Work life is all about balance, right?

Look at this copper Arrow I picked up @festivalofthrift ! And it has little copper fairy lights wrapped round it too. I was gutted he didn’t have a star as it is on my ‘must have’ for winter decor. As well as ‘NoEL’ in Vintage letters. So if anyone has seen some metal hollow stars and vintage letters that don’t cost the Earth give me a holla. .
In other news the surgeon’s refused to operate on little legs man cub because he had a cough. So all geared up for grommets and being able to hear today only to be turned away and had to go to work instead! I was really looking forward to the checking out the autumn cakes in the hospital insta too! Tell me - what did I miss out on fellow Costs lovers? .
Day 24: A is for... Arrow @myhousethismonth

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