I have been very busy lately, taking care of my classes, dealing with the mess at home, managing my future plans and so on. I was so occupied that I couldn't design as much as I desired. Interfiliere Lingerie festival is close and many artworks are yet to be done. I must also prepare for a painting exhibition in Spain and later in US.
However, today I could manage to design one of my favorite sketches. A lacy bodysuit inspired by another Persian textile. I currently use dark skin tone for this model but I may try other colors too, such as purple or even black.
I also wanted to emphasize on female's stomach, as a divine place. Where beauty starts! Women's belly is the source of all beauty: life!
I was constantly listening to One More Try by George Michael when designing this model. I shared it as well so you could get a notion of my environment.
Now, it's time for some other songs and to prepare for tomorrow which is going to be a great working day!
Have a great sensual night everyone! 😎🔥🦂

خيام اگر ز باده مستى خوش باش
با ماهرخى اگر نشستى خوش باش
چون عاقبت كار جهان نيستى است
انگار كه نيستى، چو هستى خوش باش
Although I deeply wanted to write it in English, but I couldn't. The sense would have been lost!
I've experienced sorrows and harsh times as well, but my life has always been full of art, beauty, travel, romance and inspiration!
Thank you nature, for letting me exist! 🔥🦂

My working place is completely changed today. Plumbers and masons are all over the place from early morning. Everywhere is filled with dust and dirt.
Consequently, I had to take refuge to my library, where my paintings and books are resting. I just made myself a hellish, spicy vey hot Veggie Pizza to warm up. Then I have to design my belated new models!
It was a great day and still continues.
P. s. One of them just came to me and commented on a mug on my movie shelf which is in the form of a female breast. I'm gonna give it to him as a gift since he likes it! :)

I barely slept last night. I had a great night though. I also shared a great coffee with a beautiful friend in the morning. It was also an amazing working day. My students were so attentive and done many great artworks. Then I've got awesome gifts for teacher's day. A state of the art Blu-Ray player and a compact pretty CD player for my studio. Besides, one of my students gave me a great collection of Posca markers for my designs. Now, I think I'm a little tired after 10 hours of work and a night of pleasure. So, it just took me 15 minutes to prepare this dish. I just threw everything in this plate! 😂
But, I obliged myself to design two lingerie models tonight.
Because, Interfiliere lingerie festival is upon me and I must present myself with my Ace of spades.
However, I need to relax for quite a while, and start to work again.
And I'm so excited about my next lingerie model, cuz I'm gonna design a sensual yet elegant bodysuit, tonight!
And of course, you need a great music with a Shiraz wine to do so! ;)
Cheers to all of you who cherish beauty!

Leavers lace bralette “ the jade color “ #lingerie #interfiliere

Preparing for 2018 Interfiliere lingerie festival in Paris.
Based on another Persian textile, I designed it today and a great friend documented it. Many artworks are yet to be done but for now I do my best to design as much as I can.

Hot off the press! ☝🏼🙌🏼 A sneak peek of our new ‘Gestural Abstracts’ trend 😍

#hotoffthepress #newcollection #womenswear #swimwear #activewear #lingerie #interfiliere #prints #britishdesign #lauracampionstudio

##paulinestudio #stylish #2019 #paris #interfiliere #unique #july #study 🍎🍒🍇🌶🥑😚😊😄

As I'm getting ready to attend Interfiliere Lingerie festival in Paris, I have planned to design at least one model each day. I haven't uploaded anything for quite a while in order to prevent any unlawful use of my designs. But, today I conceived this one in my studio. I couldn't help myself but to share it after a long time.
Inspired by Persian mosaics, this all-lace Lingerie set is intended to capture the feminine elegance through oriental culture using Turquoise-ish blue and deep skin tone(or light brown). It will be added to my Perse collection.
I hope to find my desired lace and fabrics in the lingerie festival in Paris for this model should be made with the highest possible quality.

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