Kitchen transformation in progress for a very excited client in Bryanston... watch this space! #interiorwoodworkingspecialists #kitchenremodel #customcabinetry #kitchenrevamp #zinganakitchens

James crossing the Delaware? No, he's sailing through the clouds…

In what might be the world’s largest lamp shade, is actually one of three elliptic, conical cones that will be part of an architectural cloud suspended from the ceiling at a new casino in Eastern Washington.

Stay tuned for more photos as it gets installed…


Oh my, she's a beauty! But right now, this live edge slab of Walnut is a diamond in the rough. Can't wait to see it finished. Stay tuned. #liveedge #finewoodworking #interiorwoodworking #interiorwoodworkingspecialists

You are correct. This glass of beer is more than half-full.
However, the story here is a shout out to Benji, the craftsman behind this solid White Ash bar; and Jonny, Matt, Shannon and the rest of the I.W.S. crew that contributed other great works to the new Redhook Brewlab in the Pike Motorworks Building on Capitol Hill in Seattle. You gotta check it out!

Thank you for hosting us Redhook Brewlab and a job well done by R. Miller, Inc. and Graham Baba Architects!

#rmillerconstruction #grahambaba #interiorwoodworking #interiorwoodworkingspecialists

A little home tour of one of our recently completed projects. A great place to chill on a 90+ degree day in Seattle! #interiorwoodworkingspecialists #interiorwoodworking

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