Attached to intergalactic matchsticks, fact is we bout to blast this. Strike anywhere. 🔥

I will do my best to explain planetary science against your personal travel. Step 1) Get YOUR personal birth chart off of the world wide web. 2) See what planets (not just the sun and moon) fall into what houses. 3) Before you sit down to interpret it, meditate/shower to cleanse yourself. (Smudge or Sage if possible). 4) With the RIGHT mindset, sit down and learn how each effects each house and how you can best apply this knowledge to YOUR personal life and goals to achieve your happiness. (Ex. Mercury effects my 10th house thus effecting both my personal life and work life and its reputation. Why? They overlap due to my purpose. This is why I use Mercury Retro to reflect and realign. Does this thing, idea or person help me get there or hold me back?)

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