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It’s so tempting to feel like when you have had an off day, or two, that you are not worthy to get back in the presence of God. At least, those are the lies the devil tries to tell me. He tries to convince me that I shouldn’t even bother praying today because I didn’t read the Bible this morning. He tries to tell me that I deserve to sit in my misery so I should do as much as I can to “get it together” before I approach Jesus.
Would you ever tell your children they can’t come to you when they’re hurt just because a few moments beforehand they struggled to do their best and are sitting in time out? Absolutely not! You would hold them, wipe their tears away, and do everything you can to make sure they know how loved their are.
And what’s amazing, is that the more our children come to us and receive our love, the more they want to please us and surrender to us. It’s the same way with Jesus. He wants us to come to Him, hurt and an absolute mess, so we can receive His love, get closer to Him, and freely surrender to Him. No matter how much we may have fallen off the day before or the moment before, HE IS ALWAYS WAITING FOR YOU WITH OPEN ARMS. .
Return to Him today. Right where you are. He is gracious, compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in loving kindness (Joel 2:13). .
Blog post about SURRENDERING to Jesus is at the link in my profile. .
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::: ASTRAL INSIGHTS ::: NEW MOON in Capricorn January 16th / 17th 2018~ *NEW MOON* in Capricorn is calling us to rise from within and move forward with our deepest Knowing.

We began the year coming to terms with what is no longer working and what needs to be let go of and now it’s time to move onward and trust in the unknown journey that awaits.
The beauty is we can choose to learn from our past and use our experiences as the fertile soil that will one day shoot new sprouts. Just as the dandelion seeds are carried in the wind to new ground, so we are held in the great continuum of life as it unfolds... >>> http://www.mysticmamma.com/new-moon-in-capricorn-january-16th-17th-2018/

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We are in the world of quick, easy and convenient.. but if you want to make any sustainable changes in your life, whether that is in your health, your business, your relationships, your finances, etc., you’re going to have to make a decision to improve that area of your life. Then, you have to get to work to do it and consistently make decisions that help you get closer to the end result. Lastly, don’t quit, even when it gets hard. To live the life you truly want to have, you’re going to have to hustle, to make sacrifices, to do things you may not always want to do!! The people who make it to the top don’t get there by luck... they work their butts off! You can do it too! 🙌🏼
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I live in an intentional community and have the best neighbors. I regularly find presents at my door when I come home. Jars, Le Creuset pots, cabbages and most recently, this butternut squash. I'll roast a couple of these tonight. I love my community. We share stuff, we help each other out (this was especially helpful when my kids were small) and every time I set foot outside my door, I run into a lovely, like-minded person I want to chat with. Intentional communities include ecovillages, cohousing, communes, alternative communities and more. Find out more on my blog. Link in profile. Once there, you can find my roasted squash recipe. It's the latest post. #realsharingeconomy #sharingeconomy #sharing #community #intentionalliving #intentionalcommunity #coop #plasticfree #zerowaste #zerowastekitchen #eatfoodnottoomuchmostlyplants

It feels good to be back in LA after a weekend of traveling and exploring in Portland and SF. I will be sharing the places I visited soon :)

Juice...it does a body good! So glad I gave up drinking my "fufu" coffee. My body is thanking me! 💪🏻 #juice #coldpressedjuice #juiceclense #detox #intentionalliving

The more clear you are with what you want in life, the easier it becomes to say No to the things that aren't in alignment with your intentions. Tag a friend who's always there to support you in your life journey!

I’ve had a lot of feelings of inadequacy lately....it’s something I’ve always struggled with. I think a lot of it was related to childhood, which sounds crazy, but also so real because it’s true. It’s a horrible feeling and sometimes I just wish I could let it go and get out of my own HEAD. To help with this emotion I always seem to need something to remind me of my greatness....CUE yesterday.
Yesterday at work I was told one of my patients was the sweetest thing and super low key...I was like awesome because my other patient was extremely complicated and family is very involved so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for them and this patient. I walk in to said “easy” patient’s room and knew it was going to be a rough day. Think numerous procedures, lots of blood, and nonstop orders.
I survived it though, and at the end of the day the team I worked with all day saving this patient’s life came up to me as a group and said “You did really amazing today. If it weren’t for you, this man might not have made it today.”
And there it was. I stopped, took a breath, said thank you, and left my shift remembering again what a badass I was.
We all have moments and feelings of inadequacy and that’s okay. Just don’t let the negativity take over, like I did.
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My New Years resolution was to go out and experience nature more often. This weekend totally reminded me of why I made that such an important goal. There’s perspective that you gain when you’re reminded of just how small you are in comparison to the world. All the anxieties, judgements, and fear just melts away and you feel as though you can become aligned with you’re truest version of yourself.

Everyone wants to be successful. Everyone defines it differently. Don’t be clouded by the definitions of others. Define success for you and make it happen. #DrJatun #DoseOfDorsey #IntentionalLiving #FOCUS #RakeItUp

Organic Ogden City Blend - It is sweet and bright, like the future of Ogden, and finishes with a touch of dark reminiscent of Ogden’s past.

Hey hey hey.
This particular new moon 🌚
Capricorn style always has me deep into creative spaces.
I find myself laying in darkness with all these possibilities swirling ‘round me.
I feel the desire to reach out and catch one like a firefly then I remember that sad moment where my son caught a firefly with his hand.
Hmm we all shed some tears on that evening.
So instead I remember this feeling, what it feels like to lay in creative space and not need to create in this exact moment but to know that it is here for all of us and that the more we know the feeling of being in it, the more we get into flow, the more we can visit here and hang with the creating fairy homies the more we can be active creators.
Just allowing ourselves to feel it without needing it.
So never stop creating but also sometimes just know that you are creating consistently with our thoughts with our stories with our actions and the more we all acknowledge that the better we’ll see those results in our life.
So now go create on this amazing Tuesday.
Infinite Love,
And if you haven’t read my posts on the new moon go here:

🎵Here comes the sun (Doo Doo Doo Doo) 🎵 #365daysofselflove Day 44: Gratitude. Today, in addition to being grateful for the love and support my friends and family members have shown for me and my journey, I am most importantly grateful for myself. I am grateful that I have chosen a path of light over dark. I am grateful that I chose love for myself, in place of disdain. I am grateful that I replaced negativity with positivity.
You can love everything and everyone, but don't forget to love yourselves. ✌❤😀 #thebeatles #sunrise #rockymountainhigh #pikespeak #mountains #colorado #light #love #gratitude #positivevibes #positivethoughts #manifestthatshit #intentionalliving #namaste 🙏

The kitchen is the place in the home that we want to keep the cleanest. After all, this is where food is prepared and eaten. Did you know that scrubbing down countertops and washing glasses with a dish sponge may be spreading millions of bacteria per square inch, some safe but some are harmful. To ensure the health and safety of your family, sponges should be washed at temperatures above 180 degrees F and disinfected regularly.
Cleaning Sponges with warm soap water will get rid of surface dirt and some bacteria, but there are still many germs lurking behind, just waiting to multiply again. It's also really hard to rinse soap completely out of a sponge. There are some essential oils that have excellent antibacterial properties that can be used to destroy a variety of bacteria and keep sponges clean and disinfected.
Raise your hand 🤚 to get my recipe to disinfect your sponges with essential oils
If you don’t use essential oils yet and would like to learn more about how they can be used for cleaning and natural healing send me a message! I have an amazing starter kit promo this month that would be perfect for you!

What’s your morning routine?
I love having a routine in the morning to start my day, but I’m finding that if it isn’t structured, I spend all my time on social media and then I’m rushing the rest of the day.
So, this morning, I’m drinking water first (before 2 cups of coffee), I’m spending time in the word,(@SheReadsTruth is an awesome app for that!) I’m enjoying a bit of uninterrupted time with my son, and now I’ve obviously made my way onto social media.
It isn’t perfect, but I think I like my mornings this way 💛✨

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself” - Maya Angelou

Today it was @emsiefy inspiring with this quote she just posted 🙏❤ •

》 20 Jan '18 - Yoga workshop "inner strength + wisdom" (Curaçao)•

》 1 + 2 Feb '18 - I will speak at the "Nationale Gezondheidsbeurs" @gezondheidsbeurs about standing in your power / using your inner strength on a daily basis. More info to come ❤ (The Netherlands)

Goal: Be the most me I can possibly be.⭐️ Give a shout out/text/phone call/tag below to the people in your life that make you feel like the “most you” when you’re together.

I like to think of these kind of relationships as pieces of my heart walking around outside my body.

Relationships like these bring out your highest most authentic self—your walls come down, and you rise up and soar.

They make you feel like you’re home when you’re together—wherever you are. They cut straight through any bullshit. They make you feel like you can take on the world. They make you feel understood. They make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself.

Relationships like these bring out your best humor, compassion and growth. They help you wake up and be the best & bravest version of yourself every single day. Send gratitude to your relationships like these today.🙏🏼 #sisoo #bebraveinyourjourney

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