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Dear Future Forever Best Friend,
I hope you're getting ready for clean dishes and kitchen serenades to old school jams. .
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New goals, new mindset, enlarged vision. You've got this because He's got you.

No need to invite my best friend to the wedding because he will already be there to meet me at the alter... in my white dress. *cue the music* .
I look forward to one day doing this thing called life together with my FFBF, and working on building a love that never dilutes even when the water gets dark and cloudy.
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God will use certain situations to strengthen you. Certain situations are out of your control, but know that everything is happening as it should. What looks to be a problem or a mountain your facing now is actually a hidden prayer in disguise. There's strength in struggle.

Some of the most bomb diggity chapters that will ever be written in your life may not have a title until much later. Although it may be hard to do, we have to learn how to embrace uncertainty despite how uncomfortable it may be. (🙋🏽 real talk learning how to do this very thing right now) And instead trust God in ways you never knew you could. .
Because the only way He can show us that He is in control is to place us in circumstances we can't control.

It's not only about a feeling. There is no love in a friendship, relationship or a marriage. There is love in the people. Those people put love in their friendships, relationships and marriages. Love is giving, serving, and praising and more. Love is not easy. It is hard. And it's worth it.

So many of us sleep on our dreams and ideas. We dismiss them because we think they're unattainable, or we listen to the folks who tell us we can't. •

But don't push that God-given imagination aside. He is the Creator and He's given us minds to create. David didn't allow the size of Goliath intimidate him. He imagined the defeat even before it happened, something people said was impossible. David was focused on his purpose and had faith which gave him courage to take down Goliath. •

When you have this awesome idea for an invention, or a business continues to cross your mind, don't sit on it. It might just be the next traffic light, Starbucks, fenty beauty line, Vera wang dress collection, etc. Don't dismiss your imagination.

First quarter is on its way down the street and around the corner. Don't loose sight of your 2018 bucket list, resolutions, vision boards, and hope chests. You may have fallen off track, but get back on it!! You still have the rest of the year to finish strong. Make the oath to be and do your best.

When he comes home from work, at church, in the grocery store, at the car wash, at Sunday dinner, in the line at the movies, sitting on the couch watching Netflix,after eating a coney dog, at the gym getting fine, in the AM with our morning breath, basically whenever I feel like it.
Dear Future Forever Best Friend, 😏😏😏

My friends and I have had several conversations on this topic. Why do you think dating today can be draining, or a challenge?

Are there any positives about dating now?

There's nothing worse than sitting in a meeting that has no purpose. Especially when you need the extra time in your day to meet a deadline or get a load of work off of your plate. •
Here are a few tips so your colleagues won't see you as that person who loves to waste their time. ◾️ Keep an agenda: You provide the compass for the conversation. Keep the people focused and on the task at hand. Make sure there's intention as to why you're calling everyone there. ◾️ Run your meeting to the minute. By that I mean start and end the meeting on time. I try to keep all my meetings to 30 minutes. Sometimes I build buffer time in there if I think it may go longer or if I am looking for a robust discussion, but ultimately I ain't got the time for time to be wasted. So stick to ◾️ Invite the appropriate people. I can't stand being invited to a meeting that I didn't need to be in and my colleague should've been in. So, do your research. Send invites to the appropriate folks, ask people before hand if it makes sense that they're there. ◾️ Set up an action plan. Assign tasks, make sure people know what the next steps are before leaving the room. Sometimes if I'm trying to keep the meeting on running on time, I'll send a follow-up email with the action plan rather than doing it in the meeting. That way you can stay on track with time, but you don't drop the ball on making progress with the project. ◾️ Leave time for Q & A. I always buffer in at least 10 minutes this. I essentially will run a 20 minute meeting and leave 10 minutes for questions. I reserve the room for 40 minutes in the event the meeting is 30 minutes and we need the last 10 for questions. This is where your facilitation skills come into play. Encourage discussion while ensuring you use the parking lot method for any topics that aren't on the agenda. ◾️ Keep record. I'm not big into meeting minutes, but I like following up with the main theme from the meeting and any major decisions that have been made. It's helpful for people to refer back to and keeps those who may have missed the meeting informed.

Everyone won't see your vision. Never allow small minds to make you feel as though your dreams are too big. •

You dreams are valid. Have courage to pursue them.

😂😂 Who else can say they've been there/are there... felt/feel this way? •
🙋🏽 I did once. 2012-2013ish I was looking like 🙄😩😒, because let's be real... dating today can be ummm interesting. But let me tell you the freedom and happiness I felt when I stopped worrying about who was going to find me and when!

Of course I'd have moments where I missed companionship, but then I would think about how much better companionship would be with someone God designed for me to be with. •

To those of you who may feel like you're waiting season is a little bit longer or a tad bit more challenging than you thought it would be, I say this to you - Live your best life. Have fun. Try new things. Explore. Become your best self. Who you waiting on? •

Trust Him to take care of your relationships. He will give what you need, what's yours and much more. Stop looking at your calendar, and have faith that you have plenty of special dates already marked on His calendar. #surrender and #trust
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Obviously there are a whole bunch of questions that should be explored before you get to this point. • •
But once you're engaged and your prepping for marriage, what are 3 questions that you feel are important to ask your husband or wife-to-be, before you get married??

Often times we are so quick to get to the next thing in life and become frustrated when it doesn't happen on our time. 🙋🏽Talking to myself here!

After chatting with my besties yesterday God reminded me that when want to level up, His plan may be for us to take the stairs... and taking them one step at a time at that. •

It made me remember that while it's ok to be focused on the finish line, that we forget to enjoy the journey. You can't rush something that you want to turn out better than good. Haste makes waste, right?!

Your promotion, your relationship, your new house and car, that credit score, the number on the scale, your business, stop rushing it! I'm not saying you have to take a glaciers pace with your actions either. Just know that when we rush things it's out of fear and doubt. Stay focused on your vision and trust His process and plans for you.

Love unconditionally, have some empathy, be kind to unkind people. Your actions reflect who you are and who you believe in so be intentional today. •

Don't get loose your cool with your incompetent boss or colleague. Hold that middle finger in as you pass that person who cut you off on the way to work. Focus on your peace when you have someone providing the is serving you the worst customer service with a side of stank attitude. •

Despite what is happening to you, know that you people will learn through you and you never know who you're inspiring. Teach others how to live life by the way you live yours.

How I was sitting at my desk after lunch in anticipation of going to see #BlackPanther tonight. That and on Friday afternoons my productivity hits a wall at 2:30pm 🤣🙄 Who else is seeing Black Panther this weekend? If you've seen it already, how was it?

Dear Future Forever Best Friend,
I look forward to a lifetime of loving you. •

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:9-12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

It's #LoveTalkThursday and I want to know what qualities you believe fall under this title.
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