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Tenderness bracelet. Sale Rp. 300.000 Stones are Jade, Ruby, Labradorite #healingcrystals #healingbracelets #gemstones #crystalhealingjewelry #intentionaljewellery

Layered in so much Violet Gray ✨
From earrings, bracelets, 'keep me...' crochet / crystal pouches and rings. And a lot of solid gold!
It surely has and continues to be an expansive time for Violet Gray! If you haven't spent any time on our website lately, swing by... we've updated a few of the ring / necklace listings with new photos of the pieces worn (to give you guys extra context).
The website will be going down tomorrow morning at 9am for 3 days to allow time to update / launch our 'Honour' range! Put Sunday evening in your diary - or even easier? Sign up to our newsletter as you will receive first access!
Which piece captured ☝🏻is your favourite?

💜 The best kinds of deliveries are Violet Gray deliveries, And to all the Miss Sunflowers reading this - "Don't be afraid to stand up and shine" 💜 Thanks ladies @thesimpleexperiment @thespaciousexperiment @kristendgraham X #violetgraydesign #intentionaljewellery #loveandpurpose

Day 5 of #savvybusinessbesties of course I'm going to show my gratitude for @maggiegiele for her great discovery call last year, and her support this week. She pushed me to join this challenge! I'm so impressed with her launch for the content quest and through our shared mastermind I'm loving watching her bloom (ok maybe a bit cheesy but it's true) into her true self, giving her genius to the world. Thanks Maggie :-)
Now I'm off to the mountains....

So excited to share that we are seeking BRAND AMBASSADORS to help spread the @sarakellydesigns love!
Do you resonate with the vibe of Sara Kelly Designs?
Do you have an eye for taking quality photos?
Do you enjoy using Instagram as a creative outlet?
Are you a seeker on a personal growth journey?
Do you enjoy meeting new people and building relationships?
Are you positive, open-minded and love to help others?
If you’re interested and you answered YES to these, please email info@sarakellydesigns.com with the subject: BRAND AMBASSADOR.
Please include your Instagram account, a bit about yourself and why you’d love to represent Sara Kelly Designs (and anything else you feel may be relevant: photos, blog, etc.)
We'll close the search on Sunday July 23rd. ➡️ If you know someone who would be perfect for this, please tag them!

i definitely needed a quick second to myself today, after a crazy week. ✨
can't you see why this gorgeous mala reminds me of the ocean? & why it reminds me to breathe & to just be calm.. it's why i am drawn to it. 📿💕 xx #skdbrandambassador

"...Make waves. The moon does it all the time." 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌔🌔
Do you wear intentional jewelry? I'm all about jewelry with meaning, with a purpose. When I saw this bangle, hand-crafted by @zennedoutjewelry, I knew it needed to join my ever-growing arm party. It reminds me on the daily to live out loud and love every minute! Who are your favorite intentional jewelry designers?! {@zennedoutjewelry bangle nestled amongst ribbon, tassels, and beads from @womanshopsworld 💙} #intentionaljewellery

"I will remind you of your own courage and your ability to move forward with strength and determination, using fear as a powerful motivation."
Here is to a declaration of unwavering faith!
Garnet ✖️925 sterling silver
#violetgraydesign #garnet

Blue Magnesite is said to symbolise peace and relaxation. Bracelet available in our Etsy shop (link in profile).


Blue Magnesite is said to symbolise peace and relaxation. Bracelet available in our Etsy shop (link in profile).

Inner Peace
I release fear and stand up to voice my TRUTH. I radiant strength and power #bohojewellery #crystalhealingjewelry #healingcrystals #healingbracelets
#intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery
#gemstones IDR 390.000 ( 3 stock )
@purpleymom mau?

Adventure bracelets . Embrace life with curiousity, fearless , and fun. Rp. 380 .000. Stones are Mookaite, Petrified wood. #healingbracelets #healingcrystals #bohojewellery #yogajewellery #handmadejewellery #intentionaljewellery

Mala Mondays ~ 107 beads..One missing from the traditional 108..Perfectly imperfect..Seems fitting ✌

#mala #handknotted #diy #intentionaljewellery #crystals #labradorite #amazonite #sodalite #bluejade #amethyst

Multi-Moonstone Magic 🌕✨ Looking forward to working with these beauties 💎

Aventurine is said to symbolise gratitude, abundance and happiness. Necklace available in our shop. Find us via our website (link in profile), at www.holistichem.etsy.com or simply search Holistichem on Etsy!

Stress Release double wrapped . Price Rp. 550.000. Stones are Amazonite, Moonstone, Blue Chalcedony . Release any communication blockages and fear to speak up. Softening our heart and stand up our truth in gentle way #healingbracelets #crystalhealingjewelry #intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery #gemstones #bohojewellery #yogajewellery #loveandhealing

I wear both Stress Release purpose; leather wraps bracelets. The blue one is double wrapped focused on the throat chakra: removes communication blockages, healing our fear to speak up. The single wrapped is focused on heart chakra instills compassion forgiveness and any heart matters issue. The double wrapped price is Rp.550.000 only 1 stock available. Stones are Amazonite , Moonstone and Blue Chalcedony. Single wrapped price is Rp. 450. 000 . Stones are watermelon tourmaline #wrappedbracelets #healingbracelets #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #handmadejewellery #intentionaljewellery #bohojewellery #yogajewellery #hippiejewelry

Flow & Resolve . Price Rp. 450.000. Stones are watermelon tourmaline. This bracelet focused on heart chakra. Resolve any heart issues brings love and divine. Instills compassion, empathy, understanding . Bring balance and harmony in emotions. Helps with insecurities and overactive emotions. Relieve stress and encourage confidence to move on and built inner strength . We have 3 pairs stocks. #healingcrystals #bohojewellery #yogajewellery #hippiejewelry #crystalhealingjewelry #gemstones #handmadejewellery #intentionaljewellery #bracelets

Hello grab me for Rp.200.000 only 1 stock left. Stones are Amethyst and green Tourmaline. Virtues are compassion, calming attitude, tenderness, patience and rejuvenates the energy #crystalhealingjewelry #healingbracelets #healingcrystals #gemstones #intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery

Letting Go necklace and bracelet. Necklace Rp. 1.850.000. Bracelet Rp. 380.000. Get them both for Rp. 2.100.000. Stones are : pendant Green Phantom, Aquamarine, Blue Chalcedony, Moonstone, Rhodocrosite. #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #bohojewellery #hippiejewelry #yogajewellery #gemstones #handmadejewellery #intentionaljewellery

Sale 1 stock only. Price Rp. 450.000. Stones are Turquoise for protection, ability to speak up with courage and confidence. Moonstone for emotional balance, calming mind and ability seeing beyond illusion. #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #gemstones #handmadejewellery #intentionaljewellery

Balance your emotions and calming your mind with this only one necklace Price Rp. 650.000. Stones are Turquoise, watermelon tourmaline and Moonstone #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery #bohojewellery

Speed bracelet. Only 1 stock. Price Rp. 400.000 . Stones are Picasso Jasper, Golden Rutilated, Citrine . Boost your energy and quick into the action and manifestation #healingbracelets #handmadejewellery #crystalhealingjewelry #healingcrystals #intentionaljewellery

Let Go bracelet. 2 stocks available. Price Rp. 380.000 . Stones are Blue Chalcedony, Moonstone , Aquamarine #healingbracelets #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery #gemstones

Stress Release bracelet . Only 1 pair . Price Rp. 350.000 . Stones are Amazonite and Blue Kyanite. Healing trauma, help to speak truth and communicate it outside . Clearing blockage energy around throat . #healingcrystals #crystalhealingjewelry #intentionaljewellery #handmadejewellery #gemstones #healingbracelets

My "keep Me.." range now available at @violetgraydesign 🙏🏼 If you haven't heard of Violet Gray you best head over to her site, she's releasing all kinds of magical pieces right now. #violetgraydesign #stonemade

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