Aaaaaaaall smiles eh!........as if kicking my ass not good enough, you gottah rub it in?. #wipethatsmileoffyourface#inotsmiling#internalconversations#driverproblems#bulkingseason

Chiseled chins and sunshine jaws
I'm mauled upon by raucous maws. ▫️▫️
Caverns leaded, winding shrines
Creeping forward, ragged times. ▫️▫️
"So sure of it.."
I said it hushed.
Minding sorrows, mending rushed. ▫️▫️
"But why but why?"
I hear the call.
Not sure the voice, but it keeps small. ▫️▫️
The problem lies jammed here and there,
In hearts so closed we just can't care. ▫️▫️
"Lets open up and see the view..."
A cure for all our ills askew.

I am very ugly
so don’t try to convince me that
I’m a very beautiful person
because at the end of the day
I hate myself in every single way
And I’m not going to lie to myself by saying
There’s Beauty inside of me that matters
So rest assured I will always remind myself
That I am a worthless, terrible person
And nothing you say will make me believe
I still deserve love
Because no matter what
I am not good enough to be loved
And I am in no position to believe that
Beauty does exist within me
Because whenever I look in the mirror I always think
Am I as ugly as people say? 👉🏻NOW, read from the bottom to the top!👈🏻 It's all about perspective. Sometimes we need to change our entire mindset! Flip everything around. What you say to yourself matters. Words have a way of manifesting into reality. #perspective #internalconversations #internalconversation #beauty #mindset #mindsetmatters #health #wellness #healthcoach #words #powerofwords #flip #runninginheels

It's already Wednesday... if you're working, keep working.
If you are still talking about it... #thecomeback #ProjectNoShirt #internalconversations #meVsmyself #humpday

I see you and I hear you because I see and hear myself and it’s why I’ve gone deep into my most internal conversations. Let me explain;

My mental conversations were becoming way too loud as my physical symptoms were championing my every waking moment. These symptoms have been hiding me from living the life I most want to live. I couldn’t be in my beloved Perth building my amazing studio instead I am in Melbourne fighting to simply exist as I attempt to beat pain and symptoms of serious illness. This has meant that I have been again doubting myself and taunting myself, for god sake even a few days went by when I couldn’t even write.

I sat back and breathed in because simply feeling such pain as I have been that’s been the only thing keeping the spark. What made me stop to truly breathe in deeply to the noise moving through me, altering my ability to live truthfully was the affirmation I wrote a day ago; “Divine self, I know it is easy to give up hope when this pain is so strong. But self, I want you to breathe into your truth, feeling your love and seeing the light even when the darkness is the darkest of nights. Self, I want you to know that this pain is not about hopelessness rather than strength setting you to believe more in the power of good – so self breathe in, breathe in deeper”

This affirmation has been repeated so often through my written words in my daily journaling sessions but also repeated verbally as I’ve prayed and meditated. What I’ve noticed is that repeating my most said words and thoughts they become true to reality. These actions, so simple have reminded me that in my truth, I am love and light for myself and in being so full of love for myself, I can be that for the world. Yes, I love myself so deeply and completely and so that I don’t lose these feelings, I must focus on relieving and releasing the internal conversational noise that fills me up across the normal everyday. By doing this, I will not allow my internal self love to escape to the ether and that will ensure that my breath of light can dampen the darkness of pain and suffering.

To read my newest affirmation, head to this full blog by clicking the website link in my bio 💋

Yep, on a Sunday I wanna be Petty Betty...but I ain't gonna do it.
#IneedALLmyblessings #internalconversations #icrackmyselfup😂

My stand for my Intuition Guidance Cards and paintings at a Mind Body Spirit fair some years back.
#IntuitionGuidanceCards #intuition #support #encouragement #GoddessGuides

Try these 5 simple things to begin turning your life around, if it needs turning around that is. If not ignore this post and move on 😍
#quotes #quoteoftheday #quotestoliveby

Are you aware of your internal voice? The conversations you have with yourself? How you speak with yourself?
#internalconversations #selfrespect #selflove #LetGoToLetFlow

Your favorite Lellebel is turning 28 tomorrow! It's a bit scary because i feel like i should've achieved a lot more by now and i'm falling behind. I guess i shouldn't compaire my life to others. I made it through another year in good health, loving and friendly company💛, still got all my teeth, got 20 fingers and toes and no less than two boobs! It's easy to forget to be grateful about those things.
Me:Thank you, that's just what i needed.
Me:You're welcome. I'm here for you Lellebel. Now get back to work 👩🏼‍💻
#worrymakesblurry #questioningyourquarterlife #personalpost

My current painting venture offends me on a deep and spiritual level. The perfectionist hidden within me is screaming bloody fucking murder. This isn't just a wall. It's a lesson in acceptance. Thank you wall for this life lesson. I hate you. But fair enough. But also I hate you. The end. I hate you. #paintinglife #imtrying #internalconversations #internalstruggle #itsnotthatbad #maybeifisquint #waitwait #maybeicanfixit update: got more blue paint. White is being demoted for failing at life. I accept nothing! #blue

These late night speculations though... #silence #internalconversations #witchinghour #blackandwhite

We vibin’ - can’t stop now ⚡️ #patiencepaysoff

The conversation I'm having with myself every day bc i know im purposed to do more
Interesting perspective, wouldn't you say?

Its time to take care of you bc no one else will
#mythoughts #internalconversations

...At the point where you’ve exhausted all your talent and capacity but they still want more of you ....barely survived the last temptation and now busyness is knocking at your door wanting more of you ....but his soft peaceful voice whispers ‘I’ve been waiting for this...to be your strength in your weakness, to get into you heart in such a way that we become one’ ...hesitant to go into the secret place with him because of what he might expose....in fear and much trembling you say yes to going deeper, to falling harder and trusting more even when it means letting go of what is familiar. (Swipe for outfit 45) #stateofheart #internalconversations #relationshipwithJesus #fashion #style #photography #ootd #ecostyler

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