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And it doesn't end even when they get older😩😂😂

OH MY GOSHHH! The best massage I've EVER had at @commabyron!!!! The whole experience and the design was INCREDIBLE and the stress I carried in my shoulders has now gone. I'll definitely be a regular once we head up here next month! Absolutely worth recommending, best birthday present EVER! 🙌🏼💆🏽💆🏻‍♂️

I've been waiting all summer for my pink hydrangeas to bloom like they did last year but so far only a couple have come! I didn't do anything different so don't know why they haven't produced this year. Does anyone have any tips? ..
#bloomingdecormondays #moveitupmonday #hydrangea #freshflowers

Those double height windows though ❤
North California Residence by Greg Faulkner Architect via @artsytecture

What's your favourite piece of furniture or decoration in your bedroom?
Repost & Credit: @tinna.sirkka

"Making sure your home is pretty is nice, but making sure it's nourishing is holy. Sister, paint that chair or hang that mirror, sure, but for the love, don't wait until everything is done before putting on a pot of chilli and inviting new friends over for football. Your neighbour wants to belong far more than she wants to be impressed" -Jen Hatmaker
You guys this quote from Jen's new book slayed me!!! (You see how I say 'Jen' as if we're close personal friends??) Really though, after all we've accomplished in building this house, sometimes all I can do is look around and see what's left to be done! This quote left me realizing that just because I want the house to be done and 'perfect' doesn't mean others do. Sometimes setting aside that 'to-do' list and just inviting people over and opening your unfinished doors to them can be healing and holy and so so needed!

Totally amazed by Scandinavian/ minimalistic design and I've been enjoying decorating my home. Pinterest has really come through for me and I can't wait to finish decorating #interiordecor


Ha en nydelig tirsdag ❤

SO GOOD • Marble House by @nixontullochfortey 🌿
Photo @shannonmcgrath7

Bom dia.

Arte em Palha (Empalhamentos, Itu/SP)®
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• Palhinha Sintética
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@helgahandlykken fornyet bordene med kontaktplast som ligner marmor, det ble så fint☺❤

So many pretty old things 🌿

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