These three mediocre shots is for #internationallefthandersday

Back to work tomorrow and I’ve had a great few days off!

Monday’s are always that much better when they are Bank Holiday ones eh!
Hope you’ve all had a good Easter!

Oh and Happy International Left Handers Day to all you fellow left handers out there!
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Add insult to injury that the #worstsuperbowlever has no #southpawqb to represent the left-handed community. Nevertheless, we gotta give credit where it’s due. This year we will be cheering on the @newenglandpatriotsoffical, solely because superhero @tombrady supports the lefty movement. Got get em Tommy. #goat 🐐 #lefthandedallies #lallies #southpawsunite #southpawsunited #left #lefthander #lefthandedproblems #southpaws #internationalsouthpaw #southpawinthewhitehouse #brady2020 @tombrady #honorary #lefthanded #boston. And @gisele you’re our kind of woman. 😍

In honor of #internationallefthandersday, our Megan Redgate is doing all her writing with her...wait, what? It's not? Okay, well, don't tell Megan until tomorrow, okay?
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Sabias que? El pasado 13 de agosto se celebró el Día Internacional del Zurdo, conmemoración que se viene realizando desde 1976, donde se pretende dar a conocer y ayudar a reducir las dificultades que encuentran las personas zurdas en la sociedad, tales como discriminación e incluso mitos acerca de la mano zurda o con el lado izquierdo del cuerpo. A nivel musical hay unos cuantos zurdos que son leyendas y todas son estrellas: @SirPaulMcCartney (The Beatles); @jimihendrix (siempre toco con una guitarra para diestros); @MikeBordin, (Baterista y fundador de Faith No More); @KurtCobain (Nirvana); @ToniIommi (Black Sabbath). Que nota, con @lamedianota. #lefthand #internationallefthandersday #lefthandsmusicians #miths #nodiscrimination #since1976 #music #lamedianota

Happy August 13th "International Left-Handers Day" 👏
😎 Yes, I am left handed 🌹🌷

#InternationalLeftHandersday #werejustdifferent
It was August 13th but the pic still applies. 👏👏🤘

#day227 of #365daysofdrawing
Just found out I missed out on #internationallefthandersday on the 13th! Proud lefty for life 👍🏻
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I missed #internationallefthandersday but belated shout-out to my fellow lefty brethren destined to smudge every fucking thing they write and die a few years early 🤚🤚

🎉Selamat Hari Kidal Internasional🎉 ( 13 Agustus )
Maaf telat dua hari😂
Ya, aku adalah orang kidal. Ibuku juga orang kidal. Tangan dan kaki kiriku memang paling dominan dalam melakukan sgala hal, kecuali ketika aku makan pake tangan tentu saja masih menggunakan tangan kanan, tapi ketika aku menggunakan sendok, posisi sendok ada ditangan kiri dan aku masih menulis menggunakan tangan kanan walau tangan kiri juga bisa tapi tidak sebagus tangan kanan☺️.
Awalnya menjadi orang kidal, sangat tidak mudah bagiku karena, mgkn sebagian orang memandang itu tidak sopan, itu hal yang tidak baik atau apapun itu. Tapi, hingga detik ini aku masih trus belajar untuk menggunakan tangan kananku seperti makan walau itu tidaklah mudah buatku.
Aku tak pernah berpikir ingin terlahir sebagai orang kidal, tapi memang ini pemberian Allah SWT tetap harus disyukuri sembari terus berusaha belajar menggunakan tangan kanan. Jadi, jangan pernah ngejudge orang yang kidal, tidak sopan atau apapun yg buruk yang kalian pikirkan ketika melihat orang kidal. Tapi tegur dan ingatkan dia secara perlahan-lahan dan baik-baik agar dia mengerti, bahwa Nabi Muhammad SAW mengajarkan kita menggunakan tangan kanan. Jangan pernah lelah mengingatkan kepada sesama dalam hal kebaikan secara terus-menerus.
Maaf kalo panjang, heheh sekali-kali curhat gapapa kali yaa~
Terima kasih☺️🙏🏻.

Shoutout to my fellow lefties, we have our own day! August 13th was International Left Handers Day ☄ We make up only 10% of the world's population..

#lefty #lefthanded #internationallefthandersday

Happy International Left-Handers Day. One day we will rise up and over throw our right-handed overlords. .

@clairatively very pretty brush lettering! ❤️❤️ What a lovely gift and great reminder 😍
Visit @clairatively to find more beautiful lettering work and to follow along. 😊

#Repost @clairatively
Actual real-life brush lettering on a new sign for one of my first, and longest-standing "adult" friends, @tlk1074 - We met my first day of teacher boot camp for Cherokee county schools as a wee 22 year old newbie teacher. We've been through lots of life together and I am so excited to make this sign for her. I've also watched her step out on faith and start her own business and now have watched it grow to be something excellent called @studiostreehouse - check them out and give them a follow!! - - - - -
This wood has so much character but with character comes lots of grain and bumps and ridges. Acrylic paint with a real brush works so much better than a paint pen. But most more time intensive. But I am loving how it is turning out so far. So pretty and so unique. Truly one of a kind!!! - - - - - - DM if you are interested in a barn wood sign. I've got a few more pieces left. Each piece is unique and special. 😁 #internationallefthandersday

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