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The dark chocolate is so rich and the truffle filling is on point, not too sweet with great texture and so creamy. Côte D'Or BonBonBloc Truffle Dark chocolate is a real treat😋. SnackGainz score:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.


#TipTuesday : Some tips and motivation from @jackgaddfitness

I've heard so many people say to me "I can't lose weight" "or nothing works for me"... The reality is you haven't found out what actually works, everyone can lose weight, eating a deficit of calories works often. It's been proven time and time again and will do forever.
The issue with many diets is the fact they will say a "tablespoon" or a scoop. Relying on measurements like table spoons in a calorie deficts for certain foods will just not work. In the pic, see the difference between a "tablespoon" and a "scoop"
Your 'healthy' table spoon of peanut butter on your diet plan is all well and good but if that table spoon size changes daily it's going to be hard to predict how many calories you are eating.
There is 15g difference in peanut butter in this pic and nearly a 100 calorie difference, do this daily and say goodbye to your weekly caloric deficit.
No secrets, no juice diets just a calorie deficit and that's it, don't make it so hard on yourself. When weighing out foods like this put the peanut butter on the scales, zero it out and then scoop it out. This is the most accurate way I find.
Grab an app like my fitness pal, start tracking calorie intake and you'll see weight drop, simple and effective.. tag a mate who needs to see this and is stuck with there fat loss

Guten morgen guten m...ach scheiße, dann halt hallo Popo. Ich bin wohl schon etwas zu spät. Heute und morgen ist Restday, morgen steht ein laaanger tag an der Uni an und das Wetter ist auch schon wieder ziemlich beschissen. Da ich heute mit einem guten Freund Pizza und Döner kille, ist die Diät heute eh Nicht am start, da ich aber keinerlei Zeitdruck habe, juckt mich das eh nicht. Oh man Leute, gebt euch diese geballte Ladung an foodporn bitte. Griechischer Joghurt on Mass, Beeren, Haferflocken und Nüsse. Seit der FIBO esse ich das einfach jeden Tag weil die Kombi so geil ist. Da gab's das nebst 20 Riegeln, Döner und pizza jeden Abend. 😍 👌 Und ich hab auch schon harte Sehnsucht nach der zeit in Köln. 😑Das einzige, was noch geiler war als die FIBO mit euch, dem Team von @bodyipnutrition , waren die gemeinsamen Abende in der wohl behindertsten missgeburten WG Deutschlands mit @_thorpedo_, @grizztoph, @julchen_94, Slavabitch und Fab. 👌Das Niveau kommt uns nicht näher als 50m sag ich nur. 😂Hach ja, das war jetzt so sentimental, ich bin erstmal Kacken.💩👍#eatitlikelea

I'm so over this bipolar weather!☀️☔️It's seriously snowing in Utah!❄️ Well, if it's not warm enough to wear shorts then at least go shopping for them right!?!?☺️ These are my most favorite pair right now and they're BOGO 1/2 off!🛍🙌🏻💗 @americaneagle has a ton of cute vintage styles so I'm stocking up!🛍🛍🛍 #happytuesday #tuesday #vintageshorts #cutoffshorts #summer #intermittentfasting #leangains #leanlegs #levis #americaneagle

Feel bloated regularly? Read below! .

Not drinking enough water can cause abdominal bloating, partially through the release of hormones that have been shown to increase water retention [1-3]. From a survival standpoint, this is a logical response. Your body takes measures to prevent a deficiency in its water supply [4]. .

Excessive sodium consumption also contributes to abdominal bloating, which explains why consuming snacks that are quite high in sodium generally causes water retention [5, 6]. Insufficient potassium consumption can elicit a similar response [7]. .

Stress may be another reason why you're experiencing bloating, as increased cortisol levels seem to increase water retention as well [8]. Making sure you sleep properly and relax regularly is a good way to treat increased cortisol levels [9, 10]. .

Study 1:
Study 2:
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Guess who took their final measurements from the #21DayFix and lost an 1.5" in my waist alone! Haven't done the final weight out yet, but I'll keep you al informed tomorrow!
When I get back from PC, I plan on trying out the #Keto and #IntermittentFasting life. Have your tried it? Has it worked for you?

Klasyka gatunku 😀


Vacation to do list is loooong...but will be worth it. Tomorrow I'm off on my #mommyspringbreak

Back-on-track....OMAD :
homemade broccoli cheddar soup with some bacon boats....this soup was a 2 day concoction and it was worth the wait...crazy good!! #challengetwo #omad #intermittentfasting #soup #bacon #sweet

Another tasty, tasty meal. See that condiment bowl in the upper left-ish corner. That's @srirachoy_ it's super tasty! I mixed it with mayo and made a dressing for my salad. Going to go ahead and order another one! Such good stuff @lazy_keto! .
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I didn't miss my Monday yesterday either! Though I've had some pretty intense lower back pain the past two days (likely my fault for lifting improperly) I have pushed thru the pain (safely) and made sure to get my minutes in! While listening to some #macklemore which is highly unusual and outside of my normal listening. This is part of my "dance" playlist on #amazonmusic #noexcuses #workforit #healthy #activeliving #youreworthit #runcle #instarunners #girlswhorun #naturegirl #weightlossjourney #intermittentfasting #weightwatchers

I'm very picky about what I choose to fuel my body with, food and supplement wise. After much research and reading of labels😊 I chose and have been using Unico products for the past several months. These are just a few of my favorites. I could go on and on, but if you are interested, check out their website. Link in my bio. #strongwomen #womenwholift #crossfit #intermittentfasting #iifym #teamunico #uniconutrition

THE MOST DANGEROUS QUESTION: "How many more sets you got?" Only dangerous because of peoples' unpredictable responses to it. As if the squat racks and benches weren't already taken, now I'm being rushed? 😒. Alright maybe it's not that bad. I'll give it to you for having the courage to ask me that 💪 #liftonmyfriends #sodontaskdangerousquestions

Dessert Stir-Fry 🍯🍐🥄
A tasty meal with a dessert feel! ➖ 1cup leftover Basmati rice
➖ 1 pear diced
➖ 1-2 Tbsp honey
➖ 1/4 cup pepitas
➖ generous sprinkle of cinnamon :
Spray a cast iron skillet and toss pears until soft. Add remaining ingredients and toss til heated thru.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that it's ok to slow down for a hot second and take a deep breath.

I LOVE empowering women to be their best self through real food, effective exercise & an amazing community. That is my mission ❤ and I LOVE that mission!

It feels like such a big task some days - like I need to werk werk werk and never stop until it's done. I want it to all be under control & perfect, but the truth is, it's not perfect. And saying that aloud feels so good 🙌🏼

Ladies, let's strive to be better together. But let's remind each other it's NOT about being perfect - as Hannah Montana said - nobody's perfect 😜

#Repost @_christopherwalker ・・・
One of the coolest things about our brands @truthnutra and #kinobody is that our team walks the walk, sets goals, and achieves them. Our design genius @zachery.siegel lost 30lbs using the THOR program, Testro-X, Sensolin, and Cortigon and got completely jacked while optimizing his hormones. Lift heavy and explosively, eat correctly, and supplement intelligently. If you want to set some goals and get your own results like Zach, the link is in my bio. #supplementsthatwork #transformationtuesday #intermittentfasting #bodybuilding

Poverty macros🙏🏼💦
Going for about a 4k deficit tonight to compensate for yesterday😋 having 13oz of venison for dinner along with plenty of roasted mixed vegetables🙌🏼
I've been asked so many times in the last few days where I buy my venison.. I don't🤷🏼‍♂️ for those of you who don't know me or are newer followers, I live in northern Minnesota and I am an avid hunter. Have been since I was a baby. So that is where I get my venison🦌👌🏼
And Pint&Pops™ on point, I haven't had this @halotopcreamery in a while and forgot how good it was! And some cheesy dill courtesy of @kernelseasons and @cabotcheese 🍿 and I've been asked also on how I get my seasonings to stick to air pop.. depending on my calories and fats I want to use, I'll use a combination of coconut oil, spray butter, and cooking spray.
TFS™ roll call @kingschratz @patricia_iifym @jeronimo_iifym @good_food_is_life @louis_eats and of course myself SteelKemp™ 🐷🤙🏼
If you've got some Litty™ food porn, be sure to tag it with #TFSarmy 🤘🏼💯
Ingredients in MyFitnessPal - w_kemp 🍽
More in depth food porn on Snapchat - wkemp👻
💀Total calories for the day: {1,627}
▪️Protein: {158}
▪️Carbs: {189}
▪️Fat: {39}

Apparently, it's "eat like a toddler" night at my house 🏡 Which is cool because...nuggets ❤️ Nothing is off limits here. 17sp for dinner. Still got 5 left for some Halo Top. Might even squeeze in some chocolate chips 😏

These chicken breasts hung out all day in an Italian dressing marinade before being baked in a hot oven and served with steamed broccoli topped with butter. #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #keto #ketosis #ketogenic #ketodiet #ketolife #eatfatlosefat #glutenfree #nitratefree #jerf #weightloss #weightlossjourney #reset #intermittentfasting #broccoli #kerrygold

Did you know caffeine has an 8 hour half life? This means if you drank coffee at 4pm it will still be in your system at midnight. Good luck going to bed and lowering your cortisol without that sleep.
Make sure you cut your caffeine AT LEAST 8hrs before bed.
Ps. There is nothing in this cup and I'm merely holding it because I thought it made me look like I was taking in the outdoors and sipping coffee while staying cosy indoors kinda vibe. Also... I'm in staying warm... why am I not wearing a shirt... because I took it off so you think I just walk around shirtless all the time. Even when I'm visiting @brandonstraker_fit and it's his house.
#coffee #menandcoffee #IGmodel #bonestructureoverlonghair #absovershoulders #resetu #costisol #intermittentfasting

Meal prep ideas ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 I like to switch up the bases with different beans or lentils or quinoa or brown rice, add some tofu (I really never get tired of it), some kale (I love the crunch, so I use kale for salads and spinach in smoothies), cucumber, and some hummus and lemon for dipping and squeezing 😋😋😋If you struggle with consistent healthy eating, meal prepping is one of the simplest tools you can have to staying on track. Just make sure you make foods you enjoy, or you're going to feel deprived in some way! Stick to healthy food you already know you like, and slowly start to incorporate new things! I didn't start eating kale until a couple months ago, so we all have room for improvement 😜🌿 Gym time! 👊🏼

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