One of the greatest apps. Keeps track of fasts for IF. 🙌🏻

🌇Доброе счастливое замечательное и самое лучшее утро!
🍴9:00 - на праздничный завтрак - найскрим с гранолой и кокосовой стружкой

🎉Причина моего счастья - Я ПОЕДУ В МОСКВУ НА КОНЦЕРТ КУМИРА
Так что столица, жди меня осенью, я уже бронирую билеты😹
Это исполнение ГИГАНТСКОЙ мечты, которую я лелеяла 8 лет! А ещё у меня будет целых три дня, чтобы посмотреть Москву😍
Спасибо вселенной за такой подарок, я сейчас самая счастливая во всем мире😭А ведь только вчера я смотрела в стену с полнейшей апатией, и даже не хотелось шевелиться и жить эту жизнь.
Надеюсь, вас ждут такие же прекрасные сюрпризы сегодня🙏🏻
Всем хорошего вторника😘

Things got I lot easier when I realized I had no business complaining about the results I wasn’t getting.... from the work I wasn’t doing. 😬💁🏻 #mytoeshurttoo
Duh, T. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Results or excuses. You can’t have both 🙌🏻.
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I picked out dinner for one of the Smo’s low carb day dinners this week!
✨Lemon Pepper Tilapia with Crispy Roasted Broccoli! Swipe Left to see the Macros! All I did was text the Sarah app “recipe 30 carbs”
My Postpartum Program, smoBABY now includes this macro cookbook software with the program! So excited for my new mamas to use it!
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Products I put inside me every day for my health. I do intermittent fasting of 16:8 and my first calories of the day come from pressed green juice (I alternate what type) and a low sugar vegan protein drink. I eat one large meal mid-evening (I usually go to sleep at 4am so an 8pm dinner isn't late for me) and scatter the vitamins/supplements you see here throughout my eating period. #health #lifestyle #vitamins #supplements #healthroutine #dailyheathroutine #plantpowered #vegan #protein #greenjuice #pressedjuice #wheatgrass #algaeomega #omega #florajen #probiotics #cbd #cbdoil #chlorophyll #healthyliving #healthybody #healthymind #routine


The short answer: YES. In fact, more and more research is emerging that suggests the low fat diet craze we have been on since the 70s is contributing to hormone issues, including those that cause infertility! ⠀

Low progesterone is often the cause of miscarriages and not being able to carry a child full term. Do you know what helps make progesterone? Cholesterol.⠀

Then, when women start going through menopause, they are often put on statin drugs, when they don’t actually need to be. ⠀

That’s because their low progesterone is causing their cholesterol to go up, because it’s trying to produce more progesterone, and it’s not working.⠀

In reality, the more healthy fats we eat – like the yolks of eggs have choline for example – helps make progesterone. ⠀

But we’ve been told not to eat those things! Don’t you see??? ⠀

All these crazy things that the diet industry and even the fitness industry has essentially made up, is actually HARMING our bodies.⠀

Women need more fat even than men, largely because of how it will help us regulate our hormones, therefore helping with fertility, reducing menopausal issues, and more. Other Health issues like PCOS have an extremely high success rate with a high fat lifestyle!⠀

I’d love to know, have you been avoiding fat?? Eating a lot of fat free, or reduced fat foods?

SIX WEEKS! 6️⃣ y’all! That’s how long it took this awesome gal, Lindsey, to achieve these amazing results. Just think what YOU could accomplish in 6 weeks! Make NOW the time you go for it and commit to creating a happier and healthier you!
My June 11th round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is OPEN and expected to fill up quickly! The link to register is in my bio 👍🏻

These avocado berry smoothies are my lifeline when I’m on an intermittent fasting day 😍 so damn yummy!
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Back on the intermittent fasting wagon today. A salmon salad for lunch and a cheese and mushroom omelette for dinner #backonit #intermittentfasting16hours #caloriecounting

People tend to think that to be HFLC means you have to eat a ton of dairy… cheese and cream and all that… but let me tell you a little secret. I'm 99% cow dairy free. Why? Because I have learned that my body does not tolerate cow dairy very well. It causes digestive issues and headaches for me!

When I am in my nutritional phase of eating HFLC, I don't really eat cow dairy, but still manage to keep my macros in line! I will eat goat dairy from time to time, because it doesn't seem to bother me. Which makes sense because goat milk is insanely close to human milk, so it's much easier on the digestive system.

I also have to avoid all nuts and nut butters because they cause me issues also!
My point is that you can still eat high healthy fats without having to consume loads of dairy or nuts. So if you have these allergies or sensitivities, don’t use that as an excuse! Your body NEEDS high healthy fat! It’s scientifically and medically proven!
This isn’t “just a fad”. It’s research that has been around since the 1920s! Are you still skeptical on going higher fat? Why or why not? I’d love to hear what you think!

Mais uma semana se inicia! E que consigamos manter o foco e atingir os objetivos traçados diariamente! Força, foco e treino!!! Vamos 🔥🔥🔥 meu 🐙🐙🐙!!!! #mastertreinador #mastertreinadorémeupersonal #lowcarbdiet #lowcarblifestyle #fitness #fitnessmom #workout #workoutmom #jejumintermitente #jejumintermitente16h #intermittentfasting #intermittentfasting16hours

Bout to workout and watch YouTube at the same damn time lol💪🏾 @goodybeats #youtube #intermittentfasting16hours #ketolife

15:00 - овощная смесь с отварными морепродуктами + 2 орео
19:00 - яичница без масла с 🥕🍅
Вечером была такой голодной, что думала опустошить магаз, но после ужина через полчаса это ощущение все-таки прошло. Наверное, это от нервов.

Сессия отняла меня у вас на этот вечер😭 Допишу статью и вернусь❤️

TGIM! Lots on the docket today. 👖 First, my phone is on the charger so I think I’ll pour into our tribe and maybe write a quick blog on what I’m feeling for my personal dev plan. .........
👖 Then Zeke is going to get at least 4 miles and I’ll listen to @melrobbinslive. 👖Then yoga and devotion-doing a great bible study called still by @jennyldonnelly 👖then because it crossed my mind and there’s a #5secondrule Ill work on a blog post and pouring into my tribe (convincing myself to write here). 👖Need to review finances and purchase a few things - thank you #amazonprime And #traderjoes For having what I need. 👖Trying a basic #intermittentfasting16hours and #carbcycling plan to see if it will entertain me enough to adhere to it and day 4 and all signs pointing to yes! So as per usual... will be sharing what I learn and results!
As I said... TGIM! Good stuff ahead.

Go ahead and try this meal plan if it lines up with your calorie and macronutrients targets!
Did you know intermittent fasting works for making lean muscle gains just as well as it does for losing weight?? ⬇️
I’ve been intermittent fasting while lean bulking for a couple months now and I’m loving every day of it!
The truth is, no matter what diet approach you take, the principles of weight loss and weight gain remain the same!
Calorie deficit= weight loss
Calorie surplus= weight gain
Intermittent fasting is a great tool because it ensures that you burn the most body fat possible each day, so if you’re lean bulking it’s really the best thing you can do to minimize excess body fat gains.
When you combine that with the enormous amount of energy it gives you, then consider the cellular repair processes that intermittent fasting triggers, it’s a no brainer!
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