para que ella naciera: una mujer es la historia de su sangre. Pero también es la historia de una conciencia y de sus luchas interiores. También una mujer es la historia de su utopía. @amal.nemer #goldheartqueen #semanadelamujer #internationalwomansday Foto: @gerardobricenol MUA: @elizabethmua

Happy International Women's day 💁🏻❤ ️#marsmaranatha #internationalwomansday #gpdimaranathamedan

Мой любимый💞 #internationalwomansday

On Friday's we #Flatlay and #Eat (In style of course) Happy Friday! #GrowwithBCE #bcreativeenterprises

Hari Pertama @festivalperempuanbergerak
Semua dimulai dari langkah pertamamu, gerak sekecil apapun, walau sekedar diskusi bertukar pendapat atau berbagi tawa canda. Ilmu dan pengalaman bisa kau dapatkan dimanapun, asal kau mau bergerak, mulai bergerak.
Lets Join With Us at Fort Rotterdam!


On Friday's we #Flatlay and #Eat (In style of course) Happy Friday! #GrowwithBCE #bcreativeenterprises

In Italy, 1998 a Supreme Court judge overturned a rape charge posed against a 49 year old man by an 18 year old woman, citing that the sexual act must have been consensual because the woman was wearing very tight jeans, which couldn't have been removed without her help. The verdict was overturned in 2008, but this sparked a worldwide movement known as #denimday where people wear 👖 jeans to lend support for victims of sexual violence. This month, April, is sexual assault awareness month... with the efforts to end violence against women in Jamaica taking a forefront this year for obvious reasons I want to dedicate my #tbt to #denimday2017 and #internationalwomansday because as happens in Jamaica - people move on, our resilience has a downside of aiding us in moving on from issues we need to stand on, feel and not forget... let's not forget the day we wore black for women, the day we marched for our women and the promises we made to change our country to make it safer for our women 👑... it's not about wearing black or jeans ... it's about solidarity ... sending a portion of paycheck to initiatives like #WomanInC (swipe for flyers) for example or a shelter for girls... everything counts... no problem is too big when broken down into small manageable parts. Also big up my girl, senior Edna Manley gender studies lecturer and just general dope af girl boss @dieterface lol this pic was taken at the international women's day march standing in the Rain lol #undermyumbrella 😄🌺 🔥

One of my favourites from a shoot I styled a while back on international women's day
Photographer: @lysandracassy
HMU: @sabrinstaabeauty
Styling: me @p_pojedyniec
#fashion #styling #fashionstylist #internationalwomansday #moody #photoshoot #red #vintage #simple

The fearless girl facing the Charging Bull #internationalwomansday

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